Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12:07 AM

Indulging in good cybersex takes time - basically time to find a good partner (or preferably two or three) who excites you. Not as easy as it sounds - if you're a guy, it seems that at least half (probably more) of the girls on sexual chat sites are actually men masquerading as women, which is no fun if (like me) you're heterosexual - you have to find ways to weed out the strange ones. For women it's tricky too - most men on sex chat sites seem to be complete morons (why is that?), so women have to be on their guard too. With patience and determination, I've managed to get myself a couple of regular partners who I really like to talk to, and the sex comes naturally, as it might if on a real date. I find it lots of fun when done well, and like to save really good sessions.

The following is a recent session with a long time chat friend (I'll call her Tracy here) - definitely a (rather attractive) girl as I've watched her on her webcam (I'm so bad!). She's in her early 30s and married, and I have a partner too, so that all adds to the secret excitement of our occassional sessions.

I'm not sure whether this will really work as erotica - the nature of cybersex means that it's pretty explicit and direct (or at least, it is the way we do it) - but if you can put up with the explicit language and the spelling and grammar mistakes (which crop up more often as we get closer and closer to coming - I've resisted editing the text, as I'm worried about losing the rhythm of our chat), then hopefully you'll enjoy this as something a bit different - see what you think - have fun! Bear in mind that this is only the actual sex part of the conversation - we talked and flirted for a couple of hours before we got to this point, feeling very horny...

roger: is your dressing gown back on? Don't want you to catch a chill
tracy: nope I'm really warm lol
roger: warm and naked?
tracy: yep
roger: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
roger: me too – and you’ve got me very hard…
tracy: just the way i like you… mmmmmmm…
roger: lets get dirty again then… stroke my cock...
tracy: mmm…. running my hand down your body to your cock, stroking it gently
roger: mmmmmm... looking down at you... watching you... cock starting to harden..
tracy: kissing your chest
roger: mmmmm... brushing my fingers through your hair
tracy: …which you wouldn’t have noticed is a lot shorter now lol
roger: I like it - suits you a lot, keep it that way
roger: I grabbed a photo from your cam, and you look very very pretty in it, I think, as always - hair very sexy too
tracy: blushes
tracy: my hand taking a firmer grip on your erection
tracy: moving gently back and forth…
roger: ohhhhh.... sliding my hands down your back
tracy: continuing to kiss your chest... moving down your body
roger: mmmmm.... my fingers running up and dwon your bare back, gently caressing you
tracy: kissing gently around your pubic area, my other fingers running down the top of your leg
roger: ohhhh... my cock very erect... brushing against your face
tracy: my mouth moving past your hard cock and down to your balls... nibbling softly on them
roger: feels good... cock throbbing... wanting you.... hands drifting round to your breasts
tracy: moving my face up to your erection, just letting you feel my breath on your throbbing cock…
roger: god.... so turned on with the teasing.... gently stroking your breasts... my fingers brushing round your nipples
tracy: mmmmm… my nipples hardening, just through being teased
roger: squeezing them gently
tracy: hold on a second rog – my cats are fighting - brb sorry
roger: okay lol
roger: stroking my cock here while i wait.... very erect here.... want you so-o-o-o-o much...
roger: very turned on...
tracy: im back! Sorry about that…
roger: it’s okay, silly.... sat down and comfy?
tracy: yep – where were we…?
tracy: I remember – I want your cock in my mouth…
roger: then open your legs just a little first...
roger: now, for real...
tracy: I already have
roger: is your hand between your legs between typing~?
tracy: no… something better... ; )
roger: vibe? good.... just enjoy it for a few moments...
roger: want you to get really wet...
tracy: what do you want, floods? lol – I’m soaking already - dont think its gonna take me long to come...
roger: god… lol - I'm just trying to get a mental picture - is your vibrator inside, or just buzzing against your clit...?
tracy: buzzing - dont want it in me yet, just going withthe moment
roger: okay - so where were we (I'm VERY erect after that)
tracy: mmmmmm…
tracy: my mouth needing to taste you
roger: mmmm - tell me when you slip the vibe inside... I need you to suck my cock...
tracy: well you should know - inbetween typing I’m rubbing it gently against my clit... doing it right now… feels good...
roger: mmmmm - tell me all that stuff - I love to know what you're doing, it turns me on really big.... okay, my cock still brushing against your face, my fingers caressing your nipples...
tracy: kissing your hard cock… stroking you at the same time… taking you into my mouth… sucking greedily…
roger: ohhh... erection throbbing in your mouth.....
roger: squeezing your nipples a little harder...
roger: wishing i could reach your clit...
tracy: let’s get comfy - getting you to lie down
roger: laying down on the bed
tracy: moving into the 69 postion...
roger: mmmmmmm... sliding my hands over your bum, pulling you down onto my face
tracy: mmmmmm... my clit throbbing...
tracy: taking ypur cock back into my mouth
roger: ohhhh fuck yes.... my tongue sliding over your clit
roger: lapping at your cunt
roger: tasting your wetness
tracy: oooooohh myyyyy (rubbing vibe round hole - veryt wet now...)
roger: ohhh god.... I'm stroking my cock between sentences - got precum here, so being careful not to go too quick
tracy: :-)
roger: my tongue sliding round and round your clit
tracy: taking your cock full into my mouth... sucking and licking you… exploring your hard cock with my lips and tongue… god…
roger: ohhh fuck... still licking your clit... sliding two fingers between the lips of your cunt... pushing in gently
tracy: ooooooooooohh... god roger... gonna come soon....
roger: your wetness dripping down my fingers as they slide inside you
roger: pushing in deep, my tongue flicking over your clit
tracy: fuckkkkk... insertin vibrator...
tracy: god… it’s inside me now roger…. fuckkk
roger: ohhh god.... mustnt.... cum..... lol - fingers now sliding in and out, a gentle rhythm
roger: fucking you with my fingers
tracy: ohhhhh god... sucking you fast and hard now... myclit throbbing in your mouth
roger: mouth now sucking on your clit, drinking your juices... inserting another finger - pushing inside you deep
tracy: god roger i cant hold it back
roger: stroking gorgeously, rubbing you harder
roger: my other hand sliding over your bum
tracy: fuckkkk.. gonna come...
roger: don’t hold it back tracy… I want you to come..... pushing my fingers deep and hard
roger: my tongue lapping at your clit
tracy: ohh fukkkk roger i cant stop
roger: your juices pouring over my face
roger: sucking you passionately
tracy: fukkkk roger………… am cummiinnnnn
roger: yessssssssssssssss
roger: your body shuddering over me
roger: your wetness splashing over my face
roger: fingers thrusting deep
roger: bringing out your orgasm
tracy: ohh godddd
roger: then gently slowing....
roger: teasing you with my fingers...
roger: your body slowing....
roger: lapping up the wetness with my tongue
roger: swallowing it
roger: my chin gorgeously wet with your juices
roger: mmmmmmmmmm
tracy: fuckkkkk roger… god.... that was a strong one
tracy: phewwww
roger: wowzer... I really really REALLY love making you cum...
roger: want to keep going, or need a break...?
tracy: 1 min needed to compose myself lol
roger: lol
roger: and mop up a bit
roger: I had your photo next to me - very easily visualised you coming...
roger: have yourself a ciggie lol
tracy: i hate having to stop - are you still ok there?
tracy: still nice and hard?
roger: I'm fine, don't worry – have a rest for a few mins and we'll go back to it when you're ready - I know you're not a multiple orgasm kinda girl
roger: cos you told me
tracy: lol yep - just getting my breath back - trembling here...
roger: mmmmmmm... so where do you put the vibe after this? Is it on your desk?
roger: still visualising...
tracy: yep its on the desk
roger: still plenty of battery power? lol
tracy: of course – I always remember to keep new batteries in lol
roger: lol
tracy: it tastes good too...
roger: blimey I'm horny - just calming down here - forgive me if i stay filthy but can't help it
roger: and you licked it clean?
roger: god...
roger: (throb throb)
tracy: i wont deny, its a nice taste...
roger: I bet it is.

