photographing katie parts 1 - 10

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 11:48 PM

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photographing katie - the complete story so far

I’m sure that most sexually active couples have indulged in taking dirty photographs of each other – probably all the more so now with the easy availability and cheapness of digital cameras. Taking sexy photos of my girlfriends is one of my favourite things to do, and I’ve managed to build up a lovely collection that I often like to look through, Becky (her again!) being one of my favourite models – she already had her own collection of photographs taken of herself, and enjoyed being the centre of attention – my biggest collection of photographs are of Becky (and no, I’m not going to post any here, for obvious reasons). If you haven’t tried it, I’d encourage you to give it a go – it’s fun!

I’d often fantasised about taking photographs of my platonic girlfriend Katie – we’d never had a physical relationship, but we’ve flirted with each other ever since we first met, years ago, never both in the right place or right time to get together (she lives a couple of hundred miles away from me now, not very practical, and one or the other of us is usually in a relationship, never both single at the same time). Our letters and emails to each other were (and are) frequently very sexual, as we’ve always enjoyed teasing each other and sharing sexual fantasies, but despite surface attraction and our long time friendship, we’re both entirely unsuited to each other, and would definitely drive each other nuts (and not in a good way).

She is very good looking though, and very sexy, and we had exchanged a few mildly sexy photos of each other as part of our teasing. Not being my girlfriend, though, it never occurred to me to actually ask her to pose for me, but that didn’t stop me fantasising about it occassionally, usually whilst looking at (and masturbating to) the photos she’d sent to me.

Last summer, this all changed. I’d sent to her (on her request) some of my dirty photographs of Becky, and Katie was very complimentary to me how good the photography was (I know my way around a camera, and I like to think I’m a pretty good photographer). When she emailed me and mentioned 1) just how sexy she thought they were, and 2) how much she liked the photography too, I (half) jokingly suggested she should also pose for me, as I reckoned I could make her look much better and sexier than the photos she’d sent to me. So you’ll appreciate that it somewhat took my breath away when she suggested that next time I came to visit, I should bring my camera and we could try a few shots. I’m sure it was partly fuelled by her ego, as she knows how good she looks, but she’s in her early thirties now and knows it all won’t stay so firm for long – sounds cruel, but she said the very same thing as one of her reasons for wanting to do it. I suggested that therefore maybe she wanted something subtle and arty, not too naked, just sexy (basically suddenly afraid of the idea of photographing her naked), but her response was clear – she wanted photographs like the ones I’d done of Becky, and was open to anything so long as it wasn’t too pornographic…

Well, this was all like some sort of ridiculous dirty fantasy – we didn’t have a physical relationship (unless you count the letters and emails), we’d never even come close to doing anything sexual together previously, if only because we both liked it the way it was – but here she was now inviting me to visit her to take dirty photographs of her… my brain was buzzing with the idea of it all.

So I’m there staying with Katie for the weekend – nothing unusual in this – we tend to visit each other at least a couple of times a year, but our normal routine would be lots of catching up on news and gossip, talking about each others’ tangled love lives, drinking and giggling a lot, chilling out together, and at the end of the night, sleeping in her bed while she took the sofa (sounds the wrong way round, I know, but she doesn’t have a guest bedrooom, and she’s a very good host). There’s always a little bit of playful sexual tension between us during these visits, but we’d never thought about doing anything beyond the flirting, it just wouldn’t have been appropriate (despite our much more sexual written relationship).

This visit, however, was very different. I was nervous about the photo session to come, not sure how to handle it, and Katie was clearly nervous about it too, though she was doing her best to be casual, and we avoided talking about it whilst spending the day together. I’d only ever taken erotic photographs of lovers before, always as a precursor to, or during, sex, and Katie is a close friend, so I really wasn’t sure how we’d even begin the session, let alone take the sort of photographs we’d talked about – I mean, what if I got turned on whilst I was taking them? I knew I was gonna get turned on taking them – how could I not? So how was I going to deal with that? And assuming Katie got turned on too – which she surely would if the photographs got really erotic – which was, after all, the sort of photos she wanted – then how would she deal with that? Would we end up having sex? Did I really want to have sex with her after knowing her so many years? Would it screw up the relationship?

The obvious answer to the last question was yes, it would. We’d been there before – whilst I was dating Becky (the girl who wanted to experience everything, always full of ideas for new things we could do together), and she knew that Katie and I exchanged lots of fantasies about threesomes. She’d suggested once that if we (Becky and I) were ever going to find another girl to join us, surely Katie woud be the perfect choice, since she fantasised about that too, and we clearly fancied each other. I was very reluctant though, and so was Katie – we discussed it, and it was very tempting for both of us, for different reasons (I wanted to be with two girls at the same time, Katie liked the look of Becky), but we passed on the idea, knowing that once we went there, everything could change, and we liked it the way it was.

But now we were there again, and this time it was entirely our own idea. It was going to be an extraordinary photo session, without doubt…

Early evening, and finally we got round to talking about the session. I showed Katie my flashy, expensive digital camera, and took a few test shots of the two of us giggling on the sofa, showing her the results on the screen on the back, just to reassure her that I could make her look good. I had a spare disk for the camera – enough space to take up to two hundred good resolution shots, so I plugged it in to charge, to make sure it wouldn’t run out of juice at the crucial moment. The next stage was breaking open the wine – there was no way we’d be able to do this sober, so we settled back into the sofa, drinking a bottle of expensive wine that Katie had picked up, with a second one chilling in the fridge, and began to talk – first just our usual gossipy stuff, until Katie suggested I show her a few more of the photographs I’d taken of Becky, so that I’d have a better idea of what she wanted. This was strange in itself – we’d exchanged photos of Becky and each other by email, but we’d never looked through any of them together – some of the photographs were very dirty, and it was a strange but curiously arousing feeling leafing through the photos with Katie right next to me, Katie pointing out the ones that she thought were particularly horny.

We were both starting to get aroused, but I was still oddly nervous – probably more so than Katie by now, but when she suggested we talk about sexual fantasies for a while to get in the right mood, I began to relax, letting the conversation drift into the sexual as we worked our way through the wine…

Katie and I were both now definitely getting just the right side of tipsy from the wine, and we were both definitely turned on – the first time we’d ever been this sexually aroused in each other’s company. Normally by this stage, had she been a girlfriend, we’d have been kissing and making out on the sofa – the sexual tension was getting that hot – but neither of us wanted to go there, so this becoming a very strange, very sexually charged evening. I wanted her, she clearly wanted me, but that’s the place we needed to get to - getting this horny was all about the two of us getting in the right mood for the photographs – sex was most definitely not on the agenda. So there we were on the sofa, sipping our wine, looking at each other very lustfully, talking about what turned us on, my erection surely obvious in my jeans, Katie’s face a little flushed, wriggling around a little on the sofa as we talked.

