ask me three questions

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 11:46 AM

Okay, since everyone else is doing it, I'll join in - ask me three questions, anything you like, sexual or just inquisitive, and I'll answer them in here for you, and be as honest and open as I can.

Don't be shy, if there's anything you really want to know, now's your chance, I'll tell you anything...


previous comments:

1. how old are you?
2. what color is your hair?
3. what do you do for a living?

i'm inquisitive today happy.gif
sexymagickdesires, April 29th, 2004

1. 39
2. Dark brown and messy - that one's in my minimal profile, but no, I never read them either...
3. I'm going to duck and dive on this one - this blog is so explicit and open and describes real things that I've done, so I'm careful not to reveal too much about myself personally.
Oh dear - I'm clearly going to be rubbish at this answering questions malarkey! Hopefully I'll do better on the next ones...
dirtyboy, April 29th, 2004 make up for not answering the 3rd question, here's another question:
are you ever going to finish the story about katie?
sexymagickdesires, April 29th, 2004

Yes, definitely - I've started the next part two or three times, but it's got to the really explicit stuff now, and that night was such a turn on for me that I've found myself unable to get more than a couple of sentences written before I have to bring myself to orgasm. But yes, I definitely will.
dirtyboy, April 30th, 2004

1. Are there good ways to tell if someone is going to be a good cybersex parter for you?
2. Are there good ways to tell they are going to be awful at it?
3. What are the most important things in making it successful?
remittance girl, May 04th, 2004

ooo - more questions - here goes...

1. I find it really difficult, sometimes you just have to suck it and see (if you'll pardon the expression). If you read a few of my cybers in here, you'll see the way I like to play, but when meeting someone in a chatroom I find it really tricky to tell. I usually try talking to them for a while first, and if the conversation flows and we get on (and especially if there's some humour), I usually can tell from that whether cyber will work. It really comes down to - do I like them, are they flirting nicely, do they seem like they might have a fun imagination, and if it seems right, I'll give it a go (assuming the girl is up for it too). I tend to like to chat for quite a while first, if only to completely satisfy myself that they're female!
2. Generally, if the spelling and grammar is atrocious, and the first thing they say is "I want to do it hard up your arse" (or words to that effect), my advice is to ignore them! Look for cyber-partners the same way you'd look for a real one - if you like them, then it might be worth trying to cyber, if that's the way the conversation goes.
3. For me, I like it very descriptive and dirty, and paying attention to what the other one is doing, and responding to it. Also the longer the better - I like to come whilst cybering, and especially like the girl to come too, so I usually hold back as long as I can, lots of foreplay, really drawing out the sex, until she just has to come - and as she reaches orgasm, I do too. So lots of 'listening' and imagination, and preferably masturbating as the cyber progresses, all the way to orgasm - that's how I like it.
dirtyboy, May 04th, 2004

...and by the way - thankyou for linking me x.
I'll be having a dip into your blog myself over the next day or two...
dirtyboy, May 04th, 2004

Thanks for the very thorough answers to the questions. I'm actually thinking of doing a masters on something very akin to this subject, so I'm very grateful when someone actually gives this sort of an aswer.
remittance girl, May 05th, 2004

1. Do you use porn and if so, what is your favourite kind and why?
2. Have you had a threesome and if so, would you describe it please?
3. Where women are concerned, what do you think is your most attractive quality?
DitryTalkinGirl, May 05th, 2004

remittance girl: a masters degree in cybersex? well at least the research will be fun! feel free to email me if you want more detailed replies about anything specific. And yes, I've read the first half of your novel - I'm not really into BDSM, but it's intelligent and very erotic - wonderfully written - I came very hard reading the April 22nd entry, so it clearly had the desired effect...
dirtyboy, May 06th, 2004

DTG - some replies for you:
1. Yes I do, though I don't really have a favourite. Audio erotica is one of my favourites at the moment I guess - I love being able to use my imagination whilst listening to the girl come - but I love all types of porn really.
2. Sadly no, but I think about it all the time!
3. I have no idea! Possibly my rogueish good looks lol.
dirtyboy, May 06th, 2004

damnit u say about ur im dying to see ur face.but its okay i understand wink.gif u cannot reveal to much to urself
sexxay, June 30th, 2004

too much ABOUT* urself.sory baby turned on about everything i read from fingers are slippery wink.gif
sexxay, June 30th, 2004

I'd love to be able to post photographs of myself, and I'm not especially shy that way (I have plenty of naked photos of myself, from photo sessions I've done with girlfriends in the past), but in here there's the concern about being recognised, which would be officially A Bad Thing. I like your curiousity though - hopefully if and when you imagine me, I look pretty good, if only for the sake of my ego!
And I love knowing that reading my blog has got you so wet... xx
dirtyboy, July 01st, 2004

What are your thoughts on being spanked, does it make you cum?
Phil, October 15th, 2004

I quite like being playfully spanked, and it would possibly make me cum if done when the sex was getting particularly intense, but as a rule I prefer to do the spanking, I must admit.
dirtyboy, October 15th, 2004

Just three... :(

1. Eye colour?
2. You have a free night, do u do to the theater, a gallery or sit beside ur fire place wif a good book?
3. characteristics of an attractive woman (physical and personality wise)

BTW Roger, if u need a 3some partner - i have passport :D *chuckle*


1. Hazel
2. The theatre sounds fun, but given a choice it'd probably be the book...
3. Ahh no, I love all my readers