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Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12:32 AM

A change of template (I have no idea how to do my own, and the choice here is very small – hope they create some more soon), and here’s a new cybersex log too, since I haven’t posted one for a while (and since there hasn’t been any lovely dirty sex in my entries for a couple of days – it’ll be back to the Katie reminiscence in the next entry, should you be following it). This is from just a couple of nights ago, with a rather fantastic new friend I’ve begun to play with – she’s very very good at this, and delightful to talk and flirt with too, so hopefully there’ll be lots more. Hope you enjoy this one.

As usual, the names are changed and a few occassional lines removed to protect the innocent, and the chat begins with a flurry of emails we were exchanging. We’d already been flirting for a while by this stage, but I’ll try to just leave enough in to set the scene. Otherwise the text is unedited, so please excuse the deteriorating spelling as we get really turned on…

Roger: I'm definitely in a really horny mood this evening - I'm sat at the computer after a long, lazy bath, currently dressed in loose red t-shirt and tight black lycra boxers, though both will be coming off as the evening progresses, I'm sure... hope you're able to stick around for a while...

Jill: mmmm nice visual there...I have to go for an hour or so but then I shall be free, no doubt I shall send you a flirting email and maybe then we can do something about our "mood"...the bath sounds like it was wonderfully arousing and I must shower before I come back...climaxing with the water head on my wet pussy as I lather mmm...

Roger: I'll look forward to it, and I'll definitely be around - talk to you later

Jill (returning, a little later): lol it's terrible having a life...did you have a pleasant evening, kept yourself warm?

Roger: I was just starting to get hard and rub astride the chair as I typed - and then you arrived - you can clearly tell when I'm being dirty lol

Jill: it's a gift I have mmm naked?

Roger: again, I'd literally just removed my pants five minutes before your email arrived - so yes, naked and visibly aroused - and you...?

Jill: not completely naked...I have a long tshirt on that sits just at the top of my thighs...

Roger: mmm... just handy to slip your hands between your thighs...

Jill: legs spread slightly and my hand going up under my tshirt cupping my breast...feeling my nipple harden to my cold touch

Roger: mmmmm... I love the thought of you touching yourself... I'm very hard now, stroking my cock between emails, rubbing in a gentle rhythm whilst typing (as I am now...)

Jill: squeezing my breast, thumb and finger pinching my erect nipple...running my fingertips around mmm starting to feel moist between my legs where no panties are...imagining you rubbing your cock for me

Roger: imagine me right there next to you... stroking my hard cock, just as i am now, watching you caressing your breasts, my eyes looking lustfully into yours, wanting you...

Jill: running my fingers down over my tummy, back up to my mouth where I suck each finger slowly...before sliding my hand between my thighs

Roger: mmmm... watching you laid back in your armchair... knelt at your feet... stroking myself slowly, resisting touching you... wanting to see your fingers slip between your open thighs

Jill: would it be easier for you taking this to ims? As you kneel at my feet, caressing your cock, my fingers slide back and forth on my outer lips slowly feeling the juices flowing, the glistening making you aroused more...knowing you want to touch me

Roger: yes definitely... ims - you start and I'll pick it up...