"I think I might be ready now…", she smiled, "how about you? Should we give this a go…?"

"Okay," I smiled, suddenly a little nervous again, but extraordinarily excited, how do you want to start?"

"Well," she said, "I was looking through my clothes and things this morning, trying to find some good stuff to wear – do you want to come and have a look at what I have in my wardrobe, and see what you like…".

"Okay," I smiled, and she led me through to her bedroom.

Katie had already laid out a number of outfits on her bed, picking out the things in which she felt she looked best – small, sexy blouses, tiny skirts, a long silk nightgown, a short red silk nightdress, and a selection of lingerie – bras, g-string panties, lace panties, stockings, suspenders, a couple of basques… it was like walking into a sweet shop.

"What do you think?" she asked.

I think I’d like to see you in all of it," I laughed, suddenly a little nervous again from the sensual strangeness of the evening. I really had no idea how to deal with this – with girlfriends this had been easy, and had led to delightful sex – with an anonymous model, this would also have been easy, and stripped of it’s erotic content – but this was one of my best, sexiest friends, and she was going to dress in all this incredibly horny gear for me while I took dirty photos of her – oh my god - I could barely contain my delight and arousal. Concentrate, Roger, I kept telling myself. Don’t get too turned on. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing can happen. Just enjoy it.

"How about we start with a few not-too-sexy ones," I suggested, "Get you used to being photographed. Maybe in a nice blouse and short skirt."

"Should I wear a bra?" she asked, a little wickedly.

"No," I replied, trying not to think about it, "it’ll spoil the line of the blouse – maybe this one, so that you can untie it a little…" I pointed out a small blue blouse, with a single lace tie from the neck to the cleavage.

"Okay," she smiled, give me a second and I’ll be right out." I wandered back into the living room, collapsing back into her sofa, trying to relax, trying not to think about the erection attempting to burst out of my jeans, switching on my digital camera, making damn sure it was working.

I saw her come out of the bedroom briefly, now dressed in the blouse and skirt, and a gorgeous pair of black kneelength boots. "Won’t be a second," she said, "let me just sort out my hair and make-up…" I waited a couple more minutes, a little more relaxed now, thankful for the brief break. Finally she came into the living room, looking stunningly sexy, the blouse half-unlaced, the tiny short skirt barely covering her white cotton panties, her delicious long thighs naked, her boots making her legs look even better.

"Wow…" I smiled, "you look incredible…"

"Thankyou," she said, smiling in return, "where do you want me then?"

"Relax on the sofa," I replied, "Just keep feeling relaxed and sexy, while I run off a few shots of you, get you comfortable with the camera."

I got up to give her room, and she sat back in the sofa as I began to shoot, running off about a dozen shots, Katie listening to me and responding to my suggestions and instructions, eager to please, behaving like a perfect model. "How do you feel?" I asked, "Are you still happy with this? Not feeling uncomfortable?"

"Not at all," she smiled, "I’m enjoying it – I’m feeling quite turned on - we can start properly if you like."

"Okay," I smiled, feeling my penis throbbing again, trying to ignore it, "shall we try something a lot sexier, then?’

"I’d like that…" she smiled…

"Undo your blouse," I smiled, "…as far as it’ll go – then lay back on the sofa a little… look at me as if you’re inviting me…"

"Like this…?" she smiled, teasingly unlacing the blouse and laying back sexily, looking at me, her gaze lustful and sexy.

"Exactly like that," I said, moving around her as she moved slinkily on the sofa, taking photographs all the time, "Lift your foot up onto the coffee table… that’s it… look at me again… yes… now look away… lift your other foot up onto the sofa… that’s it… god, you look wonderful Katie… tug your skirt up a little bit… god… that’s it… now part your legs… not too much… just so I can see the crotch of your panties…ohh wow… "

We’d hardly started, and this was already getting me aroused – Katie was laying back on the sofa now, her gorgeous bare thighs parted, showing me her knickers, follwing my instructions, improvising at the same time, getting into it, tugging her skirt further up as I continued to encourage her, spreading her legs, then arching her back for me, pulling her blouse halfway up her belly, looking at me and giggling as I continued to photograph her, rolling over onto her tummy to present her bottom to me, her skirt pulled up around her waist, her white knickers barely covering her gorgeous pert bottom.

"Take off your skirt," I smiled, and she stood up for a moment, slipping it down her thighs and letting it drop to the carpet.

"Shall I take the blouse off too…?" she smiled, an almost cheeky glint in her eye.

"Yes…" I managed to say, "definitely… take off your blouse…". She smiled at me again, and tugged her blouse up over her head, blushing slightly as she sat back down. I tried my best not to stare at her, even though my brain was saying oh-my-god-I-can-see-Katie’s-bare-breasts-and-I-want-to-touch-them, my cock throbbing again as she laid back. "God…" I breathed, my camera snapping away again as I moved around her, looking for the best angles, the best light, "this is really turning me on Katie… lay back… arch your back… that’s it… part your thighs again… god you look so good… let your fingers drift slowly up your body… more teasingly for me… that’s it… god yes… now stroke your breasts for me… just gently… that’s it… can you slide one hand back down…? That’s it… down inside your panties… god yes… like that…"

I continued to take photographs – that side of me at least was on automatic – I’d done this before with girlfriends – but by this stage usually I’d be touching them too – and they’d be touching me. My erection was so hard it was getting uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to stop yet – Katie was on her back on the sofa, completely naked apart from her panties, one hand slipped all the way down inside them, caressing herself deliciously as I watched, lost in the moment – and I realised with a rush of sensual excitiement that the crotch of her knickers was starting to get visibly wet.

I took a few more – she looked at me, her face hot and filled with lust, slipping her hand deeper into to her panties for a moment, gasping deliciously, straightening her thighs for a moment, resisiting the impulse to come, looking lustfully at me and slipping her fingers out of her panties. "I’m not sure… unhhh… I’m not sure I want to go that far just yet, Roger…" she breathed, "I’m getting really turned on, but I don’t know if I want to come… can we try something else first…?"

