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Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 11:39 PM

Another request - hope you enjoy x

It's been a delightful holiday - you've been touring the lakes, driving around and enjoying the sights, and today, just for a change, you've left your car behind and gone walking round one of the more remote lakes, taking in the incredible views, getting the chance to be alone and enjoy yourself.

It's getting late in the afternoon now - all was going well until the weather began to change. Sunshine has been quickly obscured by increasingly darkening clouds, and as the afternoon wears on, it's getting darker by the minute, thunder rumbling threateningly overhead. A couple of flashes of lightning, and it's clear the storm is about to break - you're out in the open here, not at all dressed for bad weather - the question is - where to take cover?

Very suddenly, the rain begins to pour down - the sky very dark now, lightning streaking across the clouds, the sudden downpour splashing at your feet, drenching your clothes - if you don't find somewhere to take cover quickly, you're going to be very cold and very wet.

The closest place to take refuge is an old log cabin on the shore, about a hundred yards away. You can see smoke drifting from the chimney - someone is in - maybe they'll take pity on you and let you inside to get dry. You run towards the cabin, rain streaming down you as you dash towards it - there's a light on in the cabin - you run to the door and knock hard, hoping whoever is inside will hear you over the rain splashing on the roof, the rumbling thunder crashing overhead, and let you in.

You hear footsteps from inside, and the door opens...

... and I look at you from the doorway...

You're framed in the door, backlit by streaks of lightning, your hair and clothes drenched by the rain, clinging to you - you're looking wet and bedraggled, but somehow very very sexy, as though the storm has delivered you right to my door. I look at you for a moment, taking you all in, you're clothes practically transparent from the rain, more rainwater dripping from your hair, down across your face, and you look back at me, both of us hesitant for a moment, our eyes fixed on each other, sexual signals passing between us both, until you suddenly blurt out: "Please... I need to take cover, I'm getting drenched... can I come in for a few minutes...?" I snap out of it, stepping back to let you come in: "Of course... yes, of course you can... please, come right in..."

You come into the cabin - inside it's warm and gently lit - as I lead you through to the sitting room, you can see a fire roaring in the fireplace, a thick soft rug in front of it, a large soft chair pulled up to the fire, a book discarded next to the chair, the whole room lit softly by a couple of gas lamps - clearly I had been reading and relaxing by the fireside.

"Are you sure I'm not interrupting...?' you ask, a little nervously, suddenly slightly embarrassed, taking another look at me. Our eyes meet again - and once again there's an instant connection - something passes between us... an understanding... I can see you're attracted to me, and it's mutual... again my gaze glances down your body, almost against my will - you look so primal, so sexual, standing there by the doorway of the room, rainwater dripping from your hair, your face, your clothes - I look at you again, trying not to think about it. "No, really... it's fine... please, come by the fire or you'll catch your death...". I lead you closer to the fire - for a moment my hand brushes across your back as I encourage you gently towards the warmth of the fire - the touch is electric... you can't understand it, but you're suddenly very, very turned on...

"You're very wet..." I say, "I think you need to get out of those damp clothes. Let me see if I can find something for you..." "Okay..." you smile, watching me for a moment as I step out of the room. You look down at yourself - it's true, you're almost soaked to the skin, you're going to have to get out of your damp clothes. You slip out of your wet top, pulling it over your head and dropping it onto the floor, taking off your shoes, then doing the same with your jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling them down, tugging them all the way off, leaving you in your underwear. Your bra and panties are damp too - the rainwater has soaked all the way through - but you suddenly feel a little embarrassed again - you crouch down by the roaring fire, feeling the flames warming you a little, hoping it'll help you dry out.

You hear my footsteps again as I step back into the room, and you glance towards me, seeing me framed in the doorway. Again our eyes meet - you look at me, your gaze travelling down my body, looking at me, taking it in, lust suddenly drifting through you again, despite yourself. I look back at you, seeing you crouched by the fire in the low light, almost naked, the flames giving your skin a delicious golden glow, my gaze wandering over your body, suddenly filled with the desire to touch you, to caress you...

