The House - parts 1 - 9

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 11:59 PM

As requested by a few of you, here's a compilation of the first nine episodes - hope you enjoy x

The House parts 1 - 9

"I believe you have a room?"

It’s the question you ask as I open the door. A mutual friend gave you my address, knowing I was looking for a temporary lodger. It's a tall, slightly scary looking Victorian townhouse down a quiet little backstreet, which had unnnerved you a little as you walked up the driveway, but you’re relieved to see a friendly face as I open the door – not a scary, haggard old butler after all, just a normal looking guy.

I notice you looking me up and down as I stand at the door – I smile at you, a warm smile – there’s an instant connection – our eyes meet for a moment, and my heart beats a little faster – that empty feeling in my stomach - what’s wrong with me? Instant lust from eye contact with a complete stranger? That isn’t like me – I try not to think about it, smiling again, noticing your face flushing slightly, inviting you inside.

You follow me through into the hallway – you don’t know what it is about me, but you’re warmer almost immediately – it was something about my eyes when I looked at you – a sudden need that flashed between the two of us. This is ridiculous, you think, he’s barely spoken to me - he’s probably not even interested in me. And who cares if he is? You watch my bum secretly as I lead you through to the kitchen.

"You can use the kitchen whenever you want," I smile. "I tend to only use it on an evening, and I’ll work round you." I smile again – I’m drawn once more to your eyes, lingering for a moment. You look back, melting a little, despite yourself – you’re not sure what to say – something banal about cooking? Is that what he wants me to say? Hasn’t he noticed how I’m looking at him? Why am I looking at him anyway?

I stop myself looking at you, deliberately looking away – what is it about you? If I keep looking at you like this, you’re gonna think I’m some sort of sex pervert. I’m supposed to be showing you the house. I lead you though to the lounge. "This is sort of a communal room," I smile, "there’s a tv in your room, you don’t have to come in here, it’s up to you…"

There’s an atmosphere already between us, an unspoken, immediate mutual desire. You’re not interested in the house. You’re not interested in me. I talk too much. You wish I’d just shut up and stand there while you look at me. Leaning there on the sofa while you look at me from the doorway, wanting me, not listening to what I’m saying, just watching the way I move, wishing you were bold enough to just walk up and start unbuttoning my shirt, wondering how I’d respond. I look back at you again from against the sofa, seeing you framed in the doorway – your eyes are all over me, and I can’t help looking at you, at your face, at the curves of your body, wanting you again, wondering what you’d say if I was to just press you against the wall and hitch up your skirt, slide my body between your thighs.

"I’ll show you upstairs," I mumble, brushing past you for a moment at the doorway, heading up the staircase. You follow me. You can feel yourself getting wet. This is ridiculous, you remind yourself again. He’s just showing me round the house. I’m not going to fuck him - I don’t even know who he is. Where is he taking me again? Why are we going upstairs? "This is the bathroom." I smile. "If the door’s shut, it means I’m probably naked in there." "Right," you say. "You should do the same," I continue, "if you’re in here… if you're naked… y’know… or I might come in…". "Yes’" you reply. You can barely hear me. Something about being naked? "Is my room up here?" you ask. You look at me again. It’s all I can do not to touch you. "Yes," I reply, "I’ll show you…"

I lead you through the door opposite the bathroom. It’s a big room, a double bed, a fireplace, huge windows overlooking the courtyard. You’re hardly looking at it. I follow you through the door. "What do you think?" I ask. You turn to look at me. Our eyes meet again, burning now. I can’t take this any more. I lift my hand towards your face, slipping my fingers through your hair. You tremble, unable to stop this now, not wanting to stop it. I pull you gently towards me, tugging your hair a little, moving closer, and suddenly I’m kissing you, sensually, passionately, lustfully, greedily, your own lips returning the kiss, your tongue caressing mine as I move you back against the wall, pressing close, my body against yours, my fingers drifting through your hair, my kisses working their way down from your lips, finding your neck, kissing along it, biting gently as you gasp deliciously, my body warm against your own...

You're lost in the moment now, your hands drifting down my back, down to my bum, pulling me closer to you as I press you against the wall, my lips caressing your neck, my hands sliding down your body, over your hips, down to your skirt, tugging it up a little, my lips returning to your mouth, kissing you again, sensually, greedily. You don't even know why you're doing this - we've barely spoken - just this urgent need, a connection we've made in those few glances - you can't stop it now - you don't want to.

You're melting at my touch, kissing me with deep sexual abandon, needing me, wanting me, gripping my bum, rubbing yourself against me, feeling my body moving with yours as we kiss passionately. My hands have found the hem of your skirt, tugging it up your thighs, all the way up to your waist, and you part your thighs, feeling my body slide between them, your hands somehow finding the button of my jeans, unfastening it, tugging down the zip, grabbing hold of the waist and starting to pull them down.

I'm filled with lust for you now - I need to see you naked - I pull off your coat as we kiss urgently, throwing it to the floor, my fingers reaching your blouse, tugging open the buttons, quickly working my way down, still kissing you, unable to unfasten the last couple, giving up and just tearing your blouse open, the buttons scattering on the floor somewhere, looking down at you, at your breasts, still covered in a black lace bra, my hands sliding quickly round to your back.

You're still struggling with my jeans, pulling them down my thighs, one of your hands slipping between my legs, feeling my cock inside my pants, gasping at your first touch. I'm very, very erect - you feel yourself getting wet as you touch me, and I gasp as your fingers slide against my cock, rubbing me through my pants.

I've managed to unclip your bra now, my hands sliding up to your blouse, pulling it off your shoulders, throwing it to the floor. Your own hands reach up to my shirt, too turned on to unbutton it, just tearing it open, looking down at me, filled with lust, your hands sliding up over my bare chest, over my nipples. I tug your bra off your shoulders, pulling it off, breathing hard as I see your naked breasts, loving the view, my hands sliding up over them, caressing them, stroking them softly, feeling your nipples harden at my touch, my lips working down your neck again, pressing my body between your thighs as I pin you against the wall, moving against you rhythmically now.