"Let’s take a break and calm down for ten minutes…" I smiled, "much more of this right now and I’m gonna come myself…". Katie smiled, and I helped her up from the sofa, her warm, wet fingers slipping into my hand as I pulled her up, some of her sticky wetness slipping over my palm. "Let’s take the wine and go into the bedroom… we can have a drink and maybe start to take a few on the bed…"

"Okay," she smiled, "sounds good…", leading me into her bedroom, still only dressed in her delightfully wet panties…


Katie and I relaxed together on her bed, sipping more wine, trying to take our lust levels down a little – though I was finding it very difficult – we were sat pretty close together, both of us very turned on now, Katie still only in her small white panties, which now had a very definite wet patch at her crotch. She looked so beautiful, so sexy, so horny, her small breasts gorgeously firm and curved, her nipples still erect, begging to be sucked. I wanted to lay her back on the bed, to kiss her sensually, to fuck her, over and over again… I tried to keep my mind off it. Katie showed me through some of her lingerie, asking me what I thought would work for the photographs, holding a few of the items up to her body. "Well," I said, feeling my cock hardening again in my jeans, "I’m happy for you to wear any of them – why don’t you try a few of them on, and we can see what looks good."

"Okay," she smiled, "take a few photos of me while I change – I like it when you’re photographing me, it feels nice." She put down her wine and got up off the bed, turning and smiling at me as I picked up the camera. A quick, cheeky grin, and she turned her back on me for a moment, pulling her damp knickers down to her ankles and tugging them off. I snapped a couple of photos again, feeling myself start to get aroused once more – I’d never seen her naked before, and she had the most incredible bum, small, firm and delightfully curved.

"Mmmm… lovely…" I smiled, "bend over for me…" . She giggled and looked at me over her shoulder, bending over for a moment and wiggling her bare bum at me – suddenly I could see her delicious cunt peeping at me between her thighs – I took a couple more shots, and she giggled again and turned back round to face me, now completely naked, blushing slightly, walking back over to the bed and picking up a black lace g-string. I looked at her lustfully, my gaze wandering down her body, her gorgeous small, perky tits, her deliciously long legs, her firm, flat tummy, a small tuft of neatly trimmed pubic hair between her thighs – I took another couple of photographs, and she smiled again, tugging the lace g-string up her long, smooth thighs, pulling them on, then putting on a matching lace bra.

"How do I look?" she asked, playfully posing for me as I snapped off a few more photographs, moving round her again as I shot, trying to concentrate.

"You look incredible," I said – and it was something of an understatement. I wanted to take hold of her and throw her onto the bed, wanted to take her fast and hard and deep, wanted to feel her come gorgeously around my cock as I thrust it deep inside her, my cum spurting from my throbbing erection, filling her up… try not to think about it Roger… you’re old friends… you can’t fuck her… - I kept telling myself this, but my resolve was weakening. "Let’s try some shots on the bed," I suggested.

Katie got onto the bed, moving around sexily on all fours, posing delightfully for me as I continued to photograph her, kneeling up and unclipping her bra, slipping it off her shoulders, tugging it off to show me her delightful breasts again, cupping them in her hands and stroking them teasingly, then laying on her back, moving, posing and stretching, loving the attention, her hands drifting around her body, rubbing herself teasingly between her legs for a few seconds, caressing her cunt through her knickers, then sliding her hands back up, looking at me lustfully, very much enjoying herself – and so was I…

I needed to see her naked again. "Take off your panties…" I breathed. She smiled at me, laying on her back, her body arching as she tugged down her black lace knickers, then laying back on the bed, now completely naked, one leg slightly bent to hide her modesty for a few moments.

"No pervy close-ups between my legs," she smiled, "I think it’d be too weird."

"Not my kind of thing," I said, smiling back, my camera still taking photographs as she moved, "but you do look incredible naked… roll over onto your tummy… that’s it… god Katie you have a gorgeous bum… that’s it… roll around a little… now up onto your hands and knees… god… look at me… yes, just like that… arch your back a little, so that your bum pushes up towards me… wow… yes that’s it… look at me over your shoulder… okay, part your thighs… god yes that’s good… arch your back a little more… open your legs further… ohh wow…".

I could see everything now – god I wanted to touch her, to stroke her, to taste her – her cunt was pouting deliciously, visibly wet, and I was so hard, needing to stroke myself, resisting the temptation.

"Not too close…" she said, "I’m very wet…"

"Touch yourself…" I said, "I don’t mind… I’d like that…". My digital camera continued to beep happily as I took more photographs, moving around her, looking for the sexiest angles, Katie lost in the moment now, still on her hands and knees on the bed, her hand sliding down between her legs, dipping her fingers into her wetness, spreading it back up to her clit, rubbing it in small, rhythmic circles as I watched her, taking more photos. She trembled a little, gasping deliciously, rubbing a little harder for a few moments, slipping a finger into her cunt as I photographed her, gasping again, her fingers emerging dripping wet from her cunt.

"God…" she breathed, "I’m so turned on, Roger… can we take another short break… otherwise I’m gonna come…". I put down the camera again, and joined her on the bed, passing her a glass of wine, topping us both up a little – this was getting incredibly hot…


Katie and I relaxed together on the bed, sipping more wine. We were sat up opposite each other, both of us sitting cross-legged on the bed, Katie still delightfully naked, a little flushed, her nipples very erect. She looked really good – very warm and clearly turned on, and I was pretty sure my own arousal was obvious too. I took a couple more photographs of her sat there, looking warm, naked and stunningly attractive, and we talked together, our conversation tinged with the lust we were both feeling. I took the opportunity to change the disk in the camera as we relaxed. "Do you still have plenty of photos left?" asked Katie, watching me change the disk.

"Yes," I replied, "room for another hundred or so yet – more if I take down the resolution a bit. Are you still enjoying it? Do you want to carry on?" "Very much so," she smiled, "I’m enjoying it – how about you? Are you still okay with this?" "It’s getting me very turned on," I smiled, closing the camera and switching it on, "but if you’re okay with that, I am too - I definitely want to keep going." I took another photograph of her smiling at me. "Do you have any ideas of what you’d like to do next - I’m doing these for you, after all…"

Katie smiled again, trying to look casual, instead looking delightfully lustful. "I’ve sort of controlled this all evening," she smiled, "I think maybe it’s your turn. What would you like me to do…?" "Now you’re asking!" I laughed. "I’m not sure where to start… I think I’d like you to let go a bit… you keep getting really turned on and then stopping – it’s very exciting for me to watch, but I really don’t mind if you come… I’d like you to come…". "You love to watch, don’t you?" she smiled. It was a wonderfully direct question – virtually a statement. "Yes…" I replied, smiling back at her, "definitely…"

"I’d like to get a bit more wild…" she said, "I think it’s because it’s you… we’ve been friends for so long, I keep feeling suddenly embarrassed. I think I need you to be more firm with me… make me do what you want me to do… maybe if you tie me up… I love those photos you did of Becky tied up – she looked so helpless… I’d love some like that of me…". I felt my cock hardening again at the idea. "You want me to tie you up…? I’m gonna get very turned on if we do that…". "I don’t mind you being turned on…" she smiled, "that’s why we’re doing this… I like you being turned on…". She glanced down between my thighs - my erect cock was very obvious in my jeans. "You look very hard…" she smiled. I laughed gently, looking at her lustfully. "It’s this conversation," I said, "I can’t help it. It’s getting a little uncomfortable in there – would you mind if I was to take my jeans off…?" "No, I don’t mind…" she smiled.