(some general chat edited out here while she chills out and we talk for a few minutes - then the cybering continued...)

tracy: anyway... where was i?
roger: lol
roger: time to get you warmed up again, I think
tracy: mmmmm
roger: lay back on the bed, tracy
tracy: ooooo goody happy.gif
roger: lol
tracy: laying back on the bed as a good girl does lol
roger: I should think so too lol. leaning over you and kissing you
roger: tasting your lips
roger: my hands sliding down your body
roger: down between your breasts
roger: still kissing you
tracy: mmmmm
roger: my fingers drifting over your nipples
roger: gently squeezing
roger: kissing your neck
roger: my hand moving down
roger: over your belly
roger: down over your pubes
roger: between your legs
roger: finding your clit
roger: stroking gently
roger: round and round
roger: teasing your clit as my lips move down your body
tracy: mmmmm... feels good... hands moving through your hair as you touch me...
roger: lips moving down to your breasts
roger: tongue sliding round a nipple
roger: my fingers still gently stroking your clit
roger: starting the rhythm
roger: sucking on your nipple
roger: feeling it harden in my mouth
roger: you’ve gone very quiet - what are you up to over there? lol
tracy: lol - i've just fallen off the chair lol
roger: lol
roger: how the heck did you manage that???
tracy: was getting comfy to play again - slid too far forward and the chair came out from under me lol
roger: oh dear - are you okay
tracy: i will be when i stop laughing - how embarrassing...
roger: lol
roger: sore bottom lol
tracy: nah - I think alcohol numbed the pain lol
roger: lol
roger: good thing too - please try and compose yourself
tracy: i will lol
tracy: ok im all yours... wink.gif
roger: with your bruised bum lol
tracy: yep, its part of me now
roger: lol
roger: where was I...?
tracy: you were gonna get on your back on the bed...
tracy: NOW!
roger: oh alright lol
roger: on my back again.....
roger: yum
tracy: getting astride you - my hands holding yours above your head
roger: oooooo - shall I be submissive them (miss)
tracy: you dont have a choice... wink.gif
roger: mmmmm... struggling a little.. unable to move as you hold me
roger: looking up at you, a little nervous
tracy: my mouth moving to yours... kissing you hard
roger: kissing you back, hard and passionate
tracy: mouth moving round, i start to bite on your ear - not hard.. not soft..
roger: ohhhh... moving underneath you... feeling your naked body against mine
tracy: getting off you - making you lie on your tummy
roger: rolling over
tracy: climbing back astride you, hands holding yours down again
roger: ohhhhh.... helpless now
tracy: kissing the back of your neck
roger: ohhhh... feels good....
tracy: running my tongue around your ear
roger: can feel your breasts brushing against my back
tracy: moving down your body... kissing you all the way down
roger: ohhh god....
tracy: reaching your bum... biting on it playfully
roger: ohhhh... pain and pleasure... cock hardening against the bed
tracy: i continue to kiss downwards - moving down one leg, then up the other
roger: god.... feels good... I'm very erect again here tracy...
tracy: i stop at your bum and make you turn over again...
roger: rolling over
roger: masturbating between sentences
tracy: mmmmmm... I’d love to be able to see you… happy.gif
tracy: now facing your cock... i start to lick your balls with my tongue
roger: ohhh fuck.... penis throbbing hard.... wanting attention badly
tracy: kissing around your cock and moving upwards, still kissing
roger: fuck yes... breathing heavily....
roger: wanting... needing
tracy: making sure your cock is inbetween my tits... and i hold them together and move up and down...
roger: ohhhhh fuck yesss
tracy: while kissing your nipple
tracy: tongue circling around it
roger: my cock sliding between your breasts
roger: loving the feeling
roger: watching, so turned on
roger: precum dripping from the head
tracy: moving back down to lap up your pre cum
tracy: tongue licking around the tip of your cock
roger: god.... holding back.... cock so hard...
roger: hands sliding through your hair
roger: pushing you down
tracy: moving back up your body... holding your hands down once more
tracy: rubbing my clit with your cock
roger: ohh god.... please mistress... I want you...
tracy: teasing you...
roger: cock getting wet
tracy: i letthe tip enter my wet pussy
roger: fuckkkkk
tracy: i feel you trying to push up... but iwont let you
