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Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12:11 AM

I don't want to be a champion for the virtues of cybersex - as I mentioned in my previous post, it takes time and patience to find someone you can freely enjoy yourself with, and it can be very explicit and intimate, which takes time to get used to. And of course, typing whilst masturbating (and especially whilst coming) is never easy! So my next post is going to be something a little more regular. Since the last one went down well though, here's another i have saved, with the same net friend.

I'm not convinced either of us are particularly good at cybering, and we do prefer to be just silly and dirty when we play, but that humour helps, I find. I think roleplay tends to generate much better cybersex than this (and more creative too), but if you like your cybering very dirty and occassionally funny, then you may enjoy this...

As usual, we'd been chatting for a couple of hours before we began to play...

tracy: you seem to have gone quiet – what are you up to there…? wink.gif
roger: dirty girl lol – I was just getting comfy…
tracy: well keep up, because I’m undoing the buttons
roger: mmm… mine or yours?
tracy: yours, silly – I’m undoing your shirt buttons…
roger: oh good... keep going then
tracy: moving down your neck, kissing and nibbling as I move down your body
roger: mmmmmmm... undoing your blouse as you kiss...
tracy: running my hands over your chest… kissing as I move down…
roger: mmmmm – opening the last of your buttons - slipping your blouse off your shoulders
tracy: ooooo
roger: kissing your neck, biting playfully, my fingers sliding over one of your breasts
tracy: my kisses move down your body
roger: mmmmmmmmm
tracy: opening your jeans
roger: oh god.... sliding my hands round your back - unclipping your bra
tracy: unzipping them… reaching my hand down… feeling you…
roger: stroke my cock...
tracy: rubbing my hand up and down over your boxers
tracy: using my other hand to try and get your jeans down
roger: slipping your bra off... caressing both your breasts
tracy: mmmmmmm
roger: stepping out of my jeans
roger: tugging down my boxers too...
tracy: mmm… rubbing your cock
tracy: stroking it softly
roger: mmmmmmmm.... leaning down to suck a nipple
roger: my hand sliding down between your legs
tracy: lying you on the bed
roger: laying on my back
tracy: coming from the bottom of the bed and kissing your legs… all the way up till I reach your cock
roger: mmmmm... watching you... suck me
tracy: kissing and licking your balls
roger: ohhhhhhhhh
roger: penis throbbing
tracy: still stroking your cock
roger: mmmmmm
tracy: i kiss higher… kissing all your cock…
roger: opening my legs a little
roger: feeling my erection throbbing gorgeously
roger: wanting and wanting
tracy: using my hand to get you going… at the same time flicking my tongue over the tip
roger: ohhh god.... feeling your tongue sliding over my cock
roger: sitting up
roger: stroking your hair
tracy: taking the tip of your cock in my mouth… not all of it… wanting to tease your throbbing penis
tracy: just sucking the end
roger: ohhh fuck... my cock throbbing in your mouth.....
roger: reaching under you to stroke your breasts as you suck
tracy: tasting your precum juices in my mouth
tracy: mmmmm
roger: squeezing your nipples
tracy: oooooooo
tracy: taking all your cock in my mouth with delight
roger: sliding my cock into your mouth
roger: groaning
roger: feels so good
tracy: sucking hard and fast… I want to make you sweat
roger: god tracy - masturbating gorgeously here - are you?
tracy: yess babyyyy… verry wet here… you feeling good?
roger: I'm very very hard
tracy: ummmm
tracy: my mouth moving up and down on your cock
roger: unnhh... gonna come if you keep going like this - want to fuck you - from behind
tracy: you’ll have to wait lol
roger: lol
tracy: taking your penis out of my mouth… hand still working
roger: sliding my cock in and out of your mouth
roger: whoops lol
tracy: lol
roger: god.... so turned on
tracy: moving up your body… getting astride your face
tracy: with a little breathing room of course lol
roger: reaching up to slide my hands around your bum - pulling you down
roger: tongue sliding up to your clit
roger: lapping at it
roger: tasting yuor juices
roger: slipping my tongue into your cunt
tracy: ohhh roger
tracy: my breathing deepens… gasping with delight
roger: your wetness dripping onto my face
roger: tongue sliding between lips of your cunt
roger: back to your clit