I got up off the bed, Katie watching my every move. Momentarily self-concious as I unzipped my jeans, I went for it anyway, tugging them slowly down my thighs and taking them off, removing my socks at the same time, now just dressed in black lycra boxers and small t-shirt. My hard cock was very obvious now, stretching the material of my pants, very, very erect. Katie smiled at me lustfully again, looking at the long, hard bulge in my pants, my sexual arousal now very visible to her. "God…" she smiled, her gaze still fixed on my erection, watching me as I sat down onto the bed next to her. "Can I… can I touch it…? Just through your pants… nothing too intense…".. "Okay…" I smiled, "I’d like that…". We were getting past the point of no return now, but I didn’t care any more. I wanted her, and we were old enough to know the consequences, and close enough as friends to be able to deal with them. I wanted to fuck her, and I’d deal with the fallout afterwards.

Katie leaned over me a little, sliding her hand down to the inside of my thighs. Her fingers were warm – I felt my erection throb deliciously, anticipating her next move. Her hand drifted up to my crotch – and then it was there, her warm fingertips brushing up past my balls, moving gently up the length of my erection through my pants, tracing the shape of my erect penis, all the way up to the head of my cock. "God…" she whispered, you’re very big… can I stroke it…? Just a little…?" "Yes…" I said, "please do…".

She slipped her fingertips slowly down my erection, wrapping her hand gently around my penis through my pants, taking a gentle hold, then rubbing it slowly and sensually, her fingers gliding up and down, up and down, rhythmically stroking my cock. I groaned in appreciation: "ohhhhhh… ohhh that’s good…". "God…" she smiled, "you’re getting bigger… I can feel you throbbing…". She rubbed my cock a little harder, establishing a delicious rhythm, her fingers stroking up and down, caressing my cock, slipping down a moment to gently stroke my balls, then back up to my erection, stroking it again through my pants as it throbbed gorgeously. "God…" I whispered, "that feels… ohhhhhhh… that feels really good… unnnhhh… but if you don’t stop I’m gonna… uunnhhhh… gonna lose all my self control…".

Katie slid her hand away from my cock, blushing slightly, looking very warm. "Sorry…" she smiled, a little breathlessly, "I got a little carried away... I’m getting very turned on again…". She looked down between my legs again, looking at the shape my erect penis was making as it bulged in my pants, smiling at me lustfully as she slipped her hand down between her legs, caressing herself for a few seconds. "I’m very wet…" she said. I returned the smile.

"I think we should tie you up now…" I smiled.

At my request, Katie had slipped into a fresh pair of black silk panties and strapless bra, and some delightfully sheer black stockings. I photographed her as she put them on, and then she pulled out a small box full of silk scarves from the bottom of her wardrobe. "I like to use these…" she smiled, and I chose four scarves from the box, leading her to the bed.

"Lay down on the bed," I smiled. She did as she was told, laying on her back, watching me as I took a few more photographs. Then I put down the camera for a few moments. "Hold out your wrist" I said. She held her wrist up for me, watching me as I slipped the scarf round it, starting to tie the knot. "Make it tight…" she whispered. I pulled the knot tighter, then tugged her arm roughly up to the top of the bed, tying the other end of the scarf onto the frame of the bed.

"Roll over onto your stomach" I said, more firmly now. She rolled over, watching me as I took a couple more photographs, then putting the camera down on the bed and taking her other wrist. I tied the scarf tightly around her wrist, not tying it to the bed yet. "Sit up for a moment," I said, "I want to take your bra off…". She knelt up on the bed, one wrist still firmly tied to the bedframe, looking over her shoulder at me, watching me. I slipped my hands around her bare waist. "Don’t move," I said. Her breathing was getting a little heavier now, as I slipped my hands slowly up her body, drifting up toward her breasts. This was the first time I had ever touched her this sexually – the atmosphere was becoming electric.

My fingers found her breasts – I cupped them in my hands from behind her, squeezing and caressing them gently though her silk bra, feeling her nipples harden through the material, hearing her gasp gently at my touch. Then I slipped my hands away from her breasts, up her back, my erection throbbing hard in my pants as I unclipped the bra, pulling it slowly off and dropping it onto the carpet. Moving closer to her, my breath now hot on the back of her neck, I slipped my hands round to her breasts again. She gasped again at my touch, leaning back against me, pressing her bum against my erection as my hands caressed her breasts, gently squeezing her hard nipples.

"Lay on your back." I said. She lay back, watching me, her gaze filled with lust as I took hold of her other wrist, tying the scarf tightly to the bedframe. I took more photographs, loving the sight of her there helpless on the bed, my cock throbbing deliciously. I knelt onto the bed at her feet, parting her thighs a little, taking more photographs. She was wriggling on the bed now, very turned on, watching my every move. " I want to see you naked," I said. I slipped my hands up her thighs, slipping my fingers into the waistband of her panties, tugging them slowly down. She arched her back off the bed for a moment, letting me slip them off, and I dropped them to the floor. Taking one of her ankles, I tied the scarf tightly around it, pulling the scarf down to the bedframe, tying the other end tightly around it, then doing the same with the other ankle, tying it to the other corner of the bed, her legs now delightfully spread as she lay helpless on the bed.

