phoebe's sexual fantasy

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 12:28 PM

Okay, here's the first of a series of sexual fantasies requested in my previous blog - this one was written for Phoebe, and here's the fantasy in it's entirety - hope you enjoy xxx

James had been fishing. It was a short, pleasant walk back from the river to his home - a walk that took him through the fields, away from the roads, his own private little world out in the countryside, where he could be alone with his thoughts, where he could relax and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. Small country lanes bisected the fields of tall grass, wildflowers and wheat here and there, but he rarely saw any trucks as he strolled along the winding pathways - rarely saw any people at all - maybe the distant sounds of a tractor over the other sides of the gently swaying trees, but no-one else came here at this time of year. Just James, and the birds, and the occassional buzz of a meandering and inquisitive bee.

Except today.

Today there was someone in the fields. There was a car parked in the lane ahead of him. A British car, by the looks of it - some sort of vintage car, small and ridiculously lumpy. How did they drive those things? It was parked next to a large gate, leading into a field of tall wheat, pulled off the lane to be out of the way - almost hidden, in fact - the windows down, suggesting the occupants of the car were nearby.

This was his place. What right did they have to spoil it? He decided to move in a little closer, as quietly as he could, to try and get a better look, see who was there - he didn't want to be seen - if this place was his secret, he wanted to remain a secret too.

He crept as close as he could - he was used to moving silently through these fields, so as not to disturb the birds as he walked by - but he was now as close as he dared - he looked through the long wheat...

It was a man and a woman... he recognised the woman - it was Phoebe, he'd seen her staying at Bob's farm, watched her sometimes as she walked past - and he'd been instantly attracted to her. He wouldn't have had the guts to ever speak to her, but he never failed to notice when she walked by, intoxicated by her sexuality, secretly wanting her. The man he didn't recognise - tall, slim - looked vaguely British - maybe the guy who owned the car? They were having a picnic in the tall grass, but that wasn't what immediately caught his eye - as James got himself comfortable, certain he couldn't be seen, he saw Phoebe sit up, smile at the British guy... and then begin to unbutton her blouse...

"Watch me..." you say, smiling at me, your fingers working their way down the buttons of your blouse, one by one, watching me as I look at you, seeing the lust in my eyes...

James was transfixed. He hadn't expected this, had been about to move on, leaving the couple to their picnic - but suddenly he was rooted to the spot - Phoebe was teasing the guy, slowly unfastening the buttons of her flimsy white blouse, her fingers moving down, letting the blouse fall open temptingly - and James felt a rush of sexual desire as he realised she wasn't wearing a bra...

The guy was leaning back, watching her with growing interest - James would have taken her right there and then, but the man was being patient, enjoying being teased, watching her as she opened the final button, letting the blouse drift open.

"Take it off..." I smile, "I want to see you. I want to see your breasts. Take your blouse off for me". You smile at me again, tugging the blouse gently off one shoulder, then the other, smiling sexily again and letting it slide all the way down, falling into the long grass. I feel my arousal growing, wanting you, wanting to touch you. "Should I take anything else off...?" you ask, grinning cheekily. "Yes," I reply, "I think you should take everything off. I want you to be naked... out here where anyone could see you... take it all off..." You smile back, getting up and unzipping your short skirt.

James crouched right down - Phoebe had suddenly stood up - would she spot him? He took another look, staying as low in the grass as he could. She wasn't looking in his direction at all - she was too busy stripping for the guy, slipping out of her skirt, sliding her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly sliding them down her long legs. Already she was naked - the guy stood up and faced her, pulling him close to her and kissing her sensually. James watched with increasing arousal as she slipped her thigh against the guy's leg, moving teasingly against him as he kissed her slowly. Her hands found the buttons of his shirt, and James watched as she tugged it off, her fingers drifting up over his bare chest.

I can feel your naked breasts brushing against my chest as I kiss you, my lips working their way down, down to your neck, biting you gently, then a little harder, feeling my cock harden as you gasp with pleasure. "Lay down," I smile, "I've just had an idea...". You lay back naked in the grass, watching me as I unzip my jeans, pulling them off, tugging down my lycra boxers at the same time. You can see my cock is already hard, very erect as I kneel down next to you, leaning over to the picnic basket, picking up a carton of fresh cream. "What are you up to...?" you grin, watching me as I unpeel the lid of the carton. "You'll see..." I smile wickedly, "just lay back and enjoy..."