roger: sliding round and round
tracy: mmmmmm… playing with my nipples as you lick
roger: engulfing your clit with my mouth
roger: sucking
roger: tongue moving up to your arse
roger: lapping gently
roger: licking back down to your cunt
tracy: lifting my body a bit higher so you can see both…
tracy: ooooo
roger: sliding finger up to your cunt... dipping it into your wetness
tracy: unnnnnnhhhhh
roger: tongue lapping at your clit again
tracy: ohhh god roger
tracy: yesssssss
tracy: moving off you
tracy: and i lie on my back
roger: mmm… sliding on top of you
roger: astride you
roger: my cock over your face
roger: hard and erect
tracy: opening my mouth
tracy: taking in your hard cock
roger: mmmmmmmmm
roger: sliding into your mouth
roger: my hands reaching back to stroke your nipples
roger: fucking your mouth in a slow rhythm
roger: looking down at you
roger: wanting to spurt over your face
roger: resisting
tracy: taking you out of my mouth
tracy: wanting to feel your hardness in my throbbing pussy
roger: sliding back down your body
roger: between your thighs
roger: feeling them against my body
tracy: ohhhhh
roger: getting into position
roger: my hard cock erect against your cunt
roger: rubbing against your clit
roger: watching you
tracy: making a lot of noise… too much noise… loving it… wanting you inside me
roger: sliding against your cunt - getting my cock wet - not entering you yet
roger: hands stroking your thighs
roger: rubbing against you
tracy: moving my body higher… trying to make you enter
tracy: needing you… wanting you
roger: moving dowbn a little - tip of my cock now nudging between your cunt lips
roger: pushing...
roger: sliding in deep
roger: all the way
tracy: ohhh fuckkk… yess roger
roger: a long, deep thrust
roger: deep inside you
roger: feeling your wetness flooding around my cock
tracy: grabbing your ass cheeks
tracy: pulling you closer
tracy: pushing my body closer to you
roger: thrusting in deeper
roger: leaning over you to suck your nipples
tracy: ohhhhhhh
roger: tongue sliding over and around them
roger: starting to fuck you
roger: in and out... in and out... in and out
tracy: ahhhhh god
roger: our bodies slapping together
tracy: moving with you
tracy: screaming with pleasure
roger: lifting up your thighs
roger: putting your legs over my shoulder
roger: pushing in hard and deep
roger: fucking you hard now
tracy: playing with my clit at same time
tracy: ohhhhhh
tracy: god rog
roger: leaning down to kiss you
roger: passionately
tracy: kissing you back
tracy: hard and fast
roger: god... wanting you to come now... wanting to see you come
roger: thrusting deep and hard
roger: fucking you and fucking you and fucking you
tracy: yess baby
tracy: ohhh god this is good…
roger: god... get on top...
tracy: get on your back
roger: rolling over onto my back - pulling you with me
tracy: wheeeeee
tracy: lol
roger: lol
roger: my cock slips out
tracy: putting your cock back into my throbbing wetness
roger: god.... reaching up to stroke your breasts
tracy: and I sit full down on your hardness
roger: unnhhhh....
roger: fuck me
tracy: just sliding my body back and forth
roger: pulling you down over me
roger: biting your neck
tracy: ooooohh god
roger: hands on your bum
roger: pulling you down
tracy: I start fucking you
roger: biting harder - fingers squeezing your nipples harder
tracy: god this is good… I cant take much morre roger
roger: me neither...
tracy: moving up and down your hard cock
roger: fingers finding your arse
tracy: ohhhhh
roger: pusjhing one in
roger: god tracy - so close to coming... trying to hold back...
roger: biting on your neck again
roger: thrusting up into your cunt
roger: feeling it sucking on my cock
roger: feeling my cum wanting to spurt inside you
tracy: fuck rog
tracy: cant hold it backk
tracy: ammm comiinnnnggg
roger: come baby
tracy: unnhhhhkj
roger: ohhhh god tracy
tracy: fucckkj
roger: feeling your come gushing over my cock
roger: hanging onto to you
roger: your body shudddering gorgeously on my erection
tracy: god… body shaking and quivering…
roger: god..... I love it when you come tracy....
tracy: starting to move once more
tracy: kissing you at the same time
roger: kissing you back - it's okay, have a breather if you need one...
tracy: lol – phew!
roger: mop yourself up lol
tracy: brb - need to wash down, I’m absolutely soaked…
roger: yum
roger: I love getting you like that
roger: I shall wait patiently...
tracy: I’m back
roger: hiya - Hope the chair isn't too wet.
tracy: soaked lol
tracy: have swopped with hub’s chair lol
roger: terrible girl lol