I took more photographs, moving around her, asking her to struggle a bit to capture the movements, watching her, seeing how turned on she was. She was visibly wet between her legs, the lips of her delicious cunt pouting gorgeously, her wetness trickling down between her thighs, dampening the bedclothes. I put down the camera again, pulling my t-shirt over my head. Katie watched me lustfully. "Show me your cock…" she breathed, "I want to see your cock…". I smiled back at her, standing up to pull my pants slowly down, tugging them off and dropping them to the floor, leaving me naked. My cock was very erect – Katie watched every move I made, her gaze wandering over my body, fixing again on my erection. "God…" she breathed, "I want you to fuck me…"


Something was still stopping me – I wanted her so much, but this was Katie, my friend for years – one of my best, closest friends. Katie my closest confidante, who knew everything about me, all my secrets and desires. Katie my dirty email friend. Katie tied up naked on the bed, turned on, dripping wet and begging me to fuck her, me stood next to her, naked and erect, photographing her… the stuff of fantasies, right here, right now. I couldn’t fuck her tied up like this – I’d waited this long, I could wait a little while longer – first I wanted to see her come.

I knelt onto the bed with her, taking more photographs, somehow clicking with one hand, my other hand drifting around her naked body. She was helpless now – I could touch her anywhere. I slipped my hands over her breasts, hearing her gasp with pleasure as I caressed her breasts, her nipples, arching her back a little to push them up into my hands. I abandoned the camera a few moments, leaning over her, taking one of her breasts into my mouth, tasting her, sliding my tongue over and around her erect nipple, biting it playfully. She gasped again, her body writhing on the bed now, struggling against her silk restraints, my hand drifting down her body, over her belly, down between her legs, brushing through the neatly trimmed pubic hair, my fingers sliding slowly down to her cunt.

She was so wet – I dipped my fingers into her wetness, spreading it back up to her clit, rubbing rhythmically round and round, very turned on now, my cock throbbing hard, needing release, still licking and sucking her breasts, greedily now, my fingers rubbing harder, her wetness starting to stream from her cunt. She was getting close now, her cunt skidding against my fingers, gasping and moaning deliciously, her body trembling, so close to orgasm. "Your cock…" she breathed, "I want to suck your cock.."

I knelt astride her, her nipples brushing against the inside of my thighs, my balls brushing against her chest, slipping a pillow under her head so she could reach me easier with her mouth, still reaching back, my fingers rubbing harder around her clit, thrusting them into her dripping wet cunt. Her mouth engulfed my cock – she was sucking me delightfully, her lips and tongue caressing my cock, her body trembling now, seconds away from her orgasm.

It felt incredible – I couldn’t hold back any longer – I cried out: "Ohhhh fuck Katie… ohhh god I’m gonna come…". She groaned with pleasure, sucking and licking more urgently, her body shuddering as her own orgasm took hold – I thrust my fingers deeper into her cunt – she groaned frantically, her body bucking, her wetness gushing from her cunt, splashing over my thrusting fingers as she came hard, delicious convulsions shuddering through her body - it was all I could take – I groaned with intense pleasure, my cock pulsating hard in Katie’s lips, my cum suddenly spurting into her mouth – I pulled it out,wanting to come over her, a long string of warm spunk spurting up onto her face, followed by another spurt, and another, my cum splashing onto her face, Katie crying out frantically as her own orgasm racked her body, her juices gushing wetly over my fingers, over and over again…

We’d crossed a barrier, but the night wasn’t over yet…


Katie looked up at me lustfully as I straddled her, the last of my cum pouring from my cock, still trembling hard from her orgasm, her breath shuddering deliciously, her face streaked with warm, wet trails of my spunk. I was still coming down from my own orgasm, pulses of intense pleasure still drifting through my body, throbbing from my cock, as the last small spurts of cum dripped from my erection. Still in that delicious haze of deep lust from my orgasm, I slipped my hand around my cock, stroking it up and down, gently teasing out another small spurt of cum from my cock, watching it drip onto her lips and chin, then smearing my wet cock over her lips. She smiled lustfully, opening her lips again and taking me back into her mouth, her tongue sliding around the head of my erection, lapping the cum from my cock, sucking gently. She was still tied up, unable to do anything about the cum dripping down her cheeks and chin – I slipped my now sensitive cock from her mouth, sliding my fingers through the cum on her face, lifting them up and slipping my dripping wet fingers into her mouth – her tongue licked them clean sensually, tasting my cum, swallowing it greedily, still grinning at me lustfully.

I was starting to get my brain back in gear after the intense orgasm – I still wasn’t sure we should have done what we did, how it would affect our friendship, but it was too late now, and having gone this far, I wanted more. It was likely this could be the only time we would ever enjoy sex together, and I fully intended to make the most of it. Katie, for her part, was still clearly very aroused too, wriggling a little on the bed underneath me, wanting to touch me, still tied up delightfully, arching her back a little to rub her erect nipples against the inside of my thighs, my wet cock now between her small breasts, my cum smeared between them as my cock slid wetly against her cleavage.

"god…" I smiled, "you look incredible…I want to take your photograph like this.. do you mind…?". "No," she smiled, "it’s fine… I want to remember this… go ahead, I don’t mind…"

Drying my fingers on a discarded scarf, I picked up my digital camera, taking a few photographs of her tied up there on the bed, my cum still streaked on her pretty face, dripping down her chin, smeared between her breasts, Katie smiling at me lustfully as I photographed her.

Finally I put down the camera, sitting down naked next to her on the bed, leaning over her to kiss her sensually – our first kiss, and at first it felt a little strange, but she immediately melted, kissing me back greedily, her tongue slipping into my mouth, caressing mine, making it clear she wanted more. As we kissed, I slipped one hand over her body again, sliding up over her breasts, squeezing and stroking gorgeously – she gasped in response, arching her back again, and I slipped my hand down her body, drifting down past her belly, down between her open thighs, my fingers finding her wetness, stroking her cunt gently, then spreading the warm wetness back up to her clit, rubbing gently round and round.

I was erect again, very much wanting her. "I need to fuck you…" I whispered, "do you think we should…? Do you think that’s okay…?", "Yes…" she breathed, " I think it’s very okay… untie me… I want to touch you…"

I untied the scarves, first at her ankles, leaving the scarves tied to the bedframe, then her wrists, pulling her up into a sitting position next to me, cupping her face and kissing her again sensuously, our lips sliding against each other, my arms pulling her close, her breasts pressing against my naked chest, her own hands drifting across my back as we kissed. "Fuck me…" she breathed, "I want you to fuck me, Roger…"

I kissed her again, passionately, sensuously, my fingers sliding through her hair, taking hold of it, pulling her closer, her tongue exploring my mouth, caressing mine, my other hand sliding down her naked body, cupping one of her breasts, squeezing and caressing it, stroking and pinching her erect nipple as we kissed with abandon. Her own hands were exploring my body, one drifting around my back, pulling me close, the other sliding down my belly, finding my erect penis, slipping her fingers around it, stroking it gorgeously, masturbating me as we kissed.

