punished by the headmaster: a cyber roleplay

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 12:16 PM

Here's an edited version of my first roleplay cyber with the delightful Kate (not her real name, and not the girl from the ‘Katie’ story) as I think it deserves a wider audience. Kate wasn't confident that it was any good, but if you read this, I think you'll agree that she's rather delightful...

We join the conversation where the two of us are talking around the idea of cybering – it’s heavily edited at the start, but then we go into real time...

Kate [9:35:12 pm]: just to see you type those words when I'm wet
Roger [9:36:11 pm]: it always works for me - if I say "god... I'm so turned on... I have an erection", the response I'd hope to get would be "I'm masturbating too" - if i don't get that, my cybering is cleary rubbish lol
Roger [9:36:30 pm]: so I always want to know when the girl is wet
Roger [9:36:43 pm]: and what she's doing about it
Kate [9:36:45 pm]: exactly
Roger [9:36:54 pm]: and I'll tell her the same
Roger [9:37:08 pm]: it makes it more like real sex, you know?
Kate [9:37:12 pm]: I don't see why anyone would bother otherwise - they could just look at a porn movie and not have to scroll
Kate [9:37:14 pm]: or type
Roger [9:37:20 pm]: yes, exactly
Roger [9:37:35 pm]: If i want to read erotica, I'll just find some and masturbate alone
Kate [9:37:44 pm]: Sex for me is always in my brain really anyway
Roger [9:37:44 pm]: lots of people don't understand that
Kate [9:37:51 pm]: Absolutely
Roger [9:38:02 pm]: I like it interactive lol
Kate [9:38:05 pm]: so there has to be a mutual flow of what people are really feeling going on
Roger [9:38:13 pm]: yes, definitely
Roger [9:38:18 pm]: sharing arousal
Kate [9:38:18 pm]: even in RP
Roger [9:38:23 pm]: RP?
Kate [9:38:28 pm]: role play
Roger [9:38:39 pm]: of course lol
Roger [9:38:49 pm]: silly me
Roger [9:39:03 pm]: I'm a little turned on, so i'm not thinking clearly enough lol
Kate [9:39:21 pm]: sorry - I've just been doing a lot of research on it... so I'm into acronyms now LOL
Roger [9:39:30 pm]: OK
Roger [9:39:33 pm]: lol
Kate [9:39:34 pm]: what do you think it was that got you turned on?
Roger [9:39:51 pm]: oh, just talking about sex will do it for me
Roger [9:39:55 pm]: I'm very easy lol
Kate [9:40:16 pm]: you are -
Kate [9:40:23 pm]: you total slut!
Roger [9:40:29 pm]: I am a slut lol
Roger [9:47:07 pm]: so how old are you?
Kate [9:47:15 pm]: 32
Roger [9:47:58 pm]: my last girlfriend was 22, and she went for older guys in a BIG way
Roger [9:48:21 pm]: I seem to attract younger women the older I get - what's that about?
Kate [9:48:35 pm]: no idea - maybe you cut a good father figure
Roger [9:48:40 pm]: lol
Roger [9:48:46 pm]: Just call me daddy lol
Roger [9:50:02 pm]: in that case you can be my schoolgirl slut lol
Kate [9:50:15 pm]: do you want a schoolgirl slut?
Roger [9:50:28 pm]: not in real life no lol
Kate [9:50:34 pm]: nooooo
Roger [9:50:37 pm]: but ALL men want one, yes lol
Kate [9:50:37 pm]: I mean in fantasy
Kate [10:12:42 pm]: and if you want a schoolgirl slut - I'll be that
Kate [10:13:16 pm]: especially if you are the headmaster and not a student
Roger [10:13:24 pm]: I've not done much roleplay in cyber, but I like the idea
Roger [10:13:41 pm]: and yes, I'd be the headmaster, calling you in to discipline you
Kate [10:14:02 pm]: yes - and I would be ....well
Kate [10:14:07 pm]: not very well behaved
Roger [10:14:18 pm]: which is what I would expect lol
Kate [10:14:20 pm]: until you forced me to be
Roger [10:14:38 pm]: and which would get me all the more hard
Kate [10:14:59 pm]: and then I'd LOVE being well behaved for you
Roger [10:15:02 pm]: in fact, just the idea is turning me on, so yes, definitely, we'll try that one
Roger [10:15:12 pm]: hmmm - in what way?
Kate [10:15:22 pm]: any way that you wanted
Roger [10:15:34 pm]: ahhh, that sounds lovely too x
Kate [10:15:51 pm]: sounds lovely to me too
Roger [10:15:49 pm]: what would you require of me?
Kate [10:16:07 pm]: nothing but your desire