I try to snap out of it again, stepping towards you, passing you a long white towelling dressing gown. "I found this for you... thought you could wear it while I take your clothes to dry...". "Thankyou..", you smile, taking the gown from me, getting up from the fire. I smile at you again. "Did you, er... did you want to give me your underwear too..? I don't mean to stare or anything, but it looks very wet...". You blush a little. "Yes..." you answer, smiling, "please... will you just turn around a second while I take it off..?" "... yes... of course..." I smile, turning round for a moment.

You hesitate, looking at me at the doorway, my back turned to you, yor gaze drifting down my body, checking out my bum, my long legs... and you make a decision, your heart in your mouth for a moment, wondering if you're just being crazy - but the impulse is there... you decide to go with it...

"I can't quite reach the clasp of my bra..." you say, gently, almost seductively, a slight nervous tremor in your voice, "would you mind... would you mind unhooking it for me... if that's okay...?" I turn back to face you, our eyes meeting again, our gaze now very sexual, almost greedy. I smile, and step towards you. "Of course," I reply, "turn around, I'll help you...". I move up close behind you, so close we're almost touching... my hands brush against your back, my fingers finding the clasp to your bra... you're almost trembling now... I undo the clasp, and you slide your hands up to cup your breasts, holding the bra in place as I slide the straps from your shoulders... you turn around, looking at me, your hands still holding the bra in place... I look at you.. you look back, holding my gaze... and you slowly let the bra drop to the carpet...

I look at you, my gaze drifting down to your naked breasts... my heart beating faster... wanting you... I slide a hand to your waist, gently pulling you towards me... looking down at you again, my hand sliding gently up your body... up towards your breasts... drifting up... touching you... caressing you gently... my fingertips drifting over and around your erect nipple... and I pull you towards me, our bodies pressed close now, my fingers moving your hair out of the way, leaning down and kissing your neck, then biting playfully, as you melt into my arms... into my body...

My hand drifts up to your neck, through your hair, tugging it gently back so that you're looking up towards me - I can see the need and desire in your face, your heart beating a little faster - if you were going to stop this, now would be the time - I look down at you, filled with lust for you, and you surrender, your body pressed against mine, your bare breasts brushing against my shirt as I lean down to kiss you...

It's a passionate, greedy, sensual kiss, my lips sliding against yours, your tongue slipping into my mouth, tasting mine, exploring, while my hands slide down your naked back, down to your bum, pulling you hard against me as I kiss you hungrily. Your own hands find their way between our bodies, quickly unbuttoning my shirt, tugging it off my shoulders and pulling it off, kissing me deeply again as you feel your breasts sliding against my naked chest.

I'm breathing harder now, very aroused, still kissing you greedily, pushing you back against the wall, my body moving against yours, one of my hands sliding over and around your breasts, touching them, caressing them, the other moving down your body, down past your belly, my fingers slipping down between your thighs, stroking you through the damp material of your panties.

You gasp with pleasure, your own hand moving down to my crotch, unbuttoning my jeans, tugging down the zip, your fingers slipping inside, feeling my erection throbbing inside my boxers. Somehow you tug down my jeans, taking my boxers with them, and I kick them off, my erect penis slapping up against my belly, huge and hard, pressing against your own belly now as I slide against you. My own fingers find their way to the waist of your panties, and I pull them roughly down, pressing you hard against the wall now, kissing you greedily again, my lips moving their way down to your neck, biting you, my cock now hard against you, needing to be inside you. My fingers slip back down between your legs, finding your sex - you're so wet - I feel your wetness dripping down my fingers as I stroke you, rubbing deliciously round and round your clit - you can't take any more - you need me to fuck you, right now.

I hear you gasp, your sex melting against my fingers - I slide my hands around your bum and lift you up, pressing you against the wall, and you wrap your legs around me, your arms around my shoulders, rubbing yourself against me now, my erection slidding wetly against your cunt. Still holding you up against the wall, I slide my cock down - suddenly you feel the hot, hard tip of my erection nudging between the lips of your cunt - you slide a hand down, taking hold of my cock, steering it up towards your sex - and I slide inside you... pushing deep... my cock thrusting all the way into your cunt, hanging onto me as you let yourself drop onto my erection, your dripping wet sex engulfing my cock, taking me deep inside you.