Your hands find the waistband of my pants - dammit, you need to see my cock - you tug my pants down my thighs, one of your hands sliding back up through my hair, kissing me greedily, your other hand finding my cock, sliding your fingers against my warm, hard erection. I gasp with pleasure, and you begin to stroke me, rubbing gently up and down my cock, feeling my hard penis throbbing in your hand.

My own hands take hold of your panties, pulling them down, letting them drop to your ankles - you kick them off, spreading your thighs now, sliding your hands over my bare buttocks, pulling me hard against you, suddenly feeling my erection hard against your naked belly, our mouths greedily kissing again, my hands reaching under your thighs, lifting you up against the wall - you wrap your legs around me, kissing me hard - suddenly you feel the tip of my erection sliding between the lips of your cunt - you're drenched, you need me inside you - sliding against me, you lift up a little until my cock is in just the right place - then you slide down onto me, groaning with pleasure as I slide into your sex, your wet cunt engulfing my erection, and I groan deliciously, thrusting my cock up deep inside you, starting to fuck you against the wall...

I’m inside you now, our bodies entwined as we fuck against the wall, both of us naked, your legs wrapped around my body, clinging onto me, your arms around my neck, kissing me sensually, passionately, my own hands gripping your thighs, holding you up off the floor as I press you against the wall, returning your kisses greedily, urgently, my cock thrusting again and again deep into your dripping wet cunt, your juices pouring down my penis now, dripping down over my balls, so wet, so incredibly wet, your cunt splashing around my erection with each hard, deep thrust inside you.

It’s so intense, so quick, our bodies moving deliciously against each other – it feels so good – you’re so turned on so quickly – you know you’re not gonna be able to hold back your orgasm – you need to come hard and fast, all your senses centered on my cock, my hard, erect, thrusting cock, pounding into your cunt, over and over again - you grind down onto it, pulling me closer, your bare breasts pressed against my chest, your naked body sliding against my own, feeling me thrust even deeper inside you.

You groan with pleasure, your body trembling now, gasping hard with each thrust of my hard penis, your cunt squeezing around my cock, feeling it pushing deeper and deeper, filling you... fucking you... oh god so hard… fucking you and fucking you and fucking you… you can’t take any more… you cry out with intense pleasure, your body shuddering hard, convulsing, intense orgasm spreading from your cunt, throbbing and pulsing as you start to come – you scream with pleasure, grinding down hard onto my cock, your wetness suddenly gushing down over my erection, streaming from your cunt, your orgasm pulsating hard through your body, clinging onto me, your cunt engulfing my throbbing cock as you come frantically, urgently, an intense, incredible orgasm, your juices pouring down over my erect penis.

I somehow hold back my own orgasm, keeping my cock deep and hard in your cunt as your orgasm shudders through your body – I know I can’t hold back long, my erection throbbing intensely inside you now - but I want you to come again.

Lifting you from against the wall, your legs still clinging onto me, your body still trembling hard, I carry you over to the bed, my cock still hard, erect and throbbing inside you, laying you onto your back, sliding on top of you, draping your legs over my shoulders, and I start to fuck you again, really deep now, my body coated with sweat, dripping down from my forehead, my belly slapping hard against the back of your thighs as I thrust hard and deep, again and again - my cock so wet, so hard, pounding and pounding into your cunt, looking down at you, at the intense pleasure on your face, seeing you needing to come again, watching your breasts move with each thrust, leaning down to take one into my mouth, my lips and tongue lapping greedily at your erect nipple.

You’re going to come again, you can’t stop it - still trembling and throbbing from your first orgasm, your hands grip my bum, pulling me deep and hard inside you, again and again and again... oh god it feels so good... ohh god that’s it... you feel yourself coming again... you cry out frantically, your body shuddering into delicious convulsions, more of your wetness streaming from your cunt, pouring down my cock – it’s all I can take – I groan urgently, my erection throbbing hard now – I can feel my cum surging up the length of my penis – I cry out frantically, thrusting my cock deep inside you, my body trembling as I start to come, my cock pulsing and throbbing and pulsing and throbbing, my cum spurting.... ohh god so much cum... still shuddering through your own orgasm, you scream with delight, your fingernails raking down my back as you feel my penis explode inside you, my spunk spurting from my throbbing cock, pouring hard and deep into your orgasming cunt, spurt after spurt of warm cum, flooding deep inside you, filling you, filling your cunt, over and over and over again…


We're both a little embarrassed the next day, when you begin to move your stuff into the house.

It had been a difficult decision for you. You were undeniably attracted to me sexually, as I was to you, and you did love the house, and the rent was right, and it was just in the right kind of place for you - but you needed a space of your own, a big room of your own, somewhere you could relax in your own company. You emphatically did NOT want to move in with a guy - not in that way, anyway - that wasn't the idea at all. And the last thing I wanted was a girlfriend moving in - that's why I had my own house, after all.

But you did love the house. And you were clearly going to be able to get on with me. And I couldn't bring myself to turn you down after we'd had such a good time together - just as you would have felt guilty about not moving in, after what we'd done.

So we came to an agreement. No more sex together. That little incident when you came to look at the house was ABSOLUTELY a one-off, and must Never Happen Again. It was the only way it could work - we'd keep to our own parts of the house, as housemates usually would, just being friends, and now we'd got that lust out of our systems, no more sex. Each other's naked bodies definitely off limits, in the nicest possible way.

And so I helped you move in, getting all your stuff upstairs, watching patiently as you filled up the bathroom with more creams and lotions that I'd ever seen in one place, and over the next couple of days we got to know each other a little better, even spending some time in the communal living room watching tv together, though respectfully slipping off to our separate rooms once it got late, relaxing after the delightful company, not at all thinking about each other sexually.