Kate [10:16:30 pm]: (that last one is the hard one - joking aside)
Roger [10:16:50 pm]: mmm... this will definitely be fun - a submissive girl who just wants to please me, who sometimes is very bad indeed and needs punishing...
Roger [10:17:01 pm]: sounds delightful
Kate [10:17:09 pm]: it does - doesn't it? I'm wet just thinking about it
Roger [10:17:20 pm]: look - I have an erection...
Roger [10:17:38 pm]: then that's two of us getting turned on - perfect x
Roger [10:18:18 pm]: it is, however - what? about 4.15am there?
Kate [10:18:44 pm]: I was up until 6 am yesterday working - my sleep schedule is totally screwed already
Roger [10:18:35 pm]: if we were to start now, you'd not get any sleep
Kate [10:19:00 pm]: oh I would - I'd just go to sleep afterwards
Roger [10:19:45 pm]: hmmm.... it's tempting, but I'm not sure if it isn't more tempting to delay it a little, keep up witht he flirting - I like the anticipation...
Kate [10:20:10 pm]: it's your choice
Roger [10:20:13 pm]: but I'll admit I'm sexually aroused lol
Roger [10:20:50 pm]: you're gonna make me make the decision - you're starting as you mean to go on, being submissive, aren't you? lol
Kate [10:21:07 pm]: LOL
Kate [10:21:24 pm]: no - it's up to you
Kate [10:21:27 pm]: really
Kate [10:21:47 pm]: I figure it's going to take about 45 mins
Roger [10:21:58 pm]: 45 mins? ah how naive lol
Kate [10:22:06 pm]: until you cum
Roger [10:22:12 pm]: I tend to cyber for a couple of hours lol
Kate [10:22:20 pm]: not the first time
Roger [10:22:42 pm]: no really - I like it to take time
Roger [10:22:53 pm]: which you'll discover
Kate [10:23:20 pm]: think of this as.... an experiment to see how we do
Roger [10:23:33 pm]: I can hold back for ages (not bragging, just the way I am), and tend to focus on making the girl come - if you don't come, I won't first, unless you insisted
Kate [10:23:47 pm]: but that is not the point the first time -
Kate [10:23:57 pm]: it's to find our buttons
Roger [10:24:14 pm]: I think I already have an idea... but yes x
Kate [10:24:19 pm]: it's exploratory
Kate [10:24:37 pm]: so this time - no holding back
Roger [10:24:38 pm]: are you turned on? do you want to play?
Kate [10:24:41 pm]: yes
Kate [10:24:43 pm]: I am
Roger [10:25:02 pm]: then come over here and snuggle in...
Roger [10:25:26 pm]: it'll be clumsy at first, but let's find a rhythm
Kate [10:30:48 pm]: so.... may I set the scene?
Roger [10:30:56 pm]: yes, I'd like that x
Kate [10:31:21 pm]: I am in upper 5th form - and I'm known to be a pretty bratty student
Kate [10:31:42 pm]: and I have been told to come to your office because it has come to your attention
Kate [10:31:58 pm]: that my skirt is NOT regulation length
Kate [10:33:17 pm]: you hear a knock on the door to your office
Roger [10:33:47 pm]: Enter!
Kate [10:33:52 pm]: LOL
Roger [10:34:06 pm]: Thats what my Head used to say lol
Kate [10:34:12 pm]: mine too
Roger [10:34:19 pm]: Come on girl!
Kate [10:34:25 pm]: Sir, I was told you wanted to see me...
Roger [10:34:39 pm]: yes - sit down
Kate [10:34:58 pm]: sitting down in the wooden chair opposite your desk
Roger [10:35:09 pm]: This is the third time you've been sent to my office this week.
Roger [10:35:17 pm]: It's becoming wearing
Roger [10:35:35 pm]: It's not enough that you've been running rampage around this school...
Kate [10:35:38 pm]: wriggling my legs, looking pissed
Roger [10:35:39 pm]: cheeking the teachers
Roger [10:35:47 pm]: generally being badly behaved...
Kate [10:35:58 pm]: I'm NOT Sir!
Roger [10:36:12 pm]: Quiet girl!
Roger [10:36:03 pm]: Now I see that you've turned up in a very short skirt...
Kate [10:36:16 pm]: It's not that short!
Roger [10:36:20 pm]: and if I didn't know better...
Roger [10:36:33 pm]: I'd say you were the WORSE for DRINK!
Roger [10:36:52 pm]: what's your explanation for all this?
Roger [10:37:13 pm]: Speak up girl!
Roger [10:37:36 pm]: Are you going to just sit there looking foolish?
Roger [10:37:55 pm]: Dressing like a slut - I won't allow it at my school.
Roger [10:38:14 pm]: Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Kate [10:39:36 pm]: No Sir - I don't
