photographing katie - part twelve

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 11:56 PM

I don't think I've ever towelled my self dry so quickly. Both of us watched each other, our gaze filled with lust as we quickly rubbed the towels over our bodies, Katie deliciously flushed in her face and chest, her wet hair straggling over her delicate shoulders, my cock still determinedly erect as we smiled at each other lustfully. We practically raced to the bed, giggling dirtily, damp towels tossed onto the carpet as we ran into the bedroom. Katie made for the sheets, trying to dive under the covers, but I wanted to finish what we started, grabbing her playfully from behind as we reached the bed. She squealed and giggled again, struggling a little, trying to wriggle out of my grip, but surrendering very easily as I pulled her towards me, pressing her naked bottom against my warm, hard erection, rubbing herself teasingly against me. My cock slipped between her gorgeous buttocks, sliding erect between them as she slid back against my naked body.

"mmm god..." I smiled, my body brushing against hers as she moved back sensually against me, rubbing against my erect cock, turning her head to kiss me temptingly, her lips full and wet, "God, Katie... I need to be inside you... get onto the bed... on all fours...". It was the most sexual, direct request I'd made of her, greedy and demanding, but my head was filled with lust for her, I needed to be back inside her, fucking her gorgeously from behind, as we had been in the shower - I wanted to make her come like that.

"You bad man'" she grinned, slipping out of my grasp and climbing onto the bed on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder at me, wiggling her bare bum at me teasingly, giggling playfully, "come and fuck me, Roger... fuck me hard...".

She was being just as direct - another amazing moment - how many times since she'd been my friend had I fantasised sexually about her saying something just like that? To have her there, as she was now, naked and wet, knelt on all fours on the bed, wanting me inside her... we'd written fantasies for each other just like this - I'd cum countless times thinking about it, imagining how it would be, so many hard, urgent orgasms masturbating over just this moment with her...

I felt my cock throbbing hard without even touching it, climbing onto the bed behind her, sliding my fingers up the inside of her open thighs, into her cunt. She was so wet again, so deliciously wet and warm, still intensely aroused and unfulfilled from our sex in the shower, my fingers slipping easily inside her - she wriggled as I stroked her, gasping gorgeously, her wetness dribbling down my fingers, and I couldn't wait any longer, couldn't just tease her like this - I had to fuck her. Moving close up behind her, I took hold of my cock, throbbing and erect in my hand, guiding the tip of my cock between her pouting cunt lips, slipping my erection into her sex, pushing slowly inside her, my penis sliding all the way in, her body trembling, groaning sensually, pushing back onto me, her cunt engulfing my warm, hard cock.

It felt so hot, so wet, so good - I groaned with pleasure, pushing deeper, starting to fuck her, sliding my cock in and out of her cunt, deeper with each thrust, Katie gasping and groaning deliciously with each move I made, each deep hard thrust, clearly as turned on as me, her wetness streaming along my cock, pushing back hard against me, grinding back against my erection with each long thrust inside her.

"god roger... " she gasped, "harder... fuck me harder... please... ohhh god..."

Already this was so intense - I pushed harder and deeper, my senses alive with pleasure, feeling each delicious pulse of my cock inside her cunt, sending me closer to orgasm, trying to hold it back, my hands holding her hips now, starting to pound into her, my belly slapping against her bum with each thrust. Katie was gasping and groaning as I fucked her, pushing back against me with each thrust, wanting me deep, thrusting back at me harder and harder, her wetness pouring down my cock. I couldn't take much more - it felt so good - I slid a hand up her bare back, to her hair, grabbing a handful of it, tugging her head down onto the bed, holding her down, wanting to imagine her helpless as I fucked her, Katie groaning intensely as I fucked harder and deeper, her arousal levels suddenly through the roof, slamming my erection hard into her cunt, my cock throbbing inside her as I felt my orgasm approaching, trying to hold it back, so close to cumming.

Katie was shaking now, trembling convulsively, screaming with pleasure at each thrust, my hand still pushing her head down hard on the bed, looking down at her as I fucked her, her cunt splashing against my cock with each hard, deep thrust. She groaned intensely: "ohhh FUCK roger... ahh GOD... ohhh FUCK're making me COME..." - she couldn't take any more - her body started to shudder, her cunt engulfing my throbbing cock, sliding back onto me, her wetness gushing down my penis as she started to come, crying out frantically again: "AAHHH FUCKKK... AHHH GOD... ahh god roger I'M COMING... I'M COMINNGGGGG..."

Her cunt streamed around my cock, sucking and squeezing and pulsing over my penis, her body shuddering into delicious convulsions, screaming with intense pleasure- it was all I could take - I felt my cum surging and pulsing up my throbbing penis, groaning frantically as I started to come, intense orgasm pulsating through my body,again and again, long streams of cum pouring from my cock, spurting deep into her gushing cunt, spurting and spurting and spurting from my erection, my cum splashing into her sex, filling her with my spunk, my orgasm so hard, so intense. Katie was still coming frantically, crying out with pleasure as I came inside her, again and again, her body still convulsing, her juices pouring down my orgasming cock, drenching my erection as we came together...

much more still to follow...


My god that was so erotic...Katie is a lucky woman!
VicxGirl, September 16th, 2004

ahh, I knew this second version was better! serves me right for posting it too soon last night, before reading it properly lol. Could still do with a little work, but I'm happier with it now - thanks Vicx!
dirtyboy, September 16th, 2004

Love the whole Katie story - had to take a couple of 'breaks'. Love your stuff, don't ever stop!!
M, October 04th, 2004

Thankyou M - those 'breaks' are precisely what I'm doing my best to inspire - glad you're enjoying it wink.gif xx
dirtyboy, October 04th, 2004

I'm needing more.....I'm so hot this morning! My body is aching with need. I have to go attend to my throbbing pussy. My chair is so wet now! Mmmmm more, soon? manysurprises
manysurprises, January 21st, 2005

I'll get back to this soon, definitely manysurprises - and it turns me on to think of you getting so aroused - yum wink.gif xx
dirtyboy, January 21st, 2005

*gasp* *sigh* yessss, these are definetly my favourite posts . . .

still one of my own favourite posts too - thankyou x

Reading through archives I love it. lol. I absolutely do!

and I absolutely love your comment too!
so glad you're having fun - don't read them too quickly ;)

Would you come take my pictures? I promise I will be very good.....

I'd be very happy to come and photograph you, Skye ;)

This...this was WONDERFUL...god...

Not sure how I missed it - I think I thought it was the Sophie story and skipped over it...

Definitely my mistake. One of my faves - will return over and over (and cum some more...)


B - I'm glad you enjoyed it so much - I very much enjoyed it myself at the time ;) xx

mmm...I'm with some of the others...wishing I was Katie...mmm


happy to photograph you any time, B ;) x

WOW! Incredible Roger. When can we expect the next installment? This is SOOOOOO HOT..! JR

Thankyou, I'm glad you liked it so much! x
I've been meaning to write more of this one for the past four years - I'm so easily distracted I know ;)

So this IS just a story...exciting nonetheless. I thought for a minute it was true story.I hope your real bedroom activites are equally as intense.

This one is actually mostly true. A lot of my stories are at least based on real events or use real things that I've done amongst the fiction, whereas this photo session did take place very much as described, I've just added a little fiction for the sake of making it good erotica. I've since photographed girls naked many times (as many of us have), but this one still stands out as "the session that ended up far filthier than we intended". ;)

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