Or at least, that was the idea.

But late at night, alone in bed, I still couldn't help myself thinking about you lustfully, thinking again about what had happened when I'd shown you round, how much I'd wanted you, how good it felt fucking you, how much I wanted to do it again, and again, and again...

And I fantasised about you, right there in my bed, masturbating deliciously, stroking my erection, remembering what it felt like being deep inside you, your body against mine, your breath hot on my face, your bare breasts against my naked chest, rubbing my cock harder as I thought about your cunt dripping wet around my cock, convulsing around my erection as my cum spurted deep inside you - and I came, hard, my cock pulsating in my hand, my spunk splashing up to my belly, again and again...

And what would I have done, that night, if I'd known that just down the short corridor between our rooms, you were doing the same thing, masturbating gorgeously, thinking about my cock deep inside you, fucking you hard, filling you with my cum, reaching a delicious orgasm there in your bed, your vibrator deep in your cunt, wishing it was my cock inside you... filling you... fucking you... making you cum...

This was clearly going to be an interesting arrangement...


You come home from work a little tired, glad that it's finally the weekend, looking forward to spending the evening with me. We've arranged a night in front of the tv, snuggled up onto the sofa together (in an entirely non-sexual fashion, as per our arrangement), chocolate and wine in plentiful supply.

Normally we'd have both been out with friends drinking, but for both of us the prospect of our first real evening in together, alone and with no interruptions, seemed like a very welcome change. And if either of us suspected that the other was spending each night in bed bringing themselves to delicious orgasm, whilst imagining increasingly erotic scenarios with each other... well, we thought it best not to mention it. Of course we were both capable of spending the evening together in front of the tv without touching each other - why, the very idea would never cross our minds...

So it's around 8.30. Our agreement was no dressing up, just whatever we'd normally wander around like in the evening, so I'm already settled onto the big, comfy sofa, dressed in a loose t-shirt and a pair of tight lycra boxers, hair a little mussed up, no effort made whatsoever, watching the tv, not at all surprised that, as usual, you're not down on time - ahh, she's probably doing something with her hair - I'm convinced that casual to her means just one hour spent in front of the mirror instead of three.... I smile affectionately, thinking about how much I'm enjoying your company, breaking open the chilled wine.

Upstairs in your room, the truth is that you can't decide what to wear...
What the hell does he mean by "what we'd normally wander around like in the evening"? What's that supposed to mean? He's so vague sometimes - how do men operate like that? I wear all kinds of things! What if I stroll down in jeans and t-shirt looking really scruffy, and he's made a bit of an effort? Am I supposed to put some slap on? Should I do my hair? ...oh god yes I'd better do my hair...

8.45pm. Ah damn it, I'll pour myself a glass of wine...

Upstairs again, you've already decided that looking sloppy isn't good enough. And you're wondering if I was actually implying that you should come down dressed for bed - the only evening clothes you have are for going out in, and that can't have been what I meant - was it a subtle hint that I wanted to see you in a sexy nightie? No, surely not. But the idea of wearing a sexy nightie for me is definitely appealing, despite the agreement. A little teasing wouldn't hurt, would it? I mean, that's not sex, is it, just teasing him a little? And I'd like to tease him, that'd be quite nice actually...
You sit back down on your bed and think again.

8.55pm. I wonder if she's forgotten about our lazy tv evening? I'd better give her a call.

You hear me shouting up the staircase. Luckily you've made a decision, and it's a compromise - your softest, silkiest pyjamas, the pyjama top almost, but not completely buttoned up, slightly open to offer a hint of skin, nothing else on underneath. You look in the mirror. You definitely look very, very sexy, but decent enough for it to look almost accidental - perfect. You pad barefoot downstairs to join me in the lving room.

I look towards you as you arrive. God, you look fantastic - those have got to be the sexiest pyjamas I've ever seen... god, don't get a hard-on, you're just wearing your boxers...

You look at me. oh fuck - I should have dressed sloppy, that's what he's done - why can't men be more clear? He's going to think I'm trying to turn him on now... or maybe he hasn't noticed... damn damn damn...

You sit down next to me. I try not to think about what you're wearing, smile at you and offer you a glass of wine. You smile back, accepting it and leaning back into the sofa next to me. I can feel the silk of your pyjama bottoms brushing against my thigh. I try to concentrate on the tv.

"God," you smile, trying to think of something entirely non-sexual to say, "I'm knackered - so glad it's the weekend. Is there much on tonight? I could do with just putting my feet up - they're so tired". "Would you like me to give them a rub for you...?" I ask. "Your feet, I mean... er... if they're tired... I'm quite good at that..."

This is getting ridiculous. We can't keep going on like this, it's driving you nuts. And a foot massage sounds lovely to you. "Mmmm, yes please," you smile, "let me just get comfy..."

You lay back into the sofa, slipping your bare feet up into my lap, smiling at me. I return the smile, secretly grateful that you didn't slide your feet up to my crotch, as I'm not entirely convinced I'd be able to avoid getting hard. Getting myself comfy too, I slide my fingers over your toes, gently rubbing and stroking, easing the tensions, massaging them slowly, and you relax a little more, enjoying the feeling, enjoying the touch of my fingers, stroking, rubbing, caressing. "This would be even nicer with a little oil," you smile, "I've got some just at the side of my bed if you don't mind fetching it...". "Hold on then," I smile, "I'll be back in a sec - I'll get a towel too, so we don't drip onto the sofa...".

I step upstairs to your room, looking around curiously as I enter - this is the first time I've been in your room since you got it all how you like it, and I like what you've done with it - really mellow and relaxing and softly lit. Looking over to your big double bed, I see the massage oil on the small table at the other side - the quickest route is to briefly climb over your bed, so I slide over it, reaching for the oil. As my knees inadvertently tug the duvet back, I notice something shiney discreetly tucked under your pillow - curiousity overwhelms me - I lift up the pillow carefully - to see a long, gold coloured vibrator laying there...