Kate [10:39:46 pm]: I think I dress perfectly normal
Kate [10:40:00 pm]: spreading my legs slightly so you can see my thighs
Roger [10:40:06 pm]: pull your skirt down girl - I can practically see your knickers
Kate [10:40:23 pm]: looking at you, staring at you
Kate [10:40:35 pm]: don't you like my knickers,Sir
Kate [10:40:39 pm]: ?
Roger [10:40:55 pm]: what a question - you really are a filthy little girl
Kate [10:41:08 pm]: I spread my legs a little wider giving you a better look at them
Kate [10:41:30 pm]: I think you LIKE filthy girls, Sir
Roger [10:41:32 pm]: you can see me looking a little hotter - I cross my legs
Roger [10:41:55 pm]: dirty girl - you're only making a serious matter all the worse
Kate [10:41:57 pm]: I think you pretend not to - but you do
Kate [10:42:24 pm]: leaning back in the chair, sliding down a little
Roger [10:42:55 pm]: look girl, I've had about as much from you as I'll take (I'm looking between your thighs now)
Roger [10:43:15 pm]: pull your skirt down and behave like a girl, not a flthy slut
Kate [10:43:36 pm]: looking in your eyes, I curl my ankles around the legs of the chair - so you can't help but look
Kate [10:43:48 pm]: it's down as far as it will go, Sir
Kate [10:44:34 pm]: my socks are down around my ankles - so all you see is lots of bare skin and white panties
Roger [10:44:27 pm]: well then... (looking flustered now, but you can tell it's turning me on) I really think you should... close your legs girl
Kate [10:44:57 pm]: i don't close them
Roger [10:44:59 pm]: don't you know this sort of thing arouses... purient interests in men?
Kate [10:45:13 pm]: yes, I do Sir
Kate [10:45:26 pm]: that's the whole point, really
Roger [10:45:31 pm]: Then do as you're told girl!
Roger [10:45:38 pm]: If you don't, I'll have no option but to discipline you
Kate [10:45:56 pm]: I sit up suddenly - not really sure what you mean
Kate [10:46:19 pm]: Don't you like my short skirt Sir?
Roger [10:46:25 pm]: A good, hard spanking should change your mind, I'm sure
Kate [10:46:44 pm]: Now I really start to look scared - I wasn't expecting this
Kate [10:46:58 pm]: I was expecting you to get embarrassed and let me go
Kate [10:47:16 pm]: (now I'm getting quite, quite wet)
Roger [10:47:31 pm]: (good - I'm very erect - go with it x)
Roger [10:47:51 pm]: Stand up girl - you've pushed me too far
Kate [10:47:54 pm]: You wouldn't dare Sir
Kate [10:48:00 pm]: you can't!
Roger [10:48:09 pm]: Just watch me - stand up!
Kate [10:48:32 pm]: I stand up looking sullen and a little frightened
Roger [10:48:35 pm]: It'll be the cane if you resist further - just do as you're told.
Roger [10:48:43 pm]: Now bend over the desk
Kate [10:48:44 pm]: Do what Sir?
Roger [10:48:51 pm]: Bend over!
Kate [10:49:08 pm]: I look horrified - I've always just teased and got away with it
Kate [10:49:18 pm]: Sir.... look, I'm sorry
Kate [10:49:27 pm]: I'll change the skirt, ok?
Roger [10:49:43 pm]: It's too late now - bend over. let's get this over with - it's the only way you'll learn.
Roger [10:49:59 pm]: Now girl!
Kate [10:50:16 pm]: I bend over the desk, really scared now....
Kate [10:50:31 pm]: Please, Sir.... I said I was sorry!
Roger [10:50:38 pm]: Lift up your skirt. Not that there's much to lift.
Roger [10:50:48 pm]: Come on girl!
Kate [10:50:49 pm]: No!
Kate [10:50:52 pm]: Sir!
Kate [10:50:59 pm]: Please....
Roger [10:51:03 pm]: Don't make me force you girl.
Roger [10:51:18 pm]: You've been bad, and it's time to be punished.
Kate [10:52:09 pm]: starting to cry a little
Kate [10:52:22 pm]: I reach back and pull my skirt up a bit
Roger [10:52:42 pm]: All the way. The sooner you do what I say, the sooner it'll be over.
Kate [10:52:45 pm]: (mmmmm)
Kate [10:53:02 pm]: pulling it up a little more... but my hand is shaking
Kate [10:53:18 pm]: my legs are taut and trembling
Roger [10:53:43 pm]: All the way up girl - around your waist, or I'll spank you twice as hard.
Kate [10:54:12 pm]: whimpering a little, pulling it up quickly over my ass
Roger [10:54:13 pm]: (you can tell from my voice that I'm becoming aroused now)