Jill: mmm hello sexy man who has his hard cock between his hands thinking on a strange woman miles away who caresses her moist pussy
roger: hi sexy girl... this is much better - hope it's possible to save this...
Jill: should be
roger: I've just checked - I may want to read it again later...
roger: and yes it is
roger: this is much nicer
roger: my fingertips are caressing the throbbing mound of clit thinking about you there rubbing
roger: mmm
Jill: yes it's easier
roger: mmm... very much thinking about you rubbing
roger: tell me how wet you are, Jill
Jill: not too wet just yet, my juices starting to flow slowly as my clit swells
roger: good - no rush just yet
Jill: though give it time and the wetness will be dripping down my fingers
roger: I want to keep you aroused like this for a while
roger: mmmm
Jill: mmm wanting to tease me
roger: indeed - did you have time for your shower...?
Jill: oh yes
Jill: later than I wanted
roger: and did you play in there too?
Jill: I did....there's something about shower gel being rubbed over my body that just made me slip my hands and cum quickly
roger: one of your regular passions...?
Jill: now and again
roger: mmmmm
Jill: the feeling of water making me slippery the pressure of the water head mmm
roger: mmmmm
roger: I'v tried masturbating in the shower and in the bath, but it doesn't really work for me
Jill: really, and with someone else?
roger: with someone else it's really good - especially in the shower
roger: where I can pin her against the wall
Jill: ahh there's hope yet lol
Jill: facing you or facing away?
roger: the water splashing down our bodies
roger: both
Jill: mmmm
Jill: I can imagine you pinning me from behind
roger: I'd probably want to come while you were facing me, but firstI'd be behind yoiu
roger: my hands around your body
roger: spreading soap over and around your breasts
Jill: spreading my legs with a swift movement, my breasts squashed against the cold tiled wall
Jill: mmmm
roger: my hard cock sliding up between your buttocks
roger: caressing your nippes with my soapy hands
roger: nipples
Jill: teasing me with your head mmm
roger: biting the back of your neck
Jill: oh god yes I love to be bitten
roger: sliding hard against you from behind
Jill: pushing back into you wanting to feel your hardness against me
roger: nibbling down you neck
roger: my hands sliding down your body
roger: the water pouring down our bodies
Jill: mmm
roger: one of my hands sliding down your back
Jill: only one disadvantage from here
roger: over your bum
roger: disadvantage...?
Jill: I can't caress you
Jill: except the top of your outside thighs
roger: then I'l slip my erection between your thighs
Jill: mmmm closing my legs shut
roger: mmmmmm
roger: reach down
roger: stroke the tip of my cock
Jill: feeling your cock on the outside of my pussy
roger: mmmmmm
Jill: sliding my hand between my legs to tease the tip of your cock
Jill: nails stroking softly
roger: ohhh god.... my hand sliding down your tummy
roger: down over your soft pubes
roger: sliding further down
Jill: put your hand over mine
roger: biting your neck again as my fingers find your clit
roger: moving further down
roger: covering your hand with mine
Jill: mmmm spreading my legs a little wider
roger: guiding your hand on my cock
roger: stroking your clit again, gently round and round
Jill: mmm god wanting to turn round so I can take you fully
roger: caressing you
Jill: in the palm of my hand
roger: moving away for a moment to allow you to turn and face me
Jill: gazing into your eyes
roger: looking back - kissing you
Jill: before taking your cock between my palm and slowly stroking you back and forth
Jill: kising you slowly
roger: mmmmmm...
roger: my tongue slipping into your mouth
roger: caressing your lips with my own
Jill: sucking your bottom lip gently before kissing you deep
roger: sliding my hands down your back
roger: pulling you closer
Jill: mmm
Jill: god
roger: my fingers running through your hair
Jill: my pussy getting wetter as I caress slowly
roger: tugging on it
Jill: pull my hair for me
Jill: mmmm
roger: pushing you back against the wall
roger: kissing you harder
roger: more urgently
Jill: arms going round your neck, needing to feel dizzy with this kiss
roger: my cock now hard against your belly
Jill: feeling your cock against me
roger: mmm great minds lol
Jill: mmm lol helps
roger: our bodies slipping and sliding togerher
Jill: two fingers circling the hed of your throbbing cock
Jill: head*
roger: my own hands caressing your wet breasts
roger: spelling lol
Jill: mmmm pinch my nipples
roger: pinching them
Jill: yeah spelling is gone
roger: moving down a little
roger: my mouth kissing down to your breasts
Jill: my nails running down your chest
Jill: mmm god
roger: taking a nipple into my mouth
roger: sucking and teasing
Jill: lifting a breast up so as you suck my nipple I can caress
roger: lapping at your erect nipple
roger: biting gently
Jill: squeezing, pushing it into your mouth
Jill: oh god yes
roger: my hand moving down your body
roger: over your belly
roger: between your thighs
roger: finding your clit
roger: stroking, circling as i suck your nipple
Jill: swelling as your reach it
roger: rubbing harder now
Jill: planting kisses along your neck
roger: feeling your moist wetness