I was so aroused now, my cock incredibly hard again, throbbing with each stroke of her fingers. I couldn’t wait any longer – I needed to be inside her. Still kissing her sensually, I lay her back on the bed, sliding my naked body on top of hers, slipping between her thighs – my erection was now pressed hard against her cunt, and I could feel how wet she was, my penis sliding rhythmically against her cunt, not entering her yet, my cock skidding between the lips of her cunt, so hot and dripping wet, her wetness drenching my erection as I rubbed rhythmically against her.

She didn’t want to be teased – she wanted to be fucked. Pulling me down on top of her, her other hand slipped back down to my cock, sliding up and down my warm, wet erection, then tugging it down, guiding the tip of my cock between her deliciously pouting cunt lips. I felt her cunt parting around my cock – I couldn’t hold back any longer – I pushed slowly into her cunt, both of us groaning sensually at my first long, slow, deep thrust, sliding my erect penis all the way inside her, her cunt sucking me in deliciously. It felt incredible – I groaned again, intense pleasure drifting through my body, Katie gasping gorgeously as I began to fuck her…


I looked down at her – I still couldn’t quite believe this – my mind was alive with thoughts: "oh my god I’m fucking Katie – god she’s naked underneath me – her breasts are still wet from my cum – ohh god yes – fuck she’s so turned on – so fucking wet around my cock…ohhh my god this feels so good…".

Katie’s thighs were wrapped around me now, pulling me deeper inside her, her naked body arching underneath mine as I thrust my hard cock deep inside her cunt, again and again. She was so wet, her cunt splashing with each thrust of my penis, her warm wetness streaming down the length of my erection, dripping down my balls, getting wetter and wetter as I pounded my cock into her cunt, again and again and again. She was going to come very quickly, and I wanted her to come, wanted to feel her cumming all over my cock.

I lifted her legs up high over my shoulders, fucking her hard and deep now. She groaned intensely: "Ohhh fuck roger…. unnnhhh…… ohhhh fuck you’re gonna UNHHH… you’re gonna make me come…". It was what I wanted – I thrust even deeper, fucking her harder, my erect cock dripping wet now, fucking her and fucking her and fucking her, Katie groaning deliciously with each thrust, her body trembling now, sliding her cunt harder onto my thrusting cock, my belly slapping against her trembling thighs as I pounded deeper and harder – suddenly she grabbed onto my arms – looking up at me with intense lust and need – she groaned urgently: "ohhhhhhh FUCK…. ohhh god that’s it… ohhh god roger… ohhhh god I’m coming…. I’m cominngggg". Her body shook convulsively, her back arching, her cunt engulfing my throbbing cock, grabbing hard onto me as she screamed with pleasure: "AAANNNNNHHHHHHHHH! OHHH FUCK YES…UNNHH! UUNNHHH! UUNNNH! NNNHH! NNNHH!" Her body bucked underneath mine as her orgasm pulsated through her body, hard and intense, gripping me tightly as her cunt splashed over my erection, her juices gushing down my erect penis, pouring down my balls, drenching the bed as she came frantically, deliciously, urgently, all over my cock, her body shuddering intensely. It was all I could take – as her wetness streamed down my erection, I cried out frantically: "ohhhh god katie…. ohhh god I’m coming… I’M COMINNNNGGGG…. UUUNNNNHHHHH!". My cock pulsated hard, intense orgasm throbbing through my body – my cum surging up my erection, thick jets of warm spunk suddenly streaming from the tip of my erection, spurting deep inside her cunt, spurt after long spurt, filling her up, filling her cunt with my cum, over and over and over, groaning intensely with each spurt of my cum…


Katie was still shuddering intensely, her legs high over my shoulders, my cock deep inside her, throbbing deliciously as I felt the last of my spunk pouring into her cunt, her own wetness streaming down my erection, flooding over my balls, dripping onto the bed as we came together. It had been an incredible, intense orgasm for both of us, not just the result of the evening's events, but the release of years of sexual tension between us - all the mutual lust exchanged over countless emails, letters, flirting sexually as platonic, lustful friends for as long as we could remember - all this was finally out in the open, in it's most raw sense - my cock thrusting hard into her cunt, my spunk spurting deep inside her, filling her up, her wetness gushing down my erection, our orgasms feeding off each other...

I could barely think - my body was alive with sensation, my head filled with lust for her, trying somehow to process the idea of her naked underneath me like this, trembling and shuddering with sexual pleasure, her cunt dripping wet around my erection, my hard penis still pulsating inside her rhythmically as I came down from my orgasm.

Katie looked up at me, her face flushed and filled with lust, her body still moving under mine, keeping my cock inside her. "...fucking hell..." she grinned, "that was just... god...". She reached up and grabbed my hair, tugging me down to kiss her passionately, her wet cunt still squeezing around my cock as we kissed, long, hard and lustfully. Finally we collapsed onto the bed together, giggling dirtily, my cock slipping out of her cunt, both of us breathless, laying next to each other on the bed, neither of us knowing quite what to say...

I'd expected to be embarrassed, maybe regretting the whole thing, but I lay back catching my breath, covered in sweat, just feeling smug and happy and satisfied - shouldn't I have felt at least a little bit guilty? I glanced over to her, and felt relieved when I saw her laying there pretty much the same, a huge grin across her face, not a trace of guilt, clearly feeling really good, wallowing in the sensations. I rolled a quick cigarette, lighting it and passing it to her, and she snuggled up for a few minutes, pressing herself against me as we indulged in the afterglow, talking lazily, sipping a little more wine. Neither of us were rushing to get dressed, and as we snuggled close, there was no room for doubt - we both wanted more, and the night was still young. Finishing our cigarette, I leaned over her to kiss her, and she responded sensually, her body molding into mine, pushing and moving gently together, as we began to make love again...


I kissed her gently, my fingers drifting through her hair, my other hand sliding down her naked body, caressing her breasts, exploring her sensually. My hand drifted further down, slipping between her thighs, finding her cunt, stroking it gently, feeling her still deliciously wet, a cocktail of her wetness and my cum dribbling slowly from between her legs.

"God..." she gasped, trembling a little at my touch, "hold on a second... I really need a pee... don't go away, I'll be right back." She kissed me gently and scampered off the bed towards the bathroom, my gaze following her, still filled with lust at finally seeing her naked, realising so many sexual fantasies at once.

