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Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12:39 AM

Okay, my online friend has asked me to post a cyber I really like, so that clinches it - it's in my interests to keep her happy lol. This is our most recent cyber, earlier this evening. I've changed her name as usual, but it's the same girl I've been talking about a lot in here lately, who's proving to be a really good friend as well as a delightful and constantly exciting online lover. I've removed the usual personal stuff, and ended shortly after we'd finished playing, as I suspect if you do enjoy reading these, it's the really sexy stuff you're most interested in. I've tidied up the odd typo, but left them in towards the end, as I think it helps to illustrate our arousal.

Hope you enjoy, and here goes...

Jill: mmmm Hello, how was the bath?
roger: lovely thanks - just nicely out of it
Jill: wet and naked?
roger: funnily enough, yes lol
roger: hair still damp
roger: but drying quickly
Jill: mmm
roger: rest of me warm and soft, yum
roger: smelling of mandarin and sandalwood lol
Jill: sounds edible
roger: well, I'd love you to taste me and find out
roger: x
Jill: ohhh I think I would have to do that, make you lie on the bed and slowly run my tongue down your skin
Jill: yummy
roger: mmmmmmmm
roger: I'd love that
Jill: stopping to tease your nipples
roger: mm good god
Jill: darting back and forth as my nails run down your tummy
roger: *watching you
roger: laying back and enjoying
Jill: spreading your legs
roger: ohhhh
Jill: and placing myself between them, head bent biting your nipple
roger: mmmmm
Jill: mmm
roger: think I'd have to run my fingers through your amazing hair
roger: nice to see you're already really horny xxxx
Jill: I'd like that, tugging gently as I suck your nipples
Jill: ohhhh I'm extremely horny
roger: pulling on your hair a little, guiding your movements
roger: and good
roger: what a way to be greeted after a bath - god.... delightful...
Jill: mmm I can behave if you prefer
roger: no, go ahead lol
roger: please
Jill: but I am already caressing my nipple through my dress
roger: tell me how you're dressed
roger: *straddling the chair
roger: *just grabbed a pillow
Jill: I'm wearing a knee high black chiffon dress
Jill: mmm you'll need it
roger: *both hands free to type and stroke occassionally
roger: panties?
Jill: red lace bra and no knickers
roger: mmmmmmm god jill
roger: I'm back on the bed...
Jill: I have my hair tied back gently, no tights or shoes, barefoot
roger: yum
roger: wish i could see you
roger: but my imagination is working perfectly
Jill: mmmm you'd see me and want to take me hard
roger: mmmmmm
roger: let's slow down slightly or I'm gonna cum.... gonna light a ciggie...
Jill: mmmm
roger: <<< very horny today, hasn't had an orgasm yet today
Jill: me either
roger: want to get you really, really aroused
Jill: and I have been wanting one all day
roger: so that you come really hard
roger: me too
Jill: mmm
Jill: I like that idea
roger: hold on - can't find me Rizlas - brb
roger: found 'em
roger: was too turned on to see them lol
roger: right next to me on the arm of the sofa lol
roger: and yes, I'd love that
Jill: lol
roger: anyway, where were we
roger: want to talk about you lol
Jill: umm lol
roger: and what you need right now...
Jill: mmm right now I need you
roger: good
roger: that's my dirty girl
Jill: I need to feel your fingers slip between my thighs
roger: mmmmm
roger: you're such a bad girl, Jill
Jill: stroking my swelling lips
Jill: mmm I am?
roger: good at being bad lol
roger: I love it
Jill: whilst I spread my legs wider
Jill: lol good
roger: think I might have to do that right now
roger: you look like you can't wait, and i definitely can't
roger: lay back on the bed
Jill: mmm god I want to cum with you hard
roger: no need to undress
Jill: ok
roger: leaning over you
roger: cupping your face in my hand
roger: kissing you sensually
Jill: catching your gaze
Jill: mmmm kissing you back
roger: warm, passionate and needy
roger: naked next to you