roger: wanting to be inside you
Jill: mmmm god I want that now
Jill: but before you go inside me
roger: hmmm...?
Jill: I slip to my knees
roger: mmmmmmm
Jill: run my tongue along your shaft, long, slow movements
roger: watchin you
roger: ohhh god......
Jill: whilst cupping your balls and squeezing softly
roger: my erect penis throbbing
Jill: gazing up into your eyes as my tongue circles your head
roger: ohhh fuck yes....
Jill: going back down the shaft, fingers working at the same time
roger: sliding my fingers through your hair
roger: pulling it back so i can watch
Jill: taking your ball between my lips
roger: god yes jill
Jill: sucking gently as my other hands cups
Jill: running my tongue all the way
Jill: mmmm
roger: feels so good... I need to fuck you so much...
roger: my cock pulsating in your mouth
Jill: as I suck your balls my fingers wander round towards your arse
roger: ohhhhhhh
Jill: pulling you closer to me
roger: my fingers caressing your neck
roger: sliding my cock in and out of your mouth gently
Jill: before taking your cock into the warmth of my mouth, humming so that the vibrations tease you
roger: god jill......
roger: so good...
roger: need to fuck you soon or you'll make me come...
Jill: sliding you back and forth sucking hard, one hand stroking your shaft
roger: god....
Jill: mmmm I am now very wet Roger
roger: mmmm
roger: I'm very, very hard
Jill: mmm stroke yourself for me
roger: stroking now.... ohhh fuck... feels good ...
Jill: think of my long fingers there doig the same thing
roger: mmmmmm...
roger: can't take much more or I'll come in your mouth...
Jill: hand coming up and over your head
Jill: mmmm better fuck me then
roger: mmmmmm
roger: pulling you up
roger: turning you round first
Jill: coming up gazing into your eyes
Jill: mmm
roger: bending you over a little
Jill: oh yes
roger: my hands cuppiung your breasts
Jill: my hands flat against the wall
roger: my cock sliding between your legs from behind
roger: the tip of my cock nudging against your cunt
Jill: spread my legs swiftly, show me how you want me
roger: spreading your legs... pushing you forward
roger: until you're bent submissively in front of me
Jill: mmmm god I love to be shown who's in charge
roger: my cock slipping and sliding against the entrance to your cunt...
roger: mmmmmmm
roger: pushing gently
Jill: mmm begging you to enter me
roger: beginning to slip inside you
roger: puishing all the way inside you
roger: until I'm filling you
Jill: clenching your cock sliding in mmmm
Jill: feeling you fill me
roger: thrusting deep into your cunt
roger: feeling you squeezing around my cock
roger: gasping with pleasure
Jill: mmmm I'm moaning
roger: now starting to thrust in and out
roger: slowly at first
roger: feeling your wetness dripping down my cock
Jill: mmm squeezing you, not wanting you to leave
roger: loving the feeling
roger: grabbing your hair
roger: tugging you back
Jill: my juices run down your cock, over your balls
roger: biting your neck
Jill: my hands come down to caress my clit as you bite me
roger: thusting deeper and harder
roger: fucking you deliciously
Jill: circling with two fingers god that feels good
roger: mybelly slapping wetly against your bum
Jill: stroke yourself hard for me Roger
Jill: mmm hearing your balls slap against my arse as you fuck me hard
roger: I am jill... don't stop stroking yourself...
roger: need to come very soon... want you to face me...
Jill: mmm wanting to slide my fingers in
roger:put your fingers inside...
Jill: turns and faces you
roger: imagine it's my cock filling you
Jill: mmmm good god
Jill: spreading my lips
roger: pushing you against the wall of the shower
roger: water still pouring down our naked bodies
Jill: slowly sliding my fingers in feeling my wetnees god
roger: kissing you passionately
Jill: mmmm
roger: god... keep telling me what you're doing... I love that...
roger: I'm so hard now
roger: rubbing hard against the pillow
Jill: mmmm good you need to start rubbing harder
roger: my cock now hard against your belly again
Jill: as my fingers slide back and forth in my pussy my hips rise to meet them
roger: moving down
Jill: mmm
roger: finding your cunt
roger: thrusting in deep and hard
roger: fucking you now
roger: youre breasts wet and prsssed against my chest
Jill: kissing you deep and slowly as you fuck me
Jill: my erect nipples against your chest
Jill: mmmm
roger: our bodies so wet as they dslip and slide together
Jill: squeezing your cock tight
roger: fucking you hard now
Jill: nails running down your back
roger: you can feel my penis throbbing
Jill: pulling you into me
roger: pulsating in your cunt
roger: you an tell I'm going to come
Jill: mmmm listen to me moaning
roger: thrusting deeper
roger: wanting you to come first
Jill: wanting to feel you cum inside me
roger: kissing you more passionately
Jill: your juices running down my thighs
roger: my cock pulsating hard now
roger: my cum starting to build
Jill: mmm fuck me with short hard thrusts
roger: fucking you and fucking you
roger: hard and fast
Jill: ohhh god
roger: so close
Jill: my body now trembling
Jill: moaning your name
roger: god jill i'm gonna come very soon
roger: ohh fuck
Jill: ready to explode over your cock
roger: ohhh gid yes
roger: god
Jill: mmmm come with me
roger: are you nearly there?
