Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12:54 AM

Making her come - it's my favourite thing to do. Nothing is more arousing to me right now than inspiring her orgasms, bringing her to a delicious, hard, urgent climax over and over and over again. Each time her body trembles, her back arches, her wetness floods from her cunt, calling my name in sweet ecstacy - each time I make this happen, I become more and more and more aroused - until, as she always does, she takes me so far I can no longer hold it back, can no longer stop my own orgasm surging and pulsating through my naked body, and I cum hard, my warm spunk pulsing and spurting and splashing from the tip of my throbbing penis, spurting all my cum, lovely and again and again... wanting to fill her completely... wanting my cum to pour deep into her wet sex... to fill her up with all my spunk... her own delicious wetness splashing over my orgasming cock... dripping down my balls...



:-} favorite kind of rainy day. You left my tap dripping. And there's nothing you can do that will turn it off now. so wet. so. fucking. wet.

i can feel my heat through my panties and my corduroy shorts. I love knowing that the soud my fingernails make as I touchmself through the corduroy makes you as hot and wet as i am. i swell with your arousal, revel in the wetness that has begun to seep thruogh my pamts. hard to type clutching myhand with my cunt through the pants so hot so hot for you need your hands on my tits sowetttt. need to cum need it.

fuck me roger.
wet wetwet all over my mound
gotta stop to cum --
whole body jerking still...
so delicious. so fierce.
panties wet from my ass to my clit. The tension of four days just popped out of my shuolders as I rolled my neck. Wow! Thanks.
>:-D So delicious. So sweet.

My mouth is parched. Such a shame I'm so far away from you (me: NYC) or I could have a nice, tall, drink of your hot spiced milk. Mmmmm....

mmm... so many delicious comments from you this week, and I'm only now beginning to catch up with them - this is just gorgeous, and so vivid - such a pleasure to watch you come like that...

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