roger: still damp and warm from my bath
roger: my hands sliding down your dress as we kiss
Jill: mmmm cupping your face
roger: my lips moving down to your neck
roger: kissing
roger: my tongue sliding up your neck
Jill: mmm god that would make me moan
roger: nibbling as i go
roger: biting gently
roger: teasing as my hand slides over a breast
Jill: squirming gently as you bite me
roger: cupping it through the chiffon
roger: drifting over it softy
roger: teasing you
Jill: mmm god, running my nails down your back
roger: noticing how hard your nipple has become
roger: pinching it gently between my fingers
Jill: mmm like I'm doing now
roger: still biting your neck
roger: my hand drifting over to your other breast
roger: squeezing and caressing
roger: feeling the nipple harden
Jill: moaning softly your name
roger: pinching it teasingly
Jill: ohmmm
roger: is it possible to slip my hand inside that dress...?
roger: how would I do it?
Jill: from below only
roger: then you'll have to wait
roger: kissing you on the lips again
roger: soft and slow
Jill: mmm kissing you back urgently
roger: my tongue caressing yours
Jill: biting your bottom lip, running my tongue slightly round your lips
Jill: kissing you again
roger: my lips sliding against yours
roger: gonna leave you wanting for a few minutes
roger: laying next to you
roger: looking at you lustfully
Jill: begging you to kiss me again
roger: stroking your hair
roger: not yet Jill
roger: when I say
Jill: my hands running down your back, cupping your bum
Jill: grrr
roger: relax and do what you're told
roger: lol
roger: *finally manages to light his ciggie lol
Jill: *lays quietly*
Jill: lol
roger: god I am so aroused
Jill: me too Roger
Jill: I can feel my pussy swollen, aching
roger: dropped my cig lol
roger: FIRE!!! lol
Jill: uh oh
roger: *phew lol
roger: serves me right for trying to smoke when I'm this turned on lol
Jill: cupping my breast
Jil:: yes it does
roger: nearly done though lol
Jill: squeezing
roger: ohhhhh
roger: watching you do that
roger: love you playing like that next to me
roger: fascinated by your lust and desire
Jill: mmm squeezing harder
roger: can't get enough of it
Jill: gasping
Jill: I had noticed
roger: my gaze hungry as I watch
roger: lol
Jill: sliding my bra strap down
roger: ohhhh
Jill: slipping one arm out, then the other
roger: laid on my side on the bed watching you next to me
Jill: undoing through the chiffon, taking it off
roger: my hand sliding down my belly
roger: ohhhh
roger: touching my warm, erect penis
Jill: sitting here in just the dress
Jill: mmmm god yes
roger: mmmmmmmmm
roger: did you just do that for real as well?
Jill: yes I did silly
roger: it's just I get confused when the fantasy blurs like this lol
Jill: my breasts now free from the bra, stroking my nipples through the dress, feeling them get hard again
roger: don't need you to, but love the fact that you did anyway lol
Jill: lol everything I say I'm doing, I do
roger: I know...
roger: I love that
roger: and same here
roger: kissing you again
Jill: mmmm kiss me hard
roger: hard this time
roger: great minds yum
roger: pressing you down on the bed
Jill: clenching my pussy as I caress my breasts
roger: laid half across you now
Jill: god
roger: my bare chest brushing against your breasts trhough the chiffon
roger: kissing you passionately
roger: lustfully
roger: my hand sliding down your body again
Jill: mmm
roger: leaving you to caress your own nipples
Jill: moaning softly as we kiss
roger: my hand sliding further down
Jill: *caressing my nipples*
roger: brushing over your belly
roger: down to the hem of your dress
roger: tugging it up
roger: up your bare thighs
Jill: mmm god yes
roger: watching as i do so
roger: my cock throbbing as I start to expose your delightful body
roger: pulling it up a little further
roger: tugging
Jill: watching you as you do
roger: lift up from the bed so I can slip it right up
Jill: sits up and lits arms
Jill: lifts
roger: pulling it all the way up
roger: up over your breasts
roger: all the way off
Jill: mmm
Jill: now naked, sitting, gazing at you