(a few minutes of flirtatious chat here – then we start getting horny again…)

roger: you up for more, or need to crash?
tracy: nope, am definitely up 4 it babe
roger: good - it's still early (for us lol)
tracy: anyway, I wanna shag your brians out
roger: Brians? lol - who’s he?
tracy: brains! brains! damn lol
roger: lol - good - how shall we do it? What do you fancy? You choose
roger: I've got an orgasm I need here lol
tracy: doggy J
roger: Doggy you say?
tracy: yep
tracy: moving onto my hands and knees
roger: mmmmm....
roger: getting up and moving behind you
roger: stroking my cock to get it hard again
roger: that's it...
roger: you have a fantastic arse, tracy
roger: *spank*
tracy: ummmmmmmm
roger: and you're a very dirty girl
roger: think I need to teach you a lesson
roger: *spanking again, a bit harder*
tracy: ow - really sorry master
tracy: will be a good girl i promise
roger: I should think so.
roger: reach between your legs - stroke my cock
tracy: reaching between my legs… finding your cock
tracy: rubbing my hand up and down it
tracy: getting a loose grip on it
roger: Not like that! Do it properly or I'll spank you again
tracy: yes master
tracy: *bows head*
roger: And call me "Sir"
tracy: yes sir
tracy: sorry sir
roger: That's better.
roger: Now stroke my cock
tracy: stroking your coke
tracy: cock
tracy: lol
roger: lol
roger: I'll put the drink down
tracy: rofl
roger: *spanking you for laughing
tracy: lol
roger: oh, you're a rubbish sub - too cheeky lol
tracy: i know - find it very difficult to be controlled me
roger: It'd only work if i was *actually* spanking you, and even then you'd probably just grab me and take control lol
roger: Which I like
tracy: true true
roger: Anyway, enough of this - where would you like this hard-on to go...?
tracy: you choose… only time it will get offered lol
tracy: going once…
roger: Well, I quite fancy both lol
tracy: going twice…
tracy: well start with pussy first, so you dont have to wash half way through lol
roger: lol - I've been up yer bum before anyway - was very nice, but I'm in the mood to slip inside you properly...
tracy: how do you want me roger… still like this…?
roger: yes, definitely... stay on your hands and knees...
roger: moving behind you
roger: sliding my hands up your back
roger: stroking gently
roger: up to your shoulders
roger: sliding back down
roger: then around and underneath to cup your breasts
tracy: ummmmm
roger: stroking them gently
roger: feeling your nipples harden
roger: leaning over
roger: kissing up your back
tracy: moving my hand to your penis and stroking it
roger: mmmmm....
roger: kissingup to your neck
tracy: rubbing it against my clit
roger: ohhh.... brushing your hair aside
roger: kissing your neck
tracy: rubbing my still flowing wetness on your erection
tracy: mmmmmmm
roger: pressing my cock against your clit
roger: sliding my hand between your legs
roger: finding your clit
roger: stroking it
roger: round and round
tracy: mmmm…. feels good
roger: my fingers sliding to your cunt
roger: opening it gently
roger: slipping my fingers inside
tracy: ohhhhh
roger: then back out
roger: spreading your wetness around my erection
tracy: moving your cock towards my pussy
roger: slipping tip of my cock into your cunt
roger: getting it wet
tracy: godddd
roger: slowly pushing inside
roger: so wet....
roger: ohhhh.....
tracy: unnhhhhhhhh
tracy: your cock so tight inside me
tracy: mmmmmm
roger: god... sliding all the way in
roger: my hands back at your breasts
roger: squeezing
roger: caressing
tracy: ohhh… moving myself back and forth
tracy: wanting you full and deep
roger: you can feel my cock hot and hard inside you now
roger: throbbing inside you
roger: filling you up
roger: my belly pressed against your bum
tracy: fuck me hard roger
roger: bend down a little further
tracy: bending down a bit
roger: thrusting now hard and deep
tracy: ooh god yess
tracy: grab my hair
roger: grabbing your hair
roger: pulling your head back
roger: hard
roger: fucking you deep
tracy: fuckkk yes roger
roger: my other hand at your tits
tracy: fuck me faster
roger: squeezing your nipples harder
roger: fucking you hard and rough
tracy: want to feel your balls bang off my ass
roger: god... feels so good
roger: pulling on your hair
tracy: god roger
roger: tell me you want it, bad girl
tracy: screaming out your name
tracy: fuck me roger
tracy: fuck me hard
roger: ohhhh fucckkk tracy...
tracy: faster roger
tracy: harder
roger: god tracy - cant take much more
roger: holding you down now
roger: ramming hard into your cunt
tracy: ohhhhh fuckkkk yes
tracy: god im gonna come…
roger: gonna spurt deep inside you..... ohhhh fuck....
tracy: grabbing the bed sheets… shoutin your name
tracy: roger baby come… please come
roger: god... you're makingg me cum... can't hold it back
tracy: fuck roger pleaseee come
roger: ohhh fuck here I go
roger: god tracy im cominnnng
roger: fuckkkjjh unnnnnhhhhv
tracy: pump it roger
tracy: oh god
roger: goddd its spurtingg all over you
tracy: fuckkkkkkkk
tracy: cummmmin
roger: ohhh fuck yesss tracy
tracy: fuckkhhs rog
roger: god.....
roger: love making you come...
tracy: phewwwwwwwwwwww
roger: wow.... speechless...
roger: god I came so much....
tracy: ummmm… i’m soaked here… god…
roger: ... cock still throbbing
roger: cum allover my belly here
tracy: mmmmmmmm wickedd
tracy: *lies down and beckons roger to lie near her
roger: laying next to you…
tracy: holding you close and kissing you sweetly
roger: kissing you back… mmmmmmm….
roger: snuggling up to you
tracy: umm both heartbeats going way too fast
tracy: lol