Kate [10:54:17 pm]: to my waist
Roger [10:54:42 pm]: That's it. What a delightfull little bottom you have girl. Now - down with those knickers.
Kate [10:55:13 pm]: "Nooooo - crying now.... please! NO Sir, don't make me
Roger [10:55:42 pm]: Don't. Make. Me. Ask. Again. PULL THEM DOWN!!
Kate [10:56:23 pm]: slowly, I ease the white knickers down over my ass.... I'm whimpering into the desk
Roger [10:56:42 pm]: all the way girl (there's a definite edge to my voice now)
Kate [10:57:13 pm]: I can't reach, Sir
Roger [10:57:24 pm]: Right. That's it.
Roger [10:57:32 pm]: I hold you down...
Roger [10:57:46 pm]: My hand grabbing the hem of your knickers...
Roger [10:57:55 pm]: Tugging them roughly all the way down
Kate [10:58:04 pm]: gasping
Roger [10:58:23 pm]: Now, am I going to have to hold you, or are you going to take your punishment?
Kate [10:58:27 pm]: my legs really trembling now
Roger [10:58:38 pm]: Well girl?
Kate [10:58:39 pm]: No sir,
Kate [10:58:49 pm]: I'll take it
Roger [10:59:02 pm]: I ease the pressure from your back
Roger [10:59:09 pm]: and move closer...
Roger [10:59:19 pm]: you can hear me breathing more heavily
Roger [10:59:33 pm]: and suddenly you feel my hand sliding over your bare bum
Roger [10:59:48 pm]: I'm going to enjoy this, girl...
Kate [10:59:57 pm]: flinching slightly, feeling your warm hand on my ass
Roger [11:00:18 pm]: You like this don't you? You like being touched?
Kate [11:00:37 pm]: Sir? i say hesitantly
Kate [11:00:40 pm]: I don't understand
Roger [11:00:56 pm]: I think you do, girl, I think you do.
Roger [11:01:09 pm]: My hand gently slides over your buttocks
Roger [11:01:19 pm]: stroking them
Kate [11:01:30 pm]: Oh ......Sir
Roger [11:01:35 pm]: you know i'm going to spank you any moment - there's such tension in the room
Roger [11:01:53 pm]: You're a filthy slut, aren't you girl?
Roger [11:02:02 pm]: A filthy, dirty little slut.
Kate [11:02:19 pm]: yes... sir (in a tiny voice)
Roger [11:02:27 pm]: SPANK!
Roger [11:02:33 pm]: ~I spank you firm and hard
Kate [11:02:35 pm]: yelping
Roger [11:02:40 pm]: Tell me
Roger [11:02:47 pm]: Tell me what a dirty slut you are.
Kate [11:02:48 pm]: No! Please Sir! Don't
Roger [11:02:55 pm]: Tell me! SPANK!!!
Kate [11:03:24 pm]: my ass cheeks as burning.... I yelp each time you smack me
Roger [11:03:44 pm]: Tell me girl - it's the only thing that'll save you from more.
Roger [11:03:53 pm]: Tell me what a slut you are.
Kate [11:04:09 pm]: I......I'm a slut Sir...
Roger [11:04:18 pm]: SPANK!!!
Kate [11:04:19 pm]: whispering
Kate [11:04:26 pm]: Ow!
Roger [11:04:28 pm]: What kind of slut, girl?
Kate [11:04:46 pm]: whispering again... I'm a dirty slut, Sir
Roger [11:04:55 pm]: AGAIN!!!
Kate [11:05:19 pm]: I'm a dirty slut Sir - louder this time
Roger [11:05:29 pm]: Yes. you are...
Roger [11:05:48 pm]: I stroke your bottom again, brushing over the sore buttocks
Kate [11:05:55 pm]: *sighing, closing my eyes*
Roger [11:06:10 pm]: You like being touched, don't you
Roger [11:06:19 pm]: Tell me what you like
Kate [11:06:23 pm]: ye--es sir
Kate [11:06:44 pm]: whispering again... I like being touched
Roger [11:07:00 pm]: My fingers are now sliding down between your buttocks
Roger [11:07:04 pm]: Yes, you do
Roger [11:07:11 pm]: Dirty, filthy slut
Roger [11:07:19 pm]: I slide my fingers further down
Roger [11:07:25 pm]: over your arse
Kate [11:07:27 pm]: you can feel my body shiver as you do
Roger [11:07:29 pm]: and down
Roger [11:07:39 pm]: down between your legs frm behind
Kate [11:07:39 pm]: i let out a little moan
Roger [11:07:46 pm]: finding your cunt
Kate [11:07:51 pm]: (mmmmm)
Roger [11:08:02 pm]: You're wet, girl.
Roger [11:08:14 pm]: Have you wet yourself?
Kate [11:08:20 pm]: my breathing is getting faster, feeling your warm hand on my cunt
Kate [11:08:31 pm]: Nnno Sir
Roger [11:08:41 pm]: then why are you wet, girl?
Roger [11:08:53 pm]: I start to slip my fingers between your cunt lips
Kate [11:08:59 pm]: gasping as you do
Kate [11:09:10 pm]: whispering: I don't know Sir
Roger [11:09:06 pm]: you do know girl