Something about seeing it there arouses me - it wouldn't be under your pillow unless you'd just used it recently - or were intending to use it tonight. Both scenarios appeal to me - I'd been so wrapped up the past couple of nights in my own warm, rather explicit sexual fantasies about you, and hadn't really thought about you masturbating too... but here's the evidence... I'm suddenly consumed with the desire to watch you using it - to watch you masturbating, watch you come - or at least listen to you - my bedroom isn't that far away from yours - would I be able to get away with spying on you in some way, being the voyeur, without you knowing I was there?

I try not to think about it - I can feel myself becoming erect, and you'd notice that immediately in these lycra boxers - I put the thought to the back of my mind, discreetly tugging down my t-shirt to disguise the half-erection, hoping it would be gone by the time I got downstairs, replacing your pillow and duvet carefully, picking up the bottle of oil and making my way back down the staircase.

"Found it," I smile, slipping back onto the sofa, opening the cap as you slide your feet back onto my lap. I pour a little oil into my palm, warming it in my hands, and then slide my wet fingers back over your feet, slipping my hands over and around them, getting them wet, and you wriggle a little in the sofa, enjoying the sensations, sensual pleasure drifting up from your toes as I massage them gently. "mmmmm..." you smile, "that feels really good... you have such a gentle touch...". "Do you mind if I just tug your pyjama bottoms up a little...?" I ask, "might as well do your ankles too..". "Please do..." you smile, "maybe you could go up my legs a little...? I'd like that..." "Okay," I smile, sliding your silky pyjama bottoms up your legs, all the way up to your knees, then pouring a generous amount of oil into my palms, warming it up again and sliding my hands over your feet, past your ankles, spreading the warm oil up your legs, first one, then the other, relaxing your muscles, my hands gently caressing your legs, sliding up and down.

My touch is starting to arouse you - you can't help it - you remind yourself that you don't have any panties on under the pyjama bottoms - if you start to get wet, it's going to show through your crotch, you just know it - you try to concentrate on just being relaxed, try not to think about how sensuous my hands feel as they slip and slide along your legs, about how much you want me to go higher...

You glance at me for a moment as I concentrate on massaging you - unless you're mistaken, it seems as though I'm really enjoying it - enjoying it perhaps more than I should be - is that a couple of beads of sweat on my forehead...? You risk a quick glance down to my crotch while I'm not looking - and there it is - a definite growing bulge in my tight boxers that wasn't there previously - touching you is clearly turning me on - you know you should stop it right there, before things start to escalate again - but you're getting turned on too, you can't deny it - would a little more teasing hurt? We wouldn't have to go all the way - we could still stick to the rules - just a little flirtatious, sexy teasing would be fun for both of you, you felt sure...

"My neck's really achey too..." you smile, blushing a little, hoping you don't sound too slutty, "how would you feel about maybe doing my neck... my shoulders... would you mind...?" It seems a relatively innocent suggestion - I'm not sure I can really refuse, and I know I don't want to. It's clear you're enjoying the massage, but I'm enjoying it a little more thoroughly - I can feel my cock growing in my pants, starting to become erect, and it's getting difficult to disguise it. I try to think about something else, but it's no good, nothing's going to stop it becoming hard, but hopefully you haven't noticed it yet, and if I'm doing your neck and shoulders, at least you'll be facing away from me...

"Okay..." I reply, as casually as I can, "sit up and turn around, I'll see what I can do...". You sit up on the sofa, turning away from me, a soft ripple of pleasure drifting through you as you feel my fingers brush your hair to one side. "I'm going to need you to unbutton your pyjama jacket, so I can slip it off your shoulders..." I suggest, hoping you don't notice the slightly lustful edge to my voice. You smile to yourself secretly, slowly unbuttoning your jacket, all the way down, letting it drift open a little, waiting for my touch, enjoying being in control like this, wondering how much this is arousing me. And then you feel my soft touch - my fingers take gentle hold of your jacket from behind you, sliding it slowly off your bare shoulders, and you let it slip down your back just a little too far, holding the jacket over your breasts, but suddenly feeling very, very naked, and delightfully aroused.

I feel my cock starting to throb, getting harder, a definite bulge now in my boxers. I try to ignore it, pouring a generous trail of oil over your shoulders - you gasp gently, feeling it start to dribble down your back, trembling a little as you feel my fingers sliding up your back, spreading the oil up towards your shoulders, massaging them gently, moving up to your neck, sensuously stroking and caressing - you're melting at my touch - you try and remember to keep in control of your arousal, but it's getting more difficult now - you can feel yourself getting wet, trying not to think about it, your skin alive with sensations, your nipples brushing against the soft silk of the pyjama jacket, feeling them becoming erect - if I'm tempted to go further, you're no longer so sure that you'll be able to resist...

My warm, wet fingers are gliding over and around your bare shoulders, sliding down your back, gently massaging, moving up again, caressing your neck, sliding over and around - your senses are entirely focussed on my touch as I spread the warm oil on your skin, firm and insistent strokes of my fingers, touching you, caressing you. All your resistance is fading, and I'm also, in turn, becoming very, very aroused.

"Drop the jacket a little further," I say, my own arousal now obvious in my voice, "I'll go a little further down your back...". You loosen your grip on the pyjama jacket, feeling it slide all the way down to your waist, your naked back now completely exposed, still holding the jacket gently around your breasts, which are now almost furtively cupped in your hands, squeezing secretly. I pour more oil down your back, my fingers sliding down your spine, then back up again, caressing your back, spreading the oil over your skin. You can feel your wetness dribbling from your sex, knowing it's starting to soak into your crotch, not caring any more, rhythmically squeezing your thighs, your breath quickening.