She was completely naked - Phoebe was naked! James could barely contain his excitement. Already he could feel himself getting hot, one of his hands down between his thighs, rubbing his hardening cock through his jeans. The guy, also naked now, was clearly as excited as James, his cock very erect as he leaned over the object of James's lust... and James felt his erection throb as the guy poured a long trail of fresh cream all the way down Phoebe's naked torso, smiling at her wickedly as he watched it drip over her breasts, down her belly, dribbling down between her thighs. Phoebe was giggling, opening her thighs a little to let the cream drip down between her legs - for a moment James got a glimpse of her sex, rubbing his cock a little harder through his jeans as he watched the cream dribble down between the lips of her cunt - this was getting too much for him - he unzipped his jeans and slipped his fingers down into his pants, finding his swollen cock, stroking it as he watched...

I look down lustfully at your naked body, drenched with cold cream, dripping slowly and temptingly down your body. It's a delicious sight - I part your thighs a little more with my hand, and lean down over you, sliding my tongue over your belly, lapping up the cream, licking it off your soft skin, working my way slowly up, my tongue sliding up towards your breasts, lapping teasingly, sliding over and around your nipples, the cream smearing a little on my lips and chin as I move up your body. You tremble with pleasure, running your fingers through my hair, tugging me up towards you, smiling lustfully at my grinning, creamy face and kissing me sensually, your tongue lapping the cream from my lips, then slipping into my mouth as we kiss more passionately.

James couldn't believe this - just seeing Phoebe naked had been incredible enough - but to watch her getting covered in cream... to see the cream being slowly licked off her belly... her breasts... he was getting so turned on now. Just thinking about something like that previously would have been enough to make him come, laid in bed at night, fantasising about her furtively, but right now he was trying to keep himself under control, masturbating rhythmically, but not taking himself too far, wanting to see more, wanting to see if the guy was going to fuck her. Surely he would - surely he wanted to - the man's cock was hugely erect as they kissed, rubbing against Phoebe's naked body - surely he needed to fuck her... and if he did, James wanted to watch it, wanted to put himself in the guy's place in his imagination, wanted to fantasise that it was his own cock thrusting deep into Phoebe's cunt...

James felt his cock throb harder in his hand - he tried to control his breathing - he didn't want to cum yet - letting go of his cock for a moment, he unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them down, pulling his boxers down too - his erection sprang up, warm and hard and throbbing insistently - he slipped his hand round his erect penis again, stroking it up and down, still watching Phoebe and the British guy, wondering how long he'd be able to hold back his orgasm...

You look at me lustfully, your lips wet from our kiss - "Let me suck you..." you smile, "I want to taste you...". I smile back, my cock throbbing at the idea, moving up your naked body until I'm astride your breasts, my cock now very erect, inches from your face. Smiling lustfully again, I pick up the cream carton and pour the rest of the cream down over my erection. You lick your lips greedily, sliding your mouth down over my cock, licking the cream from my erection as your tongue slides around my swollen penis, lapping at it greedily, and I tremble in response, my cock throbbing in your mouth, wanting you, needing you.

James trembled, sweat dripping from his forehead now as he watched Phoebe lapping the cream from the guy's erection. He could see her tongue slipping and sliding over and around the head of the guy's cock - the guy was breathing harder, watching Phoebe suck him, slipping his erect penis deeper into her mouth. James's heart was beating faster now, his cock throbbing in his hand as he rubbed himself frantically, struggling to hold back his orgasm, just a little longer.

It feels so good - I can't take much more without cumming - I slide my fingers down to your cunt as you suck me - you're very wet, cream still dribbling down between your legs, mixing with your own juices - you shudder deliciously as I slide two fingers into your cunt, getting them wet, spreading the wetness over and around your clit, your body bucking a little as I caress you, needing me to fuck you, needing my cock...

"God..." you gasp, "fuck me... please fuck me Roger... ohh god I want you to fuck me..."

I slip my cock out of your mouth, sliding back down your body, slipping between your open thighs, bending down to kiss you again, sensually, passionately, moving my body rhythmically against yours, my erection now rubbing against your dripping wet cunt, not entering you yet, skidding deliciously between the lips of your sex, your wetness pouring along the length of my cock. It feels so good - I need to be inside you - slipping the head of my erection down between your pouting cunt lips, I push my cock slowly inside you, sliding into your wet sex, inch by inch, thrusting long and deep into you, and you groan with pleasure, your cunt engulfing my cock, wrapping your legs around me as I start to fuck you deliciously...