Roger [11:09:15 pm]: It's because you're a slut
Kate [11:09:23 pm]: yesss
Roger [11:09:23 pm]: tell me what you are.
Kate [11:09:35 pm]: I'm a slut Sir
Roger [11:09:44 pm]: what kind of slut?
Kate [11:10:09 pm]: *I can feel your fingers in me.... and it's making me sooooo hot
Kate [11:10:16 pm]: A dirty one Sir
Roger [11:10:22 pm]: I'm pushing them in slightly
Roger [11:10:28 pm]: yes you are.
Kate [11:10:33 pm]: I moan as you do
Roger [11:10:35 pm]: do you like this girl?
Kate [11:10:47 pm]: yessss SIr
Roger [11:10:58 pm]: I push my fingers deeper
Roger [11:11:10 pm]: your wetness drips down my hand
Kate [11:11:15 pm]: (oh god yess)
Roger [11:11:27 pm]: (I am very, very turned on )
Kate [11:11:29 pm]: Ah...... Sir.... I moan
Kate [11:11:34 pm]: (me too)
Roger [11:11:43 pm]: (are you masturbating?)
Kate [11:11:54 pm]: (yes - slowly)
Kate [11:12:00 pm]: (are you?)
Roger [11:12:06 pm]: good - keep going - so am I x)
Roger [11:12:23 pm]: I'm going to fuck you, dirty girl
Kate [11:12:40 pm]: Shivering ..... scared but soooo aroused
Roger [11:12:50 pm]: You hear me unzipping my trousers behind you
Roger [11:13:00 pm]: Don't you dare move, girl
Kate [11:13:12 pm]: I whimper again.... scared... but I don't move
Kate [11:13:22 pm]: my legs are shaking now
Roger [11:13:35 pm]: Tell me how much you want it girl
Roger [11:13:42 pm]: Tell me you want me to fuck you
Kate [11:13:57 pm]: panting....... I want it Sir
Roger [11:14:03 pm]: (my trousers and pants are now all the way down as i stand behind you)
Kate [11:14:12 pm]: I want you...... to fuck me
Roger [11:14:28 pm]: AGAIN!
Kate [11:14:35 pm]: stumbling over the words.... not knowing if I really believe them or not
Kate [11:14:48 pm]: I.... I want you to fuck me Sir
Roger [11:14:57 pm]: good girl.
Roger [11:15:02 pm]: I move behind you
Roger [11:15:12 pm]: You can fel my body against you now
Roger [11:15:21 pm]: My naked thighs brushing against you
Kate [11:15:34 pm]: breathing.... almost hyperventilating.... not knowing what to expect
Roger [11:15:38 pm]: My cock hot and hard between your buttocks
Roger [11:16:02 pm]: I slide down a little
Kate [11:16:10 pm]: i moan as i feel your cock, hot on my skin
Roger [11:16:15 pm]: The tip of my cock nudging between your cunt
Roger [11:16:29 pm]: the tip pushing gently but firmly
Kate [11:16:29 pm]: Oh........ Sir.....
Roger [11:16:37 pm]: ~Hold still girl
Kate [11:16:45 pm]: I squirm,
Kate [11:16:53 pm]: panting
Roger [11:16:54 pm]: Suddenly I'm there - I slide all the way inside you
Roger [11:17:00 pm]: My cock filling you
Roger [11:17:11 pm]: thrusting all the way ino your cunt
Kate [11:17:16 pm]: I let out a groan...... OH SIR
Roger [11:17:27 pm]: ahhh god... you're so wet girl
Kate [11:17:29 pm]: Oh...
Roger [11:17:35 pm]: push back aganst me
Roger [11:17:44 pm]: I begin to fuck you
Kate [11:17:45 pm]: I feel your whole cock - in me
Roger [11:17:49 pm]: sliding in and out
Kate [11:17:52 pm]: it hurts
Roger [11:17:54 pm]: starting the rhythm
Kate [11:17:56 pm]: and feels good
Roger [11:18:03 pm]: pushing and moving
Kate [11:18:05 pm]: I moan each time you thrust in
Roger [11:18:11 pm]: my cock sliding hard and deep
Roger [11:18:26 pm]: my belly slapping against your bum as i fuck you
Kate [11:18:27 pm]: pushing my ass back against you
Roger [11:18:38 pm]: I thrust harder
Roger [11:18:43 pm]: grunting now
Kate [11:18:47 pm]: I slide one finger into my mouth
Kate [11:18:58 pm]: sucking and moaning as you fuck me
Roger [11:19:04 pm]: god...
Kate [11:19:07 pm]: your cock.... soooo good
Roger [11:19:21 pm]: my hands slide around your body
Kate [11:19:21 pm]: Oh, god, Sir
Roger [11:19:31 pm]: finding the buttons of your blouse
Kate [11:19:33 pm]: Fuck me
Roger [11:19:40 pm]: tugging them undone
Roger [11:19:56 pm]: pulling the blouse off roughly
Kate [11:20:04 pm]: you can hear me as I suck on my finger, hard
Kate [11:20:16 pm]: in time to your fucking
Roger [11:20:21 pm]: I fuck you harder
Kate [11:20:26 pm]: (oh god my typing is going downhill)
Roger [11:20:35 pm]: why are you sucking your finger, slut?