"We're going to get the sofa wet," I say, ""wait just a second, I'll get a towel to put underneath you...". I slip out of the room, going quickly upstairs to the bathroom to collect a big towel. While I'm absent for a few seconds, you slip one hand down inside your pyjama bottoms, touching yourself briefly, feeling how wet you are, spreading the wetness up to your clit, stroking it deliciously for a few seconds, quickly slipping your hand back out again as you hear me coming back down the staircase.

"Let's move onto the carpet," I smile, "we'll have more room". You return my smile, getting up from the sofa, holding the pyjama jacket loosely over your breasts, watching me as I scatter a few cushions on the carpet, draping the large towel over them. "Okay," I smile, "lay down on your tummy, and I'll be able to do this properly...". "Shall I take my jacket right off...?" you ask, smiling at me teasingly. "Okay..." I reply, "it'll make it a little easier". Watching me, you slip your arms out of your sleeves and let the jacket drop onto the carpet, deliberately giving me a glimpse of your naked breasts as you lay down on your front on the towel. You've already noticed the very firm erection bulging in my lycra boxers, but say nothing, getting yourself comfortable as I ease across your bottom, settling down astride you. The feel of your silk pyjama bottoms against my bare thighs arouses me even further, but I'm determined to concentrate, trying to stick to the 'no sex' rules, picking up the bottle and splashing a long spurt of oil over your back...

I slide my wet hands up your back, and you gasp gently at my touch, moving a little underneath me now as my hands stroke and caress your back, your shoulder blades, your shoulders, your neck, slipping and sliding up and down, rubbing in the oil. I feel your body responding to my touch - it's getting too much - I can tell you're just as aroused as I am - maybe there was no point in disguising it any longer. As I continue to massage your back, I move against you gently, pressing aganst your buttocks, my erection trying to burst out of my boxers, sliding it subtly between the cheeks of your bum. There's enough subtlety in my movements for you to consider it almost accidental, but we both know it isn't - the suggestion is there, and you know it's up to you to respond, if you want to. And you do. As I push against you again, my hands skidding up your back, you squeeze your buttocks gently against my cock, knowing I'll feel it, squeezing again as I push against you a little harder - we both know what we're doing now, where this is going - and I know I can't resist you any longer.

"I think maybe I should help you off with those pyjama bottoms..." I smile.

I slide my fingers into the waistband of your pyjama bottoms, and tug them down past your bum, all the way down your legs, pulling them completely off, and you giggle dirtily, looking over your shoulder towards me, smiling as you watch me pull my t-shirt off over my head. "You seem to be getting undressed..." you smile. "I thought it might be a good idea," I reply, returning your smile, "don't want to get all this oil on my clothes...". You glance down at my crotch, my cock now visibly erect inside my lycra boxers. "Well then," you reply, smiling sexily, "maybe you should take those off too...". "Well..." I begin, "I've sort of got a little bit turned on... you've probably noticed... I'm not used to touching you like this... maybe I should keep them on...". "It's okay," you smile, "I've seen you that turned on before, I don't mind...". "Okay then..." I say, returning your smile, pulling down my boxers, dropping them onto the carpet. Your gaze wanders over my erection, your mouth watering a little in anticipation, remembering how good it felt inside you, how much you've fantasised about fucking me again. "You're very hard..." you smile. "Yes..." I reply, "sorry - I keep trying to persuade him this is just a massage, but he won't listen. Try to ignore it". "I'll do my best..." you grin, settling onto the towel, waiting for my next move.

I ease astride you again, settling down on your naked bottom, trying to remind myself that this was Just A Massage, that That Little Incident when you came to look at the house was ABSOLUTELY a one-off, and must Never Happen Again... but what little determination I have to stick to your rule is now almost completely broken down, and it's beginning to look as though you're feeling just the same way.

And indeed you are - you can feel me sat astride you now, my bare thighs brushing against yours, already deliciously turned on from the touch of my fingers, your back still wet with oil, and you're just as wet between your legs, playing it as cool as you can, but knowing that you'll let me do whatever I want to you, already thinking about my erect cock, wanting to feel it sliding back between your buttocks...

I pick up the bottle, pouring a long splash of oil all the way down your back, and you gasp gently as you feel my hands slide up your back, spreading the oil into your soft skin, moving down, my fingers caressing slowly down your spine, down towards your bottom. You wriggle a little, pressing your bum up towards my crotch, and I push gently down against you, sliding my hands up again, stroking and caressing. My hands slide down again, over your hips, then back up your sides, and for a moment you feel my fingers slipping against the side of your breasts, your skin tingling at my touch.

I pour more oil onto your back, and spread it up again, over your back, your shoulders, your neck, back to your waist again, and up along your ribs - I'm clearly heading for your breasts again - you can't wait any longer - you lift up a little, making the offer, and I slide my warm, wet hands over your breasts, hearing you groan gently as my wet fingers slide over your hard nipples, slipping over and around them, teasing them for a moment before I slide my hands back to your waist, rubbing and stroking.

"god..." you breathe... "that feels so good..." - you're moving underneath me now, pushing up rhythmically against my crotch, wanting to feel my cock sliding against you - I can't take it any more - I pick up the bottle, pouring a stream of oil down my chest, letting it drip all the way down my belly, splashing a little over my erect cock, putting the bottle back down and leaning over you, sliding my chest against your back, slipping and sliding against you, and suddenly you can feel my warm, hard erection slipping between your buttocks, sliding between them as my body moves against you. I'm so turned on now - I need to be inside you. I sit up for a moment, my cock now dripping wet and very, very erect. "Turn over..." I breathe.

You roll onto your back, looking up lustfully at me, still astride you, seeing me wet and naked, my chest and belly dripping with oil, my cock glistening wet and very erect - I splash more oil over your breasts, sliding my hands over them, stroking and caressing your breasts, your nipples - you gasp and arch your back, our bodies still sliding together - it's all I can take - I slide between your thighs, my body slick against yours, and you feel my cock slipping and sliding against your dripping wet cunt - you groan deliciously: "ohh god Roger... fuck me... please fuck me..." - I feel my cock throbbing - I slide it down a little, pushing the head of my erection between the lips of your cunt, and slide it all the way inside you, filling you with my warm, hard cock...