Jill: oh god yes
roger: okay...
Jill: waiting for you to cum with me, wanting to feel your juices
roger: you can feel my cock pulsating urgently
Jill: as I tug your hair whilst we fuck harder
roger: I groan with pleasure
roger: fucking deep and hard
Jill: mmm
roger: I cry out your name
Jill: begging you to make us cum
roger: ohhh god im gonna come.......
roger: ohhh fuckk jill.....
Jill: ohhh yes baby come with me
roger: ohhh god here i go......
Jill: ahhhhmmm
roger: im cominggggfdsz
Jill: mmme
roger: ohhhhh fckkkkkl
Jill: ohyessss
roger: ohhh god......
Jill: omg
Jill: that took my breathe away mmm
roger: god it's all over the pillow...........
roger: wow.........
Jill: slides hand from legs an tastes mmmm
roger: mmmmmmmmmmmm
roger: Id love to taste you right now.......
Jill: mmm tastes so good
roger: mmmmmmmmmm
Jill: god my pussy is aching for you
roger: I want you so much jill..... god....
Jill: *trembling*
Jill: mmmm
roger: i'm still thobbin here.... cum all down my cock...
Jill: mmmm I want to taste that cum
roger: mmm... wish you could....
Jill: tongue running down your shaft as I lap it up
roger: mmmmmmmmmmm
roger: cheekily rubbing it over your face, smearing the cum...
Jill: tongue seeking it mmmm
roger: think i'll return the favour...
roger: sliding down between your thighs
roger: my tongue lapping at your wetness
Jill: I'd love for you to taste me then kiss me
roger: drinking your juices
roger: smearing them over my lips
Jill: mmmm
roger: moving up to kiss you
Jill: god I am going to cum again if you do that
roger: your wetness on my lips and tongue
Jill: knees buckling as I feel you
roger: sliding my tongue into your mouth
roger: tasting my own cum
Jill: mmmm mixing the two
roger: my fingers finding more of your juices
roger: lifting them up to my lips
Jill: mmmm caressing myself again
roger: spreading them over my mouth
Jill: feeling the heat of want
roger: smearing my lip and chim with your juices
roger: chin
roger: kissing you sensually
Jill: god Roger
roger: my fingers caressing your clit
Jill: wanting to feel your fingers deep
roger: stroking harder
roger: pushing them in deep
Jill: mmm squeezing you
roger: our lips slipping and sliding
roger: wet with your juices
roger: the taste of you all over my mouth
roger: my tongue
Jill: mmmm
roger: pushing my fingers in deeper
Jill: Roger I want to cum again
Jill: circling my clit faster
Jill: harder
roger: cum jill... want you to cum so much
roger: your wetness flooding down my thrusting fingers
Jill: breathing getting rapid
roger: pulling hem out for a moment
roger: pushing them into your mouth
Jill: sucking your fingers
roger: your juices pouring from my fingers
Jill: mmmm all the way down
roger: kissing you urgently
roger: my fingers thrusting in deep again
roger: my thumb circling your clit
roger: feeling youre body tremble
Jill: oh fuck
roger: rubbing harder
roger: kissing your neck
Jill: mmm stroke yourself
roger: I'm masturbating right now
roger: but ~i want you to come first
Jill: oh yes cupping your balls
Jill: mmmm
roger: pushing my fingers deep into your cunt
roger: your thighs open
Jill: i'm going to cum soon
roger: don't stop jill
roger: I want you to come
roger: I want you to come so much
Jill: caressing harder mmmmm juices running down my fingers
roger: I'm masturbating thinking about you
roger: wanting to be there
roger: watching you
roger: stroking my cock
roger: right next to you
roger: waiting for you to come
Jill: clenching my fingers as they slide against my wet lips
Jill: mmmm
roger: so that I can come too
Jill: god any moment now
roger: spurting all my cum all over your belly
roger: spurting over your breasts
Jill: ohhh yes
Jill: ohhh comingggg
roger: my hot cum splashing onto you as I com frantically
roger: god jill yessssss
Jill: ohhhfuckkkk
roger: ohhh god yes come
roger: god......
Jill: mmmmmmm
roger: jill you're incredible.....
Jill: cumming againnn
roger: yes baby.....
roger: ohhh god this is gonna make me come.....
Jill: ohhhhhgodddddd
roger: gonna come all over you...
roger: ohhh god icant hold it back
roger: god jill im comingggg
Jill: cummmm
roger: unnnnnnnnnnnnnndfv
roger: ohhh god.....
Jill: kisses you softly mmm god
roger: god jill my head nearly exploded with that oine lol
roger: kissing you back
Jill: lol can't see properly here it was that intense
roger: can't stop throbbing........
roger: mmmmmmmmm
roger: giz a big warm hug
Jill: I love multiple orgasms mmm
roger: and i love making you come.....
Jill: *wraps arms around you, lays my head on your hest and hugs you*
roger: my hest? lol
Jill: oops
Jill: told you couldn't see lol
Jill: chest
roger: holding you close
roger: kissing you tenderly
Jill: mmm
roger: think i need to roll a ciggie...
Jill: nice kisses
Jill: ok
roger: bear with me...
roger: I can talk and roll, just a bit slower...
Jill: lol
Jill: slow is good right now

(followed by more flirting as we relax…)


frozendesire, February 22nd, 2004

what about katie?!?!
*jumps up and down*
i want that story! :)
t, February 22nd, 2004

lol - I'm in a holding pattern due to lack of time today for lustful typing. Next, I promise!
dirtyboy, February 22nd, 2004

Gosh nearly a year already xxx
beautifullychaotic, February 06th, 2005

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