Roger [11:20:42 pm]: Do you want to suck my cock?
Kate [11:20:57 pm]: Because...I want it
Roger [11:20:58 pm]: (me too lol - keep going!)
Kate [11:21:07 pm]: so much..... SIr
Roger [11:21:19 pm]: Tell me. Tell me what you want to do.
Roger [11:21:27 pm]: (I thrust harder and deeper)
Kate [11:21:28 pm]: Starting to shake
Kate [11:21:39 pm]: ooooh...... god sir
Roger [11:21:46 pm]: my hands now unclipping your bra
Kate [11:21:46 pm]: I'm cuming
Roger [11:21:55 pm]: ohhh yes
Roger [11:22:01 pm]: you dirty filthy girl
Kate [11:22:04 pm]: shuddering. moaning
Roger [11:22:15 pm]: I feel you coming all over my cock
Kate [11:22:18 pm]: you can feel my little cunt
Roger [11:22:24 pm]: your wetness drenching my erection
Kate [11:22:27 pm]: spasm tight
Roger [11:22:31 pm]: god
Kate [11:22:33 pm]: on your cock as I cum
Kate [11:22:40 pm]: I scream.......
Kate [11:22:46 pm]: Oh SIr
Roger [11:22:48 pm]: my hands find your beasts
Kate [11:22:52 pm]: oh
Roger [11:22:56 pm]: squeezing them as you cum
Roger [11:23:06 pm]: my cock held hard and deep
Kate [11:23:26 pm]: my shuddering subsides, you can feel my squeezing your cock with my cunt muscles
Roger [11:23:43 pm]: ahhh god... dirty girl - did I say you could cum?
Kate [11:24:03 pm]: I tighten up all over at your voice
Kate [11:24:12 pm]: I.... I couldn't help it Sir
Kate [11:24:16 pm]: panting
Roger [11:24:27 pm]: well then it's my turn. dirty girl.
Roger [11:24:35 pm]: I pull out of your cunt roughly
Kate [11:24:42 pm]: Yes, Sir..... I smile a little smile
Roger [11:24:43 pm]: Get down on your knees in front of me
Roger [11:24:55 pm]: On your knees!
Kate [11:25:06 pm]: lifting myself off the desk.... a mess, my shirt open
Kate [11:25:16 pm]: my tits showing,
Kate [11:25:30 pm]: I slide down to my knees at look up at you
Roger [11:25:43 pm]: my cock is huge and hard in front of you
Roger [11:25:51 pm]: very erect and wet from your juices
Kate [11:25:52 pm]: Please SIr....
Roger [11:25:58 pm]: Take me in your mouth. girl
Kate [11:26:20 pm]: my lips part and I slide my tongue out - touching just the tip
Roger [11:26:31 pm]: I grab you by the hair
Kate [11:26:42 pm]: opening my mouth wider,
Kate [11:26:50 pm]: and sliding you in
Roger [11:26:54 pm]: ahhhhhh
Roger [11:26:59 pm]: that's it girl
Kate [11:27:02 pm]: holding your cock by the shaft with my hand
Roger [11:27:03 pm]: lick me
Roger [11:27:05 pm]: suck me
Kate [11:27:14 pm]: sliding my tongue down the underside
Roger [11:27:18 pm]: ohhhh...
Kate [11:27:20 pm]: starting to suck
Roger [11:27:24 pm]: that's it...
Kate [11:27:25 pm]: slow,
Roger [11:27:35 pm]: ohhh fuck..
Kate [11:27:35 pm]: in and out of my mouth. real slow
Kate [11:27:47 pm]: moaning as you pump into me
Kate [11:27:51 pm]: fucking my mouth
Roger [11:27:55 pm]: my cock throbbing in your mouth now
Kate [11:28:04 pm]: sucking each time you slide in
Roger [11:28:05 pm]: you can feel it swelling
Roger [11:28:14 pm]: you know i'm gonna cum very soon
Kate [11:28:14 pm]: so big in my mouth
Kate [11:28:19 pm]: you can tell I love it
Roger [11:28:22 pm]: my breath becoming more urgent
Kate [11:28:25 pm]: yesss
Roger [11:28:31 pm]: yes girl
Roger [11:28:35 pm]: don't stop
Kate [11:28:38 pm]: I take your hips and pull you in
Roger [11:28:40 pm]: suck my cock
Roger [11:28:49 pm]: suck my cock you slut
Kate [11:28:51 pm]: sliding my hand under to your balls
Kate [11:28:55 pm]: as I suck
Roger [11:28:55 pm]: unhhh
Roger [11:29:00 pm]: ohhh god yes
Kate [11:29:08 pm]: squeezing gently and sucking you hard
Roger [11:29:11 pm]: god girl im gonna cum
Kate [11:29:20 pm]: my tongue stroking your shaft
Roger [11:29:25 pm]: ahhh fuck
Roger [11:29:32 pm]: here it comes girl
Kate [11:29:37 pm]: and sliding over the head every time you pump into me,
Roger [11:29:40 pm]: I suddenly pull out
Kate [11:30:01 pm]: I want it sir....
Roger [11:30:02 pm]: my cock is huge and wet - the head swells and throbs visibly
Roger [11:30:08 pm]: I'm cumming girl
Roger [11:30:15 pm]: unnnnnnnnnhhhhh
Kate [11:30:16 pm]: I fight to put my lips around it again
Roger [11:30:22 pm]: I begin to spurt
