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Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12:15 AM

I ‘discovered’ outdoor sex a couple of years ago, with a delightfully fantastic 22 year old girl I was seeing at the time (she’s still a good friend, so I’ll call her Becky here - obviously not her real name). I’m in my late thirties, so she was very much the younger woman, and although being stunningly pretty, she didn’t have a great deal of experience sexually (she’d had two long term boyfriends previously). Consequently my year with her was a year of delicious sexual experimentation and fun – she wanted to try everything and anything – you can imagine how crazy I was about this girl…

She was especially keen on outdoor sex, which I’d hardly attempted at all previously – and she particularly liked very public places. One of the first times was when she gave me a particularly sensual blow job on a bench, set into an alcove at the edge of the park. It was early evening, about 7.00pm, broad daylight (it was mid-summer), a few tourists strolling by occassionally, but not very often, and we could hear anyone approaching us from some way away quite easily. The alcove felt nice and private, and we quickly progressed from kissing to touching, Becky unzipping my jeans and stroking my cock inside my pants, me with my hand up her skirt, my fingers tugging the crotch of her knickers to one side and stroking her gently, getting her delightfully wet.

Checking that no-one was around (at least temporarily), Becky suddenly took the initiative and slipped my erection out of my jeans, stroking it deliciously, smiling at me dirtily. I quickly discovered that I got a huge sexual thrill from enjoying such pleasure where anyone might have seen us – we were careful to listen for anyone heading our way along the walls, but there were two or three large houses directly opposite, overlooking the alcove where we were sat, and anyone glancing out of the upstairs windows would have had a clear view of us playing.

All of this was rushing through my mind, but I was past caring – Becky was by this stage bent over my lap, my hand still up her skirt, gently stroking her clit, slipping my fingers inside her, while she gently and rhythmically stroked my cock, first licking around the tip, then bending further over me, taking my penis into her mouth, sliding her lips deliciously up and down my erection, greedily licking and sucking my cock as I stroked her. Every so often we’d hear someone coming, and furtively cover ourselves up for a few moments, trying (and probably failing) to look casual, and then we’d quickly carry on where we left off, once we’d decided it was safe.

Needless to say, I found this all intensely exciting - I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it back, and Becky was getting very, very wet – I told her I was going to come, and she groaned delightfully, her body shuddering a little, pushing her cunt down onto my fingers, slipping my cock from her mouth and stroking it urgently, her tongue lapping the tip of my penis greedily, wanting me to come – it was all I could take – if someone had walked by, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself – I groaned deliciously, and started to come frantically, my spunk spurting from my cock, over and over again, pouring over her lips and chin, spurting into her mouth as she tried to swallow it, her own orgasm coming straight after mine, her hips bucking urgently, her delightfully wet cunt squeezing and sliding along my fingers, her wetness gushing over them and down my hand, trying hard not to cry out as she came gorgeously…

We got much braver (and more likely to be discovered) as time went on – more to follow next time…


ok it's official I'm a fan lol gets my imagination working in the greatest way, putting myself in the place of the female character I can "see" every step...mmm
frozendesire, February 18th, 2004

thankyou, glad you like it - there'll be more over the next few days - I was originally going to do a large post with all our outside adventures, but I've decided instead to split them up a little over the next three or four posts...
dirtyboy, February 18th, 2004

ohhh you just want to tease us all...
frozendesire, February 18th, 2004

I know, I'm just a terrible tease...
dirtyboy, February 18th, 2004

this story must be lonely, without any comments since 2004?? I love these stories as well . . . did you read my e-mail?
lol . . .

I think most people assume that if they leave a comment this deep into the archives, that I won't see it - thank goodness for blogger's comment emailing thing!

and I did read your email, you dirty little girl - I'll get back to you this weekend ;)

I was given yr blog details by a male friend of mine who knows i get off on dirty stories and now im officially hooked. U make me cum every time

Lush X

Lush - I hope you'll give your friend the thanks he deserves ;) It's a pleasure to make you cum so intensely - hope you'll keep coming back for more ;) x

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