roger: throwing it on the floor by the bed
roger: looking at you
roger: eyes filled with lust
roger: kissing you again
roger: my body leaning over yours
Jill: wrapping my arms around you as you kiss me
roger: my chest sliding across your breasts
roger: feeling your nipples against my chest as we kiss
Jill: mmm both erect
roger: my thigh moving up over yours
roger: nudging between yours
Jill: bending my leg a little
roger: my knee parting your thighs
roger: my own thigh slipping between your legs
roger: biting your neck again
Jill: mmm whilst kissing you
roger: mmmmm
roger: pressing my thigh againt your cunt
Jill: god Roger
roger: I know...
roger: I'm feeling it too Jill
Jill: squeezing my cunt as I feel your thigh
roger: this is very very hot
Jill: <<< not touching her pussy yet and I can feel I am soaked
roger: I can feel you're wet on my thigh
roger: rub against it
roger: while i move down to kiss your breasts
Jill: lifting my hips, rubbing against your thigh
Jill: back and forth
roger: my lips kissing a breast
roger: tasing the nipple with my tongue
roger: god...
Jill: my back arching to feel your tongue harder
roger: precum lubricating my cock here
roger: very wet
Jill: mmm rubbing yourself?
roger: yes
roger: rubbing against the pillow rythmically
Jill: I'm going to have to slip my hand between my legs soon
roger: sometimes stroking with my hand
roger: fingers wet on my left hand
Jill: oh god
roger: god jill
Jill: *slipping my hand between my thighs*
Jill: spreading slightly
roger: god i need to think about fucking you
roger: want to be inside you
roger: sliding between your legs
Jill: rubbing my fingers back and forth along my lips, god I'm soaking Roger
roger: looking down at you on the bed
roger: god jill.....
Jill: hitching my dress up further
roger: mmmmmmmm
Jill: abov e my bottom
roger: keep it up around your waist
roger: would love to see that
roger: god
Jill: mmm
Jill: I can see my pussy glistening
roger: Jill masturbating with her skirt up aroud her waist....
Jill: knees bent slightly, legs up on the other chair
roger: <<< can barely think for lust lol
Jill: spread
Jill: mmmm god yes
roger: ohhhhh
Jill: I can feel my wetness trickling
roger: mmmmmm
roger: back on the bed...
roger: my body between your open thighs
roger: my cock very very erect
roger: rubbing against your cunt
roger: the head of my cock rubbing against your clit
Jill: mmm begging you to fuck me Roger
roger: getting my penis very wet
roger: looking down at you
Jill: sliding against my wet cunt
roger: sweat dripping from my forehead
Jill: gazing at you, waiting on your every touch
roger: putting your legs over my shoulders
roger: my cock sliding between the lips of your wet cunt
Jill: mmm lifts legs
roger: slipping it a little way down
roger: the head of my cock nudging between the lips
Jill: hips rising trying to make your cock slide into my wetness
roger: I'm going to fuck you Jill
roger: taking your wrists
roger: holding them down on the bed
roger: hard
Jill: caressing now my swollen clit, god Roger
roger: rubbing against you a moment or two more
Jill: mmmm
roger: then sliding my dripping wet cock all the way inside you
roger: fuckkkkkkkk
roger: unnnh god jill
Jill: ohhh god yes, maoning your name loudly
roger: all the way in
Jill: hips rising, back arched
roger: my cock throbbing hard at the first entry
Jill: clenching you as you fill my tight cunt
roger: sliding so hard deep into your cunt
roger: so hot and wet in yuor cunt
roger: feels so good
roger: god
Jill: nails diggin into you
Jill: fuck me
roger: starting to fuck you
roger: thrusting deep and hard and slow
roger: my cock so big and hard inside you
Jill: mmm god, begging you to fuck me deep, hard
roger: filling you
roger: wanting to feel you wet aroiund my cock
roger: thrusting harder now
Jill: my juices dripping with every thrust
Jill: around your cock
Jill: my pussy squeezing tight
roger: wet sounds coming with each deep thrust
roger: fucking you harder now
roger: looking at you
roger: gaze filled with lust and desire
Jill: moaning loudly, gasping as I keep your gaze
roger: god...
