the shop - part three

Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12:02 AM

Okay, here's part three, the last of my updates for tonight - again taken straight from my email to my friend katie - hope you have fun!

The Shop - part three
a sexual fantasy for katie

(continuing from where we left off again, so expect it to get explicit very quickly...)

It's a few moments later - our gorgeous nineteen year old girl is still stood up, slightly straddling you, still trembling a little from her orgasm, one of her hands cupping one of her breasts, squeezing it gently, her other hand down between her open legs, her fingers rubbing gently round and round her wet clit, masturbating deliciously. I'm still stood behind her, pressed very close to her, my cock between her open thighs, one of my hands on her hip, the other teasing her other breast. You're still kneeling down between the girl's legs, your face nudged between her thighs, my dripping wet penis back in your mouth as you suck on it gently, keeping me hard, your hand still slipping wetly up and down my erection, masturbating me, your tongue slipping around the tip of my cock, lapping up the last few drops of warm cum as it drips from my penis.

I slip out of your mouth and sit down on the bench at the side of the room, watching as the girl kneels down in front of you, pulling you close to her and kissing you sensually, her tongue gently lapping up my warm spurts of cum from your cheek, then sliding down your neck, licking up more cum as it dribbles down your neck, then moving down to your breasts, lapping up the warm trails of spunk from your breasts, reaching your erect nipples, sucking them deliciously in turn. You look down at her, watching her, feeling your clit throbbing again in response. I continue to watch you both, still feeling very aroused, my penis feeling warm and sensitive, throbbing deliciously in my hand as I stroke it.

You lay back on the soft carpet, watching the young girl as she climbs astride you, her hair trailing across your breasts as she continues sliding her tongue over and around your erect nipples, her lips sucking on them gorgeously, lapping up the last of my cum as she eases astride your hips, rubbing her warm, wet cunt gently against your soft pubic hair, leaving a trail of her wetness glistening on your belly.

She slides her tongue further down your body, kissing your stomach, down between your legs, parting your thighs a little with her hands, her tongue finding your sensitive clit, licking gently and teasingly around it, tasting your wetness, lapping it up from your cunt.

I continue to watch, masturbating deliciously, sliding my wet fingers slowly up and down my erect penis, watching you move sensually on the carpet, my gaze drifting around your naked body, hearing you gasp gorgeously as the girl sucks gently on your clit, her tongue flicking it rhythmically.

The girl moves back up your body as i continue to watch, her thighs moving astride your hips again, and she leans over you, her breasts brushing against yours as she leans down to kiss you, and you return the kiss sensually, your lips and tongues slipping and sliding gorgeously together, your hands reaching up to stroke her breasts, gently tugging and teasing her erect nipples as she rubs herself against your belly. I watch you moving together a few moments longer, my gaze drifting down between your open thighs as I masturbate, seeing your cunt dripping wet, your swollen pussy lips open and pouting, begging for attention.

It's a delicious sight - I suddenly feel the need to join in again, and as the girl slides her tongue back down to your breasts, I kneel down between your open thighs, bending down and kissing your soft belly, sliding my tongue along your inner thighs, then between your legs, my tongue slipping between the deliciously pouting lips of your cunt, tasting your wetness as it drips slowly from your cunt, lapping it up into my mouth, my tongue exploring your dripping wet pussy, then sliding up to your clit, licking and sucking it deliciously, and you moan in response, arching your back a little, pushing your cunt up to my tongue.

The girl leans further over you, her breasts brushing against your face. You slide your tongue around her deliciously erect nipple, sucking it into your mouth, your hand at her other breast, squeezing and caressing it. Still resting on one arm as she leans over you, she slides the other down between her legs, stroking her clit as she moves against you. You can still feel my warm tongue lapping at your cunt, slipping and sliding between your cunt lips, your wetness now pouring from your cunt.

I can't wait any longer - taking a last long lick of your dripping cunt, tasting your wetness as it slides along my tongue, I lift up and move closer to you, sliding my body between your open legs, gently pressing my warm erection against your cunt, not slipping it inside yet, looking down between your legs, watching the wet, pouting lips of your vagina skidding wetly along the length of my penis, my cock slick with your juices as I slip and slide against your cunt.

The girl eases from astride you, reclining next to you on the soft carpet, leaning over you and taking one of your breasts into her mouth, caressing your nipple with her tongue, her gaze fixed down between your legs, watching my erect penis slipping wetly against your cunt, masturbating as she watches, her fingers rubbing her clit rhythmically.

My erection is now dripping wet from your juices, and I can feel the moist heat from your cunt as I slip and slide against you - I can't wait any longer - I slide the tip of my hard penis between the lips of your cunt, slipping it gently inside you, watching as your cunt lips part around my cock, your wetness flooding around my penis as it slides deeper inside you, and you gasp sensually: "ohhh god yes...", as you feel my cock sliding deeper and deeper into your dripping cunt, pushing down onto me until I'm all the way inside you, filling you. I groan deliciously, feeling your cunt sucking on my cock, and I begin to fuck you, sliding my cock gorgeously in and out, in and out, slipping my hands under your bum, lifting you up a little towards me as I thrust deeper and deeper inside you, fucking you deliciously.

The girl continues to masturbate next to us, watching our bodies as they push and move together, her legs deliciously parted as she rubs her clit, her fingers dripping with her wetness. You slide your hands around my bum, pulling me harder against you, feeling my cock thrusting hot and hard inside you, and you moan gorgeously with each long, deep thrust of my penis, riding the sensations, knowing you're gonna come soon, trying to hold it back as long as you can. I thrust harder and deeper into your cunt, feeling your hands clutching my bum, pulling me into you over and over again. You look over at the girl - she's close to another orgasm, rubbing her clit hard and fast, her fingers dripping wet.