(more snuggly chat here…)


very gd! i read it over nd over again! happy.gif
Phil, July 10th, 2004

thanks - glad you like it!
dirtyboy, July 21st, 2004

niceeeee. ur making me so dam horny.
mich, December 17th, 2004

mich - that's just what I was trying to do - glad you're enjoying it so much x
dirtyboy, December 17th, 2004

lover, I'd missed this one in your archives, til this evening. How sexy. I'm aroused and jealous all at the same time. I want you, just like this. Only more. More, more, more.
strawberry, December 17th, 2004

strawberry - lovely to find you rummaging around so deep in my archives (if you'll pardon the expression) - I love you being this greedy xxx
dirtyboy, December 18th, 2004

mmmm...very nice! sitting here in a state of undress that's very nice for reading this. but i also laughed out loud...very cute and sexy! thank you! just ..ahem..came upon your site last night..back for more tonight.
manysurprises, January 14th, 2005

manysurprises - thankyou x
I always love meeting new readers - hope you'll enjoy exploring the archives wink.gif xx
dirtyboy, January 14th, 2005

This is my first day to see this site. I found the humor, including the "lols" and "mistakes" endearing.

thankyou j - humour and typos are all an intrinsic part of a good cyber for me - it's got to be fun, in my opinion!

that was sooo cute n hottt!!! i like a guy with a sense of humour!!!

This cyber sex is so hottt! It must have been so fun to make. I can imagine you and your cyber fuck buddies going at it like this, Roger.

It breaks my heart to see you've gone so long between posts, leaving all your girls lonely and alone. Sigh.

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