Kate [11:30:27 pm]: sucking as you shoot
Roger [11:30:31 pm]: my cum spurting from my cock
Roger [11:30:37 pm]: over and over again
Roger [11:30:41 pm]: splashing your face
Kate [11:30:46 pm]: it's too much, cumming out my mouth and sliding down my face
Roger [11:30:54 pm]: spurting down onto your breasts
Kate [11:30:54 pm]: still sucking hungrily
Roger [11:31:05 pm]: covering you in my cum
Kate [11:31:07 pm]: I moan as I swallow as much as I can
Roger [11:31:11 pm]: god...
Roger [11:31:21 pm]: kate I can't take much more of this...
Kate [11:31:22 pm]: I reach down and slide a hand through your cum
Kate [11:31:30 pm]: Why?
Roger [11:31:35 pm]: getting hard to type
Roger [11:31:42 pm]: very close to cumming
Kate [11:31:47 pm]: don't type
Kate [11:31:52 pm]: let me type
Kate [11:31:54 pm]: ok?
Roger [11:31:59 pm]: no, I want you to come...
Roger [11:32:07 pm]: I can wait x
Kate [11:32:07 pm]: I came ages ago
Roger [11:32:13 pm]: did you?
Kate [11:32:14 pm]: when I told you I was cumming
Roger [11:32:17 pm]: sneaky lol
Kate [11:32:27 pm]: So just read
Kate [11:32:30 pm]: ok?
Roger [11:32:30 pm]: I thought that was just in the fantasy (stupid me)
Kate [11:32:35 pm]: no
Roger [11:32:36 pm]: and yes x
Kate [11:32:44 pm]: ok
Roger [11:32:53 pm]: I'm masturbating, right now...
Kate [11:32:55 pm]: I'm still sucking you
Roger [11:33:01 pm]: very close...
Kate [11:33:21 pm]: slowly wiping your cum on my breasts
Kate [11:33:27 pm]: as I suck you,
Kate [11:33:31 pm]: moaning,
Kate [11:33:39 pm]: trying to get the last few drops
Kate [11:33:46 pm]: of cum from your cock
Roger [11:33:48 pm]: god...
Kate [11:33:57 pm]: I reach down and slide my hand
Kate [11:34:03 pm]: into my cunt
Roger [11:34:08 pm]: yes
Kate [11:34:15 pm]: and finger myself and I suck your cock
Roger [11:34:30 pm]: god... don't stop...
Kate [11:34:33 pm]: you can feel me moaning on it
Kate [11:34:52 pm]: looking down, watching my lips slide along the shaft
Kate [11:35:00 pm]: my tits covers in white cum
Kate [11:35:08 pm]: and I am moving my hips,
Roger [11:35:10 pm]: ohhh fuck yes
Kate [11:35:18 pm]: fucking myself slowly as I suck you
Roger [11:35:26 pm]: yes kate
Roger [11:35:30 pm]: so close
Kate [11:35:30 pm]: my hand is on your shaft
Kate [11:35:40 pm]: pulling it into my greedy mouth
Kate [11:35:47 pm]: pumping it
Kate [11:35:55 pm]: and I start to cum again
Kate [11:36:03 pm]: while I'm sucking
Roger [11:36:05 pm]: ohhh fuckkkk
Kate [11:36:10 pm]: you can feel it
Roger [11:36:12 pm]: im gonna cum
Kate [11:36:19 pm]: my mouth gets tight
Kate [11:36:35 pm]: my lips, press around your cock
Kate [11:36:44 pm]: I begin to shudder
Roger [11:36:51 pm]: yes thats it
Kate [11:36:54 pm]: and suck so hard
Roger [11:36:59 pm]: im cummingg
Roger [11:37:04 pm]: there
Kate [11:37:09 pm]: waves of pleasure
Roger [11:37:10 pm]: ff
Kate [11:37:17 pm]: wash over me as I cum
Roger [11:37:23 pm]: ahhgod
Kate [11:37:26 pm]: moaning on your cock
Kate [11:37:38 pm]: sucking wildly , hungryly
Roger [11:37:51 pm]: ohh fuck... somuch cum..
Kate [11:37:59 pm]: _happy.gif
Roger [11:38:01 pm]: god...
Kate [11:38:08 pm]: I'm so glad
Roger [11:38:18 pm]: god ive wet the chair lol
Kate [11:38:29 pm]: it was lovely to read all your.....crazy little words
Roger [11:38:33 pm]: lol
Kate [11:38:35 pm]: as you were cumming
Roger [11:38:59 pm]: i try to write when i cum, but couldn't do it this time
Roger [11:39:04 pm]: hands too busy lol
Kate [11:39:09 pm]: I liked it
Roger [11:39:14 pm]: good x
Kate [11:39:20 pm]: Kiss
Roger [11:39:23 pm]: give me a hug, kate
Roger [11:39:27 pm]: kissing you
Kate [11:39:29 pm]: Huge hug
Kate [11:39:34 pm]: mmmmmm
Roger [11:39:36 pm]: mmmm
Roger [11:39:49 pm]: so what did you think?
Kate [11:39:55 pm]: LOL
Kate [11:40:03 pm]: I think..... I can do this!
Kate [11:40:06 pm]: yup!
Kate [11:40:10 pm]: This is fun
Roger [11:40:12 pm]: I don't mean about my performance lol - just if you enjoyed the idea of it...
Roger [11:40:20 pm]: and good x
Kate [11:40:25 pm]: Oh god yes
Roger [11:40:28 pm]: bear with me while i grab some tissues...