roger: god.... body trembling.... need to be inside you so much
roger: please mistress
roger: begging you
tracy: i start kissing you again
roger: please fuck me
roger: kissing you back
tracy: as i do so, i fully lower myself onto you... sliding all the way down onto your cock...
roger: ohhhhhhhh fuck yesss
roger: feeling your cunt slide down my erection
roger: so hot and wet
roger: kissing you
tracy: then i start to fuck you hard and fast...
roger: god yes...
roger: fucking you back - thrusting up deep and hard
tracy: my hands still holding yours over your head
roger: feeling your cunt sliding up and down my cock
roger: struggling now
roger: wanting to stroke your breasts
roger: trying to take one into my mouth
tracy: moving my body up and down
roger: god yes....
roger: so good...
tracy: so hard i feel your balls rubbing against my ass
roger: thrusting up hard in rhythm...
roger: wanting you to cum again
tracy: so close now rog... very wet here... i roll over - taking you with me so you’re on top
roger: taking hold of your hands
roger: holding them over your head hard
tracy: ohhhhhhhhhh
roger: and starting to fuck you hard and deep
roger: my cock slamming inside you
tracy: fuckkkk... my legs high and wide
roger: my balls banging against your bum
roger: thrusting harder, deeper
roger: fucking you tracy
roger: holding you down
tracy: moving my body with yours
tracy: meeting every thrust... godd rog you’re gonna make me come again...
roger: leaning over you, kissing you
roger: pushing deeper and deeper
roger: fucking you and fucking you and fucking you
roger: my cock throbbing hard
roger: wanting to cum
roger: holding it back
tracy: dont hold back roger... please... I want you to cum...
tracy: lifting my head... sucking your nipples
roger: ohhh fuck
roger: throwing your legs over my shoulders
roger: thrusting deeper into your cunt
tracy: ohhhh fuckkk#
tracy: screaming your name - im so close now roger
roger: ohhh god - dont hold back, tracy - my body moving against yours
roger: my cock sliding deeper inside you
roger: feeling yuuor cunt sucking on my cock with each thrust
tracy: wanting your cock in my mouth
roger: ohh fuck... tracy it'll make me cum...
tracy: i want you to cum... please... spurt your cum all over me... god roger…
roger: pulling out of your cunt
roger: my cock dripping with your juices
roger: getting astride your body
roger: sliding my cock between your breasts
tracy: ohhh fuckkkkk
roger: with each thrust my cock sliding up to your face
roger: so hard and wet from yuor juices
tracy: holding my tits together as my tongue tastes your cock
roger: ohhhhhhh
roger: take me in your mouth
tracy: holding your cock
tracy: taking you full in my mouth
tracy: sucking you hard
roger: fuck..... cock throbbing hard
roger: can feel my cum starting to surge up my length
tracy: mouth moving back anf forth
tracy: feeling you throb
roger: ohhhhhh fuck here it comes.....
roger: gonna cum over your face...
tracy: god yesss - taking your cock out of my mouth
roger: fuckkk tracyy
roger: ohhhfuck im cominnn
roger: nnnnnnnnnnnnng
tracy: fuckkkk... feeling your cum start to spurt on my face
tracy: its so hot
tracy: holdin my tongue out
tracy: licking up all your cum
roger: god... spurtin all over yur face
tracy: cant holdd it back.... rog im cominnn
roger: come tracy... i want you to come......
tracy: fukkkkkkkkkk... cominnnnnbb
roger: ohhhhh wow baby......
tracy: ohhh godd.....
tracy: fuck… god that felt good… still throbbing…
roger: god… you drive me crazy…
tracy: god rog - phew! lol
tracy: ive wet the chair lol… my god…
roger: mmmmmmmmmmm......
tracy: wow baby... deep breaths lol
roger: me too......
roger: fuck.....
roger: god that was good....
tracy: mmmmm
roger: got my cum all over my belly .... god tracy
roger: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
roger: phew!!!
tracy: yet again roger you were fucking amazing… happy.gif
roger: hang on.. just mopping up lol
tracy: lol
roger: k - more or less sorted lol
roger: I really needed that!
roger: You are bloody fantastic, girl
tracy: giving u a big hug and snog
roger: mmmmmm - hugging you back - watch out or you'll get a sticky tum lol
roger: need more tissue lol
tracy: lol - hey i have to wait every 4 weeks for this – I have to make most of it lol
roger: I know - me too lol
roger: should we keep going? I know it's 2am, but i don't care tonight lol - no work in the morning
tracy: lol
tracy: i think I’ll be needing my bed soon - you've worn me out lol
roger: me too really lol