I sat up in the bed, leaning back against the pillows, topping up the wine in our glasses and relaxing, feeling chilled out and horny, my cock already semi-erect, despite my orgasms earlier. I straightened out the bedclothes a little, still a mess from our fun earlier, doing my best to nudge the large wet patch over to the side of the bed, then picking up the camera from the rug where I'd discarded it, using the small screen on the back to look through a few of the photos we'd taken , my cock throbbing again as I saw just how sexual some of the photos were.

I heard the shower start to run, and Katie padded back into the bedroom, now loosely wrapped in an off-white silk dressing gown, tied loosely at her waist, but generously open all the way down to her tummy. She smiled at me temptingly. "I thought I'd have a shower," she smiled, "since you got me all messy earlier...". I smiled back. "That's okay," I answered, "I'll just relax for a few minutes." "Well," she grinned, "I was wondering if you fancied, y'know, joining me... help me wash my back and stuff...". The cheeky look on her face would have launched a thousand ships - I grinned back. "Okay," I smiled, "you talked me into it, lead the way...". I got up off the bed and followed her into the bathroom...


I followed Katie into her bathroom, already feeling aroused again - I'd already cum twice, but instead of satisfying me, I was just greedy for more. I knew I could keep going all night like this - we were realising years of mutual lust now, doing things we'd fantasised about together playfully over countless letters and emails. Now Pandora's Box had been opened, it was clear that neither of us intended to waste the opportunity - it might never happen again.

The shower was already running as we entered the bathroom - Katie turned towards me, smiling and looking at me for a moment, lingering on my naked body, her gaze drifting down to my growing cock. "He seems to quite like you," I smiled. "The feeling's mutual." she grinned, watching me as she untied the loose silk belt round the waist of her gown, letting the gown drift open. My cock grew harder instantly at the sight of her deliciously slim, naked body under the silk gown - I smiled and pulled her close, kissing her sensually, our bodies pressing close together, my hands taking hold of her gown as we kissed, sliding it off her shoulders, letting it drift down into a heap on the floor.

A few more gentle wet kisses, and we separated, Katie opening the shower door, testing the water with her hands, then stepping inside, gasping a little as she got used to the warmth of the water. I watched for a moment, briefly hypnotised by the sight of her, naked and wet, the water cascading down her body. My cock was getting harder - I needed to touch her - I followed her into the shower, closing the door behind me...


As I stepped under the warm water behind her, letting it stream down my naked body, getting accustomed to the temperature, Katie looked over her shoulder at me, smiling as she picked up the bottle of shower gel. "Hello you," she said, still looking delightfully sexy as the water poured down her curves, her hair dripping wet, clinging to her neck and shoulders, "would you do my back for me...?"

"I'd love to," I smiled, taking the bottle as she passed it to me, flipping open the cap and pouring a generous amount of gel into my hand. Replacing the bottle onto the small shelf, I gently spread the soap across her shoulders, then down her back, slowly massaging, and she sighed gorgeously as I slid my hands over and around her back and shoulders, caressing the soap into her naked body, watching her with growing arousal as she moved sensually to my touch.

I moved closer to her from behind, moving her wet hair out of the way, kissing her neck, our wet bodies sliding together, the warm water still streaming over us, Katie gasping appreciatively as my lips and tongue caressed her neck, pushing back against me, her wet bum slipping and sliding against my hardening penis, her back skidding against my chest, enjoying the delicious sensation of our wet bodies sliding sensually against each other.

Reaching across to the shelf, I poured more gel into my hand, replacing the bottle onto the shelf, then sliding my hands around her waist, still stood behind her, gently pulling her closer, my wet soapy hands sliding slowly up her body, up to her breasts. She gasped again as my hands slipped up over them, spreading the soap around her breasts, her deliciously erect nipples, massaging them sensuously, my body moving against hers now, the water from the shower splashing down our bodies as we slid against each other, my cock very erect, sliding up and down between her buttocks, my lips and tongue caressing her neck as my hands explored her body.

She was moving against me now, our wet, naked bodies sliding together in rhythm, one of my hands still caressing her breasts, the other working its way down her body, over her belly, down between her thighs...


I was becoming intensely turned on again, our wet bodies slipping and sliding sensually against each other, the warm water of the shower streaming down over us as we pushed and moved together. Every slightest touch of her body skidding against mine was arousing me more and more, so much intense sexuality pouring out from us after all the long teasing and playful fantasising - we weren't just having sex, we were realising years of sexual fantasies about each other - could sex really be this good, this intense, this incredible?

I was greedy for her - I wanted to fuck her, and keep fucking her, again and again and again.

Katie was rubbing herself against me very sexually now, my cock very hard, very erect between her buttocks, sliding up and down between them as she pushed against me, her back skidding against my chest as my hand caressed her dripping wet breasts, stroking and squeezing them, sliding over and around her erect nipples, Katie gasping as I bit gently into her neck, my other hand now sliding down between her thighs, my fingers finding her sex.

She was so wet there - I slipped two fingers between the lips of her cunt, feeling her wetness pouring onto my fingertips - she groaned, pushing back against me, and I slipped my fingers inside her, feeling the delicious warm wetness of her cunt as I pushed them in deep, starting to fuck her with my fingers.

"God..." she groaned, "fuck me... please fuck me roger..."

I gasped, suddenly feeling her hand slipping between our bodies, finding my erect cock, stroking it deliciously, tugging it down as she stroked, down towards her sex. I couldn't resist - sliding one hand down her waist to steady her, I pushed her gently forwards until she was leaning against the tiled wall of the shower, her bottom still pressed against me, her fingers guiding my cock between her thighs from behind. She was so wet - I could feel her wetness pouring slowly over the head of my cock as I slipped it slowly inside, pushing into her, my cock sliding deeper, Katie groaning with pleasure as she felt my erection starting to fill her, thrusting slowly deep into her sex, her cunt very warm, dripping wet around my cock.

I gasped with pleasure, and she groaned again, pushing all the way back onto my hard cock, her cunt engulfing my erection, and I began to fuck her, the water from the shower still splashing over our naked bodies, streaming down over us as we started to move together...