previous comments:

Thanks as always
leapflog June 26th, 2004

I love reading people's cyber... This one made my day. happy.gif
Phoebe Phrodos June 26th, 2004

Roleplay rocks!!! Especially with such sophisticated and sexy players!! ;-)
Bliatz June 26th, 2004

Wow. Just ... wow. Thank you. happy.gif Two orgasms today! Woo hoo!
MD June 27th, 2004

Leapflog - thankyou x
Phoebe - welcome to my blog x Yours is really creative and funny, I just haven't got around to commenting yet. There are older cybers in my archives, should you want to look around
Bliatz - Yes it does! This was my first proper roleplay, and it was 'Kate' who made it so much fun, she's very creative (as you know) x
MD - mmm, I love making you cum! I'll never reach the creative heights of what I've seen of your cybers, but I'm really pleased you enjoyed it so much xxx
dirtyboy June 27th, 2004

Next time you and Kate do that, I want to be there.
Yen June 27th, 2004

I'd like that too - maybe we should ask her
dirtyboy June 27th, 2004

Ah....no, I don't think so.
Kate July 02nd, 2004

give her time Yen, you never know
dirtyboy July 02nd, 2004

anytime you feel the urge to discipline, just use the Tannoy and then use me! ;-)

Holy cats, I haven't seen you in a long time! I had no idea you were still blogging, but I am glad you are because you had quite the following. Bummer Indecent is no longer around, but I am still entertaining myself with this adult satire on BDSM except now, I get paid yay! Yes, I sold out and I have a member site for my art and writing. I was actually just thinking about bringing back Phoebe from the dead. I am still on the fence on that because of the baggage involved, but it might be worthwhile. ANYWAY. Awesome to see you online again, old friend!


Hey Vas, you found me! Yep, I've been here on Blogspot for about 18 months now, peddling my usual smut and good humour - it's lovely to see you! *hugs* I'll go check in on your site (well, the free bits, anyway ;) ) - drop me an email, I'd love to hear from you properly - and Phoebe is definitely much missed! r xx

. . . Mmmmm. . . Give me a minute . . .

Oh God, Roger. . .

. . . thank you for a mind blowing orgasm. . . Mmmmm. . .

Kate is a lucky little slut, isn't she.

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