(followed by some post-orgasm cuddly chat...)

Hope you liked it!



Now being a fan of cyber sex I have to say that I agree with all of the above comments, trust and weeding out weirdos are not an easy thing to find. Especially when you're as fussy as I am ;0)
Thanks for sharing your chat, just shows that other people are "normal".
frozendesire, February 17th, 2004

I know what you mean - I'm fussy too, it's the only way to be, whether in chat or real life! And i think it's fine to enjoy cybersex - it can be very creative and lots of fun, so long as you give yourself plenty of time, privacy (obviously!), and you're prepared to indulge in humour and flirtation - that's the kind of cyber partner I've always liked. Should you ever be in the mood to indulge, feel free to drop me a line on Messenger - my Messenger name is 'itsroger1uk' - always keen to meet new people (so long as they're not big smelly male truck drivers lol)
dirtyboy, February 17th, 2004

my god, i needed that..that was great..
sexymagickdesires, February 17th, 2004

Thankyou - it's a huge turn-on for me that you enjoyed it so much - I'm posting another cybersex session later today that I've saved - hope you like it as much
dirtyboy, February 18th, 2004

wow, i really enjoyed it...looking forward to more!
sextrip, April 22nd, 2004

thankyou - there's plenty more cybersex elsewhere in the blog - feel free to dip into the archives (on the left of the page there), you'll find lots more...
dirtyboy, April 22nd, 2004

Thank you for this...i really got turned on by this my boyfriend and i had great sex..thanks for the help
Kinky baby, October 23rd, 2004

my pleasure Kinky baby - always happy to be of assistance, and glad you enjoyed it x
dirtyboy, October 28th, 2004

if i didnt know better i'd say you had read my mind ??????????? lol mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm thanks dirtyboy !! xxxx

anonymous - glad you liked it ;) - and I wasn't reading your mind, I was just peeking over your shoulder ;)

always a pleasure to make you cum, cathectic - so pleased you enjoyed it ;)

Wowsers Dirty Boy. I havent done cybersex for quite awhile but I thought I was reading one of my own while reading yours. So close. Thanks for the memories.

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