You groan with the first thrust, and I gasp with pleasure, starting to fuck you now, your legs wrapped tightly around me as you slide up and down my hot, hard penis, your wetness pouring down my erection as I fuck you against the wall, kissing you again sensually, fucking you hard, taking you roughly, lust overpowering me as I thrust harder and harder - it's so sudden, so urgent - you can't hold back your orgasm - you know you're gonna come - I feel you start to tremble, clinging harder onto me as I thrust even deeper, groaning urgently - I feel your cunt splashing around my cock, and you cry out, pushing hard down onto me, clinging urgently onto me as you start to come - and you scream with pleasure, your cunt gushing around my cock as you feel your orgasm pulsing and pulsing and pulsing through your body, over and over again...

I can barely hold back my own orgasm - as you continue to come urgently, I lift you up and push you down onto the rug, my cock still deep inside you, and I lift your legs up over my shoulders, thrusting hard and deep, the flames of the log fire close to our naked bodies now, your wetness still streaming down my penis as I thrust deeper, harder, looking down at you, watching as another orgasm rips through your body, my belly slapping against the back of your thighs as I thrust so deep, so hard - you scream frantically again, your body convulsing, your sex pouring down my throbbing, thrusting penis - your wetness floods down my cock again, your cunt squeezing around my cock, and I can't hold back any longer - I groan urgently, crying out as I start to cum - you feel my erection pulsing hard inside you, and you grab my bum, pulling me all the way inside you as my orgasm pulsates through my body, crying out as my cock suddenly spurts, hard and wet, my cum spashing deep into your cunt, again and again, spurt after spurt of warm, wet cum pouring from my erection, filling you up with all my spunk, spurting deep into your gushing wet cunt...

...until slowly we start to come down, my cock still deep inside you, still pulsing rhythmically as the last of my cum pours into your deliciously wet sex... and I lean down and kiss you sensually, still moving against you, knowing this is just the beginning of our pleasure together...

god... think i'll have to stop there, as I need to cum...


previous comments:

That was wounderful. Very descirptive. I really enjoyed reading it and had some fun as well grin.gif
*kelly*, July 18th, 2004

pleased to hear it kelly xx - not as long or as good as I originally intended, but it's been a couple of weeks since I've written properly, and lust ran away with me a bit! In retrospect I'd have done it as two more parts, much slower and more descriptive (this isn't one of my better ones, I don't think), but if you enjoyed it, then I'm happy wink.gif
dirtyboy, July 18th, 2004

I could definitely envision myself in that situation. It was so hard not to masturbate here. I'm in a cybercafe right now. I'm going to the bathroom and take care of what you did to me. Roger, you make me so fucking horny.
phoebephrodos, July 18th, 2004

I can't wait to see your next story.
*kelly*, July 18th, 2004

I love making you horny, phoebe x
dirtyboy, July 19th, 2004

You have done it again Roger, I couldn't sleep; I was too bloody randy...and now I can, satiated and relaxed. Thanks for the great cum...and goodnight.
moonlitnymph, July 26th, 2004

my pleasure, and sweet dreams, moonlitnymph x
dirtyboy, July 26th, 2004

gr8 stuff. ive read a lot of erotica but nothing as descritive & classy at the same time as u write. gr8 going man. ur too good
pushyboy, December 28th, 2004

thanks pushyboy - nice to know guys enjoy my writing too - glad you like it
dirtyboy, December 28th, 2004

omg, that was amazing. I came three times while reading it and i think im going to again. Thank you so much

thankyou - it's an absolute pleasure to make you come so deliciously x

holy crap, dirtyboy. i just found this hot post . . . hot and romantic . . . wow! ;) ooooxxxxx

glad you like it so much, mariah ;)

Ok so it seems I'm a few years later than everyone else catching on but this was incredibly hot makes me so horny - i'm off to finish myself. xxxx

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