God... this is getting me very hot... I'm masturbating as I type now... think I'm gonna need to come soon...

The girl can't take much more - she leans over you, sliding a warm hand over one of your breasts, squeezing your nipple between her fingertips, sliding her mouth over your other breast, sucking gently, her tongue slipping over and around your erect nipple.

It's all you can take - you feel an orgasm start to overwhelm you, your clit suddenly pulsing and throbbing, and you groan deliciously: "ohhhhh GOD yes... ohhh FUCK...". You push down hard onto my thrusting penis - I feel your cunt suddenly contracting around my cock, a flood of warm wetness gushing along my erection. The girl sucks harder at your breasts, lapping at your erect nipple - you moan again: "ohhh god yes that's it... ohhh fuck roger I'm gonna COME...".

Your body starts to tremble convulsively - I thrust hard and deep into your cunt - harder... harder... your wetness flooding down over my balls - you grab hard onto my bum, pulling me deep into your cunt, my penis hot and throbbing inside you - it's all you can take - you cry out: "OHHH GOD... OHHH GOD I'M COMINNNGG... OHHH FUCK YES... >UNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHH!< NNNH! NNNH! NNHHH! NNNH!" Your body shudders into convulsions, your thighs gripping me hard, your wetness gushing down my cock, your clit throbbing and pulsing as your cunt contracts deliciously around my penis.

It feels incredible - I can't hold back any longer, my penis throbbing hard in your cunt as I cry out: "ohhh god katie... ohh god you're making me come... ohhh GOD yes... OHHH FUCK... OHHH GOD I'M GONNA COME... >UUUUUUNNNNNNNNHHH!< UNNH! UUNNHH! UUNNH! UUNNHH!" You feel my spunk spurting from my cock, over and over again, long streams of cum spurting deep into your wet, pulsating cunt, filling you, my penis throbbing over and over again inside you as my spunk gushes into your cunt, again and again...

god that's it... can't write any more...

ohh god im gonna come...


ohh god... that felt good... bear with me while I clean up... (phew!)

hi... I'm still warm here, a few minutes later - hope that helped you come too - sweet dreams...



mmmm what can I say but thank you ;0) Certainly gave me a little of what I needed this evening, reading whilst caressing myself...lovd the personal comments along the way, gave it that "human" touch. Well done.
frozendesire, February 17th, 2004

My pleasure, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much - I shall definitely be indulging myself all the way to orgasm with your story in bed tonight...
dirtyboy, February 17th, 2004

Mmmm, I've been enjoying your archives. Just teasing myself, not letting myself over-indulge, but slowly getting deeper into your writing, slowly getting wetter as I read, loving that you won't bore me with convention, comfortable that you won't trip me up with horrible prose... I do like the way you write. I like the rhythm of your language, and the gentleness of your touch. And it's completely fucking hot too, of course - but anyone can be horny. Not everyone can capture what that feels like with such warmth and clarity.
So thanks, this is a delightful find.
(btw, left some comments a couple of weeks ago as 'red' - my more intimate exploration of these pages reveals another red, with her own very diverting writing style - so apologies to you both, no identity theft intended, I'll stay Strawberry from here on. Which is closer to the truth anyway...)
Strawberry, August 05th, 2004

I've been reading his stuff slowly over time as well. I think we are going to have great fun.
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 05th, 2004

Strawberry - thankyou x - it's always a particular pleasure when I get a comment like this one, thoughtful, kind, and arousing (for me, at least) all at the same time. I'm glad you're enjoying the journey through the archives - hope you find plenty there to turn you on, and please keep commenting if you find things that really work for you x
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

undercurrent - thankyou, I hope you do - don't forget to tell me what you enjoyed x
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

Just been reading your cybers... what a completely different feel. Very hot too, and completely fascinating, but I think I prefer the stuff you write yourself - I s'pose it's more considered, more controlled. Sometimes! I'm going to take to bed with me that image from the dressing room of Katie on her knees, sucking your gorgeous cock from between that pretty girl's legs.
Thanks for such a quick response by the way... do you sleep, ever?
Strawberry, August 05th, 2004

lol - I tend to dip in and out of here on an evening, in and around doing other stuff (assuming I'm home, of course), and i do often stay up late. I think the problem with the cybers for a reader are that it's more difficult to 'be' the girl (or guy), as the responses we give may well be very different - it's harder for the casual reader to identify with what's taking place. Also they lack the rhythm that I try to put into the written pieces - or at least it's a different kind of rhythm. I prefer the written stuff too, but it appears less frequently as it takes time to write, needs good inspiration, and I like to be physically turned on (i.e. masturbating) as I write it - so the time has to be right. Often I'm inspired to write from comments, just knowing that what I write will arouse the reader, hopefully to orgasm - it's the idea of that which makes me want to write.
And have fun in bed - I'm admittedly aroused by the idea of you touching yourself, thinking about my story - hope you have fun x
dirtyboy, August 05th, 2004

mm my god
, October 28th, 2004

glad you enjoyed it, mysterious person xx
dirtyboy, October 28th, 2004

wow....that is probably the most erotic story i have read in my whole life......
I.N.V.U., January 05th, 2005

thankyou INVU - hope you're enjoying browsing x
dirtyboy, January 05th, 2005

**very sated sigh here** Absolutely wonderful! Here I am at work and daring to masturbate at my desk.....

Thank you!

skye - and you found one of my very earliest stories too - as good a place as any to start ;) x

Ummmmmmmm...... I'm sure the ending is as good as the rest, but we never got that far! Our first time reading and posting together.

I'm glad you liked it - hope the two of you had some gorgeous fun together whilst reading ;) x

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