You groan with pleasure, pushing yourself down onto me, feeling my cock slowly penetrating you, sliding deep inside you, all the way into your gorgeously wet sex. You look up at me, looking at the exquisite pleasure on my face as I slide deep into your cunt, your gaze wandering down my naked, oiled body, glistening wet in the low light, my body rippling as I start to thrust inside you, leaning over you as we begin to fuck. You slide your hands up to my chest, your fingers skidding through the oil, sliding it over and around my nipples, up to my neck and shoulders, your hands exploring my wet body as I slide ever deeper inside you. I look down at you lustfully, doing the same, sliding my hands back over your delicious breasts, stroking and caressing, sliding the oil around your erect nipples, squeezing and stroking, all your senses focussed on my hands, my body, my cock, thrusting and thrusting, fucking you, sliding against you.

I lean down to kiss you, my lips sliding against yours, a sensual, passionate, hungry kiss, our tongues sliding against each other, continuing to fuck you, my body now sliding against yours, my chest skidding against your wet breasts, our bodies sliding together, moving as one now, joined above and below, fucking you with my tongue, fucking you with my cock, our skin slick and wet, pushing and moving together, arching and writhing and thrusting and fucking, feeling so good, both of us moving rapidly towards orgasm, holding it back, not wanting this to stop, needing to fuck like this forever, so intense, so sensual, so urgent, so greedy.

You wrap your legs around my back, clinging onto me, your hands over my bottom now, pulling me in deeper, harder, wanting to feel my cock thrusting all the way into your cunt, so wet now, your wetness dripping along my erection, your cunt sucking and squeezing around my cock, splashing with each long, hard thrust - you can't take much more - you're so close already - you groan with passion: "ohhhh fuck roger... ohhh god this is so good... ohh god... harder.... unnnhhhhh... yes... fuck me harder...."

I'm thrusting so deep now, my cock throbbing inside you... swelling... pulsing... I can't take much more, but I hold on, pounding deeper, harder, groaning with each thrust, leaning down to kiss your breasts, to suck them, sucking on your nipples, sliding my tongue around, thrusting... thrusting... harder... deeper...

It's all you can take - you can't hold back any longer - a stream of your wetness suddenly gushes down my erection, drenching my cock - you groan with intense pleasure - your cunt engulfing my thrusting cock, your body shaking into intense convulsions, and you cry out: "ohhhhh fuck.... ohhh god roger I'm comingg... I'M COMINNGGGG... UUNNNHHHHH.... ohhhh FUCK... UNNNNHHHHHH!!! NNHHH! UNNNHH! UUNNHHH! UNNHHHH!" I can't take any more - I feel your cunt streaming down my erection, your body convulsing with intense orgasm - I groan frantically: "ohhhh fuck... I can't hold it back... I'm COMINGGG.... THERE... UUUNNNNNNHHHHH" - I thrust my cock so deep - my cum spurting, spurting, spurting from my cock, pulsing hard, throbbing inside you, filling you with my spunk, pouring into your cunt, our orgasms feeding off each other, our wet bodies locked together as we come, hard, intense, so good....

And still we're hungry for each other... my cock still erect inside you, needing more, wanting more - I slide out of you momentarily, a cocktail of my cum and your juices dribbling from your cunt, my cock wet from you, still very very hard, my body covered in sweat and oil, still greedy for you - "Get on your hands and knees..." I breathe, "I want to fuck you from behind..."

You're still trembling, the delicious aftermath of your first orgasm still rippling through your body, but you're hungry for me now, greedy for me, greedy for my cock - you can feel my warm cum dripping slowly from your cunt, your body still slick with oil, wanting to feel me inside you again, wanting my cock deep inside your cunt again, fucking you, fucking you hard - you look up at me, waiting for you to get into position, my body glistening with oil, my cock still erect, dripping wet from our juices, my hand sliding up and down the length of my erection, stroking rhythmically, the head of my cock still wet from my cum, masturbating as I watch you, keeping myself hard.

You can't wait any longer - you need to feel me fucking you again - you roll over, getting onto your hands and knees, looking back at me as I move behind you, desperate to be fucked now, needing it so badly. I look down at you, smiling wickedly, still stroking my cock, getting myself ready. "Stroke yourself," I breathe, my arousal clear from the tone of my voice, "masturbate for me, on your hands and knees, like that...".

You smile back at me, lowering your head down to the cushions, your wet, oiled bottom still thrust up towards me, spreading your thighs a little, sliding both your hands down between your legs, and you gasp with pleasure as your fingers find your clit, rubbing, stroking, caressing yourself as I watch you, your other hand slipping to your cunt, pushing two wet fingers into your sex, gasping again, starting to fuck yourself with your fingers, knowing I can see everything, wanting me to see how turned on you are, how much you need my cock inside you. "Fuck me..." you gasp, "please fuck me... ohhh god I need you inside me... unnhhh... ohhh fuck... please Roger...". I stroke my cock a little harder, fully erect again now, so turned on, masturbating as I watch you. "God..." I breathe, "you're such a dirty little slut... look at you... tell me you want me... tell me you want me to fuck you hard...". "Please..." you gasp, "ohh god please Roger... I want you to fuck me hard... now... please...". "Tell me you're a dirty little slut..." I breathe, "tell me...". You're starting to tremble now - you can't take much more of this - "ohhhh god roger...." you gasp, "I'm your slut... unnhhh... I'm you're dirty little slut... please... please fuck me..."

I groan with pleasure - this is just too much, I can't wait any longer - I pull your fingers out of your cunt, quite roughly, and before you can take another breath, you feel my hot, hard cock suddenly thrusting hard into your cunt from behind, all the way, and you groan with intense pleasure, pushing back at me, taking my cock deep inside you, and I start to fuck you, my cock splashing with each long, deep thrust, groaning now, my hands sliding up your back, underneath you, cupping your breasts, stroking and squeezing your breasts, your nipples, as my cock splashes into your cunt, again and again, so hard, so good...