roger: needing you to cum first
Jill: fuck me hard with short thrusts
Jill: just keep fucking me hard
roger: pushing deeper
roger: god, my cock really wet here
Jill: hips rising in rhythm fucking together
roger: think I'm gonna cum a lot....
Jill: I am soaked Roger, it's dripping down my fingers
roger: body rubbing agaist yours
roger: slapping against your belly
roger: wanting you to cum
Jill: mmm gasping with every thrust
roger: and after you cum
roger: gonna pull out and spurt my cum over your belly
Jill: mmmm
roger: up to your breasts
Jill: mmmm so I can caress it into my skin, taste you
roger: moaning with each thrust
roger: fucking you
roger: and fucjking you
roger: pounding against you now
roger: hard and fast
roger: urgent
Jill: sliding three fingers deep into my cunt now
Jill: fuck me roger
roger: my cock swelling
roger: so hot inside you
roger: needing you
roger: thrusting
roger: harder and harder
roger: oh god jill
roger: so close now
roger: holding back
Jill: *tasting my wetness*
Jill: god me too
roger: oh god
roger: lick it off your fingers
roger: fuck
Jill: I am, sucking softly
roger: ohhhh
roger: jill i need to cum
Jill: mmmm cum with me Roger
roger: don't think i can hold on much longer
Jill: slips hands back down
Jill: and fingers herself hard
Jill: thrusting
roger: yes
roger: fucking you
roger: cock pulsing inside you
Jill: mmm smell of sex
roger: groaning urgently
roger: yes
Jill: ohhhhhmy
roger: taking a breast in my mouth
roger: sucking
roger: biting your nipple
roger: hard
roger: my cock swelling
roger: about to come
roger: ohh fuck jill
Jill: ohgod cum with me now
roger: god im gonna cumm
roger: yessss
roger: cuminnnnnfwe
Jill: uhhhhhh
roger: ffukckkkkkkkk
roger: oh god now
roger: ohh ogd
roger: *gasping
roger: cant type... god...
Jill: god my heart is beating so damn hard mmmmjesus roger
roger: *phew....
roger: nearly blew my head off with that one....
Jill: <<< caressing again
Jill: mmmm
roger: so much spunk jill....
roger: still dripping right now...
Jill: god I want to taste that
roger: rubbing it into my cock
roger: taste it
Jill: <<< close to cumming again
roger: sliding my fingers through the cum
roger: my fingertips dripping with warm spunk
roger: smearing them over your lips
roger: into your mouth
Jill: ohhhgodddd
roger: my cum dripping down your tngue
roger: straddling you
roger: stroking my cock
roger: more cum dribbling from the head of my erection
Jill: cumminggg
roger: pouring over your face
roger: splashing over your cheek
Jill: uhhhhhhh
roger: warm and thick
roger: my fingers smearing it over your lips
roger: god
roger: mmmmm
roger: kissing you
Jill: *voice trembling*
Jill: kissing you back, slowly
roger: tasting my spunk in your mouth
Jill: ohh god that was intense
roger: my tongue caressing yours
roger: *hugging you*
roger: if you don't mind me saying so
roger: you are fucking amazing jill
Jill: lol Roger you make me like this
roger: lol
roger: I'm frankly speechless lol
roger: *and covered in cum lol
Jill: <<< trying calm herself down
Jill: mmm god me too, I'm soaked
roger: yes - a bit of down time since you have to go soon
roger: want you again, but you have work to do
roger: so it'll have to be cuddling instead
roger: *kiss*
Jill: *slow, lazy kisses*


Well, not exactly sure how i came across ur blog but I have really enjoyed my stay, I will be back again.

damnit. i want to be in between you two. or just invisible and allowed to watch, silent as heat. you are right, roger, luv: jill is a heartbreaker at cyber. honest, caring, but whip-fast and diamond-sharp at language and keyboarding. that vision she painted of herself and of you two together: my hardest climax this blog. no wonder your forehead was sweating so early on :-)~ I want a bucket of your combined sweat to use as an aphrodisiac...

i just read two of your cybersex posts. if you don't mind me asking: is it right that you stop having cybersex after you had the session(s) of your life, because it'll never be the same/better/satisfying with others?


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