James was masturbating frantically now, rubbing his cock urgently, trying not to groan, not wanting to be heard, not knowing what the consequences would be of him being discovered. The guy was fucking Phoebe hard now - James could clearly see the guy's cock sliding in and out of her cunt - she must have been really wet - his cock was drenched with her wetness as he thrust hard and deep inside her, again and again and again, Phoebe groaning with each thrust, her body trembling, getting closer and closer to her orgasm as they fucked urgently...

James couldn't hold back much longer - he wanted to cum - wanted to be knelt right next to Phoebe as he came, his cum spurting all over her naked breasts - he rubbed harder, so close now, his cock throbbing, his cum strating to surge up his cock.

Your body starts to shake - I feel a warm gush of your wetness suddenly drenching my cock as I thrust even deeper inside you - you're going to come - I need you to come - I lift your legs over my shoulders, thrusting harder, deeper, your cunt splashing with each thrust of my throbbing penis... fucking you... fucking you... FUCKING you - it's all you can take - you scream with pleasure, intense convulsions rippling through your body as you start to come, a flood of your wetness suddenly splashing down my cock - I can't take any more - I feel my own orgasm pulsating through my body, and I cry out with intense pleasure, my erect penis pulsing hard inside you, again and again as I start to cum - you cry out again, frantically this time, feeling my cum suddenly spurting from my cock, my spunk flooding deep into your cunt, filling you, spurting and spurting inside you as you come hard and wet, your juices gushing down my penis...

...and James couldn't take any more, watching you shuddering and convulsing, as your orgasm pulsated through your body - his own orgasm tore through his body, his spunk spurting hard from his cock, again and again and again, pouring over his hand, splashing down onto the grass, wishing you could see it, his senses drenched with pleasure as he pictured cumming all over you, covering you with all his cum... and he groaned... out loud... and we froze for a moment, my cock still deep inside you... and we looked up... towards James...

"We're being watched..." you said...

and you called him over...


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jeezus...that was...fantastic
i've got to go clean up - chair's wet, fingers soaked -
thank goodness for office door locks.
wetnwild, July 07th, 2004

Roger you should get PAID for this...
Vicxgirl, July 07th, 2004

thankyou, both of you - it was entirely my pleasure xxx
Time to consult my list and pick the next one...
dirtyboy, July 07th, 2004

Rog, you CAN get paid for this, you know.
DTG xxoo, July 08th, 2004

I probably wouldn't have time to write professional erotica (though it's nice of you to say so, thankyou x) - it takes enough of my time doing this darn blog lol
dirtyboy, July 08th, 2004

Rog, you too huh? Gawd, these things take on a life of their own, don't they!?
DTG xxoo, July 09th, 2004

mmmmmm nice!
L\'il Slut, July 10th, 2004

Wow! very nice...we are so lucky you don't write for money and give it to us for free!!
Luci, July 10th, 2004

lol - I'm happy to give it to you for free, Luci ;)
dirtyboy, July 10th, 2004

oooooh!!!..Rog Ive been through all your archives but Ive never left a comment til now. LOVED IT!
so fantastic,you had me writhing all over my good..

If I can make a request-this type of narrative gets me really hot,the voyeur quality is particularly arousing..In my own fantasies I like to think of situations like this happening between strangers..I like you at your most creative..mmmmmm

shygirl - I love the idea of you writhing all over the bed - that's precisely the kind of reaction I want you to have to my words - it's very much a pleasure to excite you so much.

And yes, the more creative side of my writing is about to get a majoy airing in the new Paris stories, and funnily enough I'm writing a delightfully hot voyeurism scene for them as we speak...

Stumbled across you blog late last year and have been utterly, hopelessly and deliciously seduced by your words ever since. I love lingering in your archives. Once again my fingers strayed as I imagined you lapping the cream from Phoebe's cunt I didn't want the story to end - thank goodness there are plenty more;) you made me cum so hard - such a delicious orgasm that I finally felt brave enough to add my voice to the chorus. YUM. Thank you! xx

foxX - so lovely to hear from you at last - and hopefully you don't have to be too brave, as I do love getting comments x And it's an absolute delight to make you come so deliciously - hope you'll keep reading, and I hope I can continue to excite you so intensely... xx

Please Roger, part 2 for my lover and I......!? J&K

J & K - ooh blimey, I originally wrote this four years ago, I think I might have left it a little late for a part two - but I'll add it to the list! Glad you enjoyed it ;) x

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