(more to come...)


oh. sigh. I'm glad I hadn't taken the time yet to read it all, and could read it in one (squirmy) sitting. It's much easier to stroke and tease when I don't have to clicket and clicket. it's lovely. I shall go stretch out on the bed and play play mmmmm play.
saintstrumpet, August 28th, 2004

Funnily enough, I've never read the whole thing through in one sitting - even now - so I don't have much of an idea how it works as a single piece like this. When I've eventually finished it (this is still just the first night, so I'm not even halfway through yet, assuming I relate the second night in the same detail - and I probably will), I'll re-read the whole thing and do some rewriting here and there, smooth out any bumpy bits. As a first draft it should be fine though, and it's my favourite thing to write in here, my Big Project.
Glad you had fun with it, by the way x
dirtyboy, August 28th, 2004

I have to go come now.
Thanks, Roger. Juicy lil morsel. Mmmmm.
*quivers a bit*
Kat, August 29th, 2004

OMG OMG OMG..i started innocently reading this to my husband....and it was so VERY EXCELLENT...i couldn't finish reading...i couldn't wait...he couldn't wait...THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH...You made our sunday perfect !!!!!
kim, August 29th, 2004

Glad you liked it Kat x
And Kim - you read this out loud to your husband? Wow... knowing what's in there, I'd have loved to have heard that... what a wonderful way to share erotica!
Thankyou for telling me, you've made my day, really xx
dirtyboy, August 29th, 2004

How kind of you to put it all back together again in one place... so nice to use my fingers on myself, instead of the long suffering, and increasingly sticky mouse. It re-reads beautifully - certainly made me re-come at all the same places. But seriously - a SECOND night? Are you trying to KILL me with frustrated anticipation?
strawberry, August 29th, 2004

It's easier for me too, gave me the chance to see where it doesn't quite work and spot ropey writing or bumpy connections. I'll sort that stuff out when it's finally finished. And you know I love making you come, strawberry...
dirtyboy, August 29th, 2004

Trying to think of some delightful innuendo about helping to edit your bumpy bits, but it really isn't working for me this evening. Thanks for your swift response - kind of nice to think of you at your screen, thinking about Katie, while I'm sitting at mine, also thinking about Katie. I'm assuming you're working HARD on the next installment (aha, there was the wink I was grasping for...)
strawberry, August 29th, 2004

mmm... HARD... lol
dirtyboy, August 29th, 2004

What can I say - a very sexually arousing story that I just couldnt help myself and made myself come twice while reading it at work.... Nice one.
Mel, August 30th, 2004

Thankyou Mel x - So many girls seem to read my blog at work - always makes me curious - how did you get away with not being seen? Was it a sneaky rush off to the toilets, or a risky play at your desk? Both, quite frankly, I find very arousing...
dirtyboy, August 30th, 2004

NOTE TO SELF: NEVER read ur stuff at werk!!! ;)
Gripping!!! ;)
mems, August 30th, 2004

i didn't know where to write this request...but will You please write a story about a vanilla man..on his way to trying the "darker side"...and a sub wife who desperately needs him to Dom her???? ...PLEASEEEEEEEEEE..they have never even tried anal...THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kim, August 30th, 2004

Hi Kim - I could give it a go - in the meantime, if you dig around the archives there are one or two things similar to that - try a couple of the cybers for spanking and light domination, and a similar scenario to the one you ask for is in "fucking you in the ass" - might be exactly what you're looking for...
dirtyboy, August 30th, 2004 This is my first visit to your site and I'm sitting here at work worried that I've soaked through my pants. I'm dripping wet. I love how you've described this .... damn.
c, August 31st, 2004

It's lovely to have you here, C, glad to have turned you on so much - hope you enjoy a delve or two into the archives x
dirtyboy, August 31st, 2004

oh. my. god.
cat ., September 07th, 2004

glad you enjoyed it cat (at least, i think you did...) x
dirtyboy, September 07th, 2004

it was the hottest thing i've ever read. i was desperate for a fuck afterwards -- desperate to BE katie. thank you so much. write more like this happy.gif
cat ., September 07th, 2004

thankyou cat x - and I will - lots more of the katie experience to come...
dirtyboy, September 08th, 2004

Hi, I feel like such an amateur in my writing when I read a mastercrafts man such as yourself. You are amazing. Inspirational. You are Sensuals' Delight....
sensualdelight, September 10th, 2004

thankyou again - it's a pleasure to have you reading x
dirtyboy, September 10th, 2004

lol when you have no intention of sleeping with some one,you don't take them to the bed knew deep down you were going to, hehehehe! but i could be wrong. hahahahahaha
nobody special, September 30th, 2004

hmmm... reasonable point, and I didn't make it clear, but bear in mind that these were always going to be erotic photographs (that was the whole idea, it's what Katie had asked for), so a prerequisite of that would be photographs of her on the bed, and probably masturbating (that hadn't been discussed by name, but the implication was always that, since she wanted photos like the ones of Becky, then she'd be touching herself, on the bed). But yes, of course, deep down the idea had certainly crossed my mind, but had she not been so into the session, it wouldn't have happened, I'm sure, whether we were in the bedroom or not.
Also, I should point out, she's an old friend, and I'd been in her bedroom many times before lol - just not to have sex with her!
dirtyboy, October 01st, 2004

im pretty good with the camera aswell jst waiting for some kattie. anyways gr8 going.
pushyboy, December 28th, 2004

In my experience, sometimes it's worth suggesting the idea - if you make them feel attractive and wanted, many girls seem to like stripping off for the camera - just make sure they have fun, and that there's no pressure - keep it playful and you'll bith have a good time.
dirtyboy, December 28th, 2004

oh god roger fuck me now... i have been reading through your archives.. i've nearly covered them all and every time i'd end up touching myself and cumming and cumming and cumming so hard. but this one's made me cum the hardest. i'm desperate for a good fuck. my juices are flowing, my cunt is gushing. i swear my room smells of sex right now and anyone who'd walk in would notice. mmmm slipping a hand inside my wet panties... stroking my swollen clit, round and round, sliding up two fingers inside my hot dripping cunt... god i want you to fuck me roger.....
juliana, February 07th, 2005

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

okay, lets try this again . . . god roger . . . my reaserch went sooooooo well that I messed up your blog responding to it lol . . . have to have spaces, I guess.
The comment I posted before was better. Oh well. xxxxoooooxxxxooxoxo

Mariah - not to worry, your first comment was still emailed to me by blogger, so I saw it ;) - it's an absoulte pleasure to make you cum so intensely xx

Roger, another delicious posting. I simply love the long stories and this one put all together to enjoy in one session... simply brilliant. You take me to another world, filled with exctacy and leave me trembling with excitement... thank you! I am looking forward to exploring more.

skynnboutique - I like the longer stories myself too, they allow more of a relentless intensity that I think really helps when reading - obviously I want my words to make you come, so when it works on these longer posts, and leaves you trembling like that... I'm always very happy ;)

this is my favorite post. woops--favourite--post. mmmmhmmm. ;)

Holy shit, your stories are HOT, instant fan right here!

Thank you Kaho, I hope you'll be back for more! xx

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