You're getting so close now... my cock is pounding hot and hard inside you - you can't hold it back - already you can feel your orgasm coming again - you groan with pleasure, your body starting to tremble convulsively - I gasp deliciously, knowing you're about to come, groaning with pleasure, and I thrust my cock deeper, fucking you hard now, my hand sliding up your back, up your neck, grabbing a handful of your hair, tugging it back as I thrust so deep - it's all you can take - you scream with intense pleasure: "AAAHHH GOD.... AHHH GOD I"M CUMMIINNNGGGGGG! AANNNNHHHHHH!!" your whole body shuddering into frantic convulsions, crying out as you start to come, your cunt gushing down my erect cock, splashing down my balls, drenching my thighs as I feel you coming and coming and coming, all over my cock, somehow holding my own orgasm back, wanting more, continuing to fuck you as you come frantically...

I can barely hold my own orgasm back now, my cock pulsing and throbbing again and again inside you, feeling myself right on the edge of my climax, loving the feeling, loving the intensity, somehow holding it back just a little longer. Our bodies are still locked together as I fuck you from behind, and I'm looking down at you as you shudder through your orgasm, my cock thrusting deep into your wet, streaming sex, holding it there as you come, holding my throbbing cock deep inside you, your cunt squeezing and contracting and pulsating around my erection, your body rippling with delicious, intense orgasm, your wetness pouring down my cock as you come, drenching my balls, dripping from your cunt, down onto the towels beneath us.

It's such an intensely erotic sight - I want to make you come again - your orgasm has hardly finished before I'm driving my cock into you again, hard and urgent now, my cock swelling inside you, moments away from my own orgasm, moments away from spurting all my cum inside you. I push your head right down onto the cushions, forcing you down, holding you there, my cock thrusting so deep now, slamming into your cunt, and you scream with pleasure, and you come again: "OOOHHHHH FUCK YES!!... AAANNNHHHHHH!!!!!!! OHHH GOD!! AHHH! AHHHH! AHH!! AANNHH!!!"

Again your body convulses hard, and you scream frantically, another intense orgasm taking you over, all your senses focussed on my cock, so hard, so hot, ramming deep into your cunt, holding it there, so deep, as your cunt contracts tightly around it, your orgasm pulsing and pulsing and pulsing and pulsing, so hard, so good, so intense, your juices gushing down over my cock, drenching it again, coming and coming and coming, all over my cock.

It's all I can take - as your body still shudders with intense orgasm, I pull my cock out of your cunt, your wetness flooding from your sex as I slide out, rolling you quickly onto your back, getting astride your breasts, and you look up at me, still trembling hard, seeing my body and face glistening with sweat and oil, my hand around my swollen cock, masturbating frantically, about to cum.

"Let me do that..." you gasp, "put it in my mouth...". I groan, moving forward, and you slide your hand around my dripping wet erection, rubbing hard, up and down, up and down, feeling me swelling and throbbing in your hand - I cry out: "ohh fuck... I'm gonna cum...". You gasp with pleasure, pulling me closer to your face, sliding your tongue around the head of my cock - I groan - and you take me into your mouth, your lips engulfing my cock, sucking and stroking and licking and sucking... and I groan intensely: "ohhhh FUCKK yes... ohh fuck I'm CUMMINNNGGGGG..." - and you feel my cock pulsating hard in your mouth - and I cry out with intense pleasure - and a long stream of hot cum spurts into your mouth, pouring from my cock - and another spurt - and another - filling your mouth with cum - and you pull me out of your lips, wanting to see it, your tongue sliding around my orgasming cock as another long spurt splashes up your cheek, and another one and another, spurting over your face, dripping down your chin, dribbling down onto your breasts, and another tremor ripples through you, coming as I come, more of your wetness spurting from your cunt as you squeeze the last of my cum from my cock, watching it trail down onto your sweet breasts...


previous comments:

beautifully written.. thank you for the lovely tingly stuff :)
slutbaby, October 21st, 2004

it was my pleasure, slutbaby x
dirtyboy, October 21st, 2004

As always DB you paint a wonderful picture in ones mind. Thank you
Muse, October 22nd, 2004

Makes me wet every time I read it. :)
Naughty Girl, October 23rd, 2004

wondering if you have another room for rent ;) delicious
sexymagickdesires, October 24th, 2004

Muse - thankyou, sweet of you to say so, glad you enjoyed it x
Naughty Girl - good, I love making you wet xx
sexymagick - TWO girls staying with me...? Hmmm... now there's an idea for future episodes... ;)
dirtyboy, October 24th, 2004

You know, this is SO good I can't read it all at once.... It's just too much for me to handle! But oh it is good Roger, it is so very good. You are a sexual genius... mmm yes.
randy Randi, October 25th, 2004

Randi, I quite like the idea of it just being too much for you to take in one go - and pleased you enjoyed it - more to follow by the end of the week xxx
dirtyboy, October 25th, 2004

Roger, this is intense. I may not have realized what I was getting into when I asked for the segments as one long read. It's good, though... you have one wet girl sitting here. Mmmm....
Tess, October 25th, 2004

Tess - it's quite deliberately intense - and I'm glad that comes across better in this collected version - and thankyou, I love making you wet xx
dirtyboy, October 26th, 2004

ohhh my.... you just get better and better.... I'm alll hot and horny yet again......*wanders off to play*
Wanton Witch, November 09th, 2004

Wanton Witch - glad you're having fun in the archives, I love getting you so turned on x
dirtyboy, November 09th, 2004

i want you on me... im laying on my stomach on my bed...rubbing my wet clit on the bed.... masturbating for you... i want you to kiss my nipples.. and hold my breasts.... i want you to be so hard inside me...ahhhhhaaaa... im getting an orgasm just thinking about it... i want u to cum in me....*heavy breathing* im moaning for u... i want u in a virgin and i want u to b my first... please come to california for me..... im soaking wet... cum dripping down my thighs... its for you..... come lick me ... eat me... im yours... your virgin.... my clit is pounding so hard... im rubbing it like u told me feels so tingly... lick me roger..... eat me....i want u in meeeeee......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
Roger's Virgin, March 26th, 2005

WOW! Just found thise one in the archives... I LOVE this one... I'm so hot for you, Roger...
Please take me...

wendolin - I'm pleased to see you've been having fun exploring ;)
Hope you came deliciously - and I'd love to take you - wrap your thighs around me...

I love your archives roger...i just had the most delicious orgasm....its still ebbing through me, and I want much more. I want you to fuck me so hard deep and fast and hard again and again...please roger fuck me

I love getting you so greedy, dukky - and I so love it when you come for me so deliciously... and of course I'll fuck you, just come over here and slip astride me ;)

roger, you are such a tease- i love it. id really love to slip over you and ride u hard and to see your face as i please you. mmmmm sounds like fun...

Just so long as you gasp my name when you come all over me, dukky ;)

I think I could go better than just gasping your name a little bit...i already do that when i am alone and thinking of you, like i am now. no, if we were fucking you would get all my lovely dirty thoughts whispered right into your ear...or screamed into the night as your lovely cock thrusts into me again and again...mmmmm

Oh god, look at the yummy things hiding in your archives...

You're not going to believe me, but it's true: I hadn't read this when I wrote my massage piece. None of it. I am stunned at how similar they are. Stunned.

I know you won't believe me Headmaster Birch, but I didn't copy that Fundaments of Perfect Geometry: A Massage to the Student Body essay of yours, the one in the School Archives. It's just that, well,

In the Thirst Place, I wanted to lay out my axia, bare and raw, and plane as day.

In the Suck-end, I wanted to lick the problem of Stationary Polarity within a Vortex of Friction

Next, I wanted to show that the Fundament Rules can be a place of Levels, Laws, and Primal Members in Open Sets

In the Fur-th Place, I wanted ro show that the quickest way from point A to point Oooohhhh! is often through Vortex Oooohhhh! of the T-T-Oooohhhh! Triangle. This is fur-ther explicated through an Area of Fuzzy Logic.

The Fifth Place, as we know, is ruled by the Digits, and is most often satisfied -- the other four places being occupied by Place-holders -- is a Rule of Thumb.

Of course, once the Polarity is introduced to Vortex Oooohhhh! of the Triangle T-T-Oooohhhh!, the Fundaments of Geometry are satisfied -- Quim Et Dick...

If you have issue with this, then I am steaming glad.... ;-D~

I just hope you view our syllabus, for Advancing Into Her Trigonometry: An Oral Description of the Topography of the Geometry of the Body of Laws...

And take refresher course HNT-2 at Damp Grotto Hall, while you're at it. Also, there's a bit of Soviet History I believe you've neglected.... As has the Rest of the Class.

leatherargento - you can plead as articulately as you like, it still won't stop you being called into the headmaster's office, being bent over my lap, and spanked very hard.




Such treasures in your archives!! This is definitely my favourite story so far! So sensual and intense... wow!

The massage oil will be within reach tonight... ;o)

I'm very glad you like it as I'm planning to do a major rewrite of this story shortly... x

Oh dear God. *Fans self* I have never been more turned on than I am now. No toy will do, I don't want fingers, I don't want anything that vibrates.

I'm so wet. My cunt's throbbing so hard. My fingers are just making it worse, stroking my pussy lips and my clit. God, Roger...

I want your cock. Right now. I need to be fucked. Can't you tell? I want to feel you deep inside me. I'm your dirty little slut and I want your cock so bad...;)

such a pleasure to excite you so intensely, hinoka - come and sit astride my lap, I'd very much love to fuck you... ;) x

That's a nice little idea, the beginning of that tv-evening just made me grin. But you smile a lot there and it's slightly abrupt after asking her what she thinks. I also would have loved to read about how they seperated after the first incidence.

laure - to be honest, I've been thinking about rewriting this one for some time - it was one of the first stories that I wrote for the blog, and it's definitely in need of a spruce-up. Eventually I'll get around to it... ;)

ive been reading a few of your writings and i just dont get how you can turn me on so much

im laying here on my bed, one hand on typing, the other stroking my wet pussy. . .

mmm... such a gorgeous image... and that's just what I'm here for - to arouse you intensely... to make you come... hope you were able to get there, as I do so very much love to make you come...

oh yes
i was able to get there and then some


This is absolutely fucking amazing, and it left me dripping wet for you, Roger.

MMmmmm I'm gonna put my little friend to use tonight thinking about that.... shall I cum for you?

Rose - it's rather lovely knowing you're delving around in the archives like this - feeling particularly horny today? ;)
And yes, you should definitely cum for me tonight - in fact, I insist ;) xx

mmmm just found your page and I must say I will definately cum tonight thanks to you

flirty - I certainly hope you will come, gorgeously and delightfully - hope you're enjoying discovering the archives ;) x

fuck meeeeeeee! that was amazing! a male friend gave me ur blog website the best thing he's ever done!! i love the archives especially the sophie stories but then i found these ones!! am proud to be english ; ) will be spreading the word to my female friends and will be cumming back for more!

mmm thankyou - I'm delighted you're having such a good time ;)
I definitely hope you will be back for more, and yes, tell your friends, hopefully it'll be a lovely present for them ;) xx

I'm thinking of all your readers laying in bed with fingers and vibes dancing in their cunts while reading this story. It's delightful that I am one of them. I will lie in bed tonight while you take me to a new high filled with lust as I cum again.. You are a true artist and I love experiencing your talent.

WHY OH WHY had I not read this before? This is one of my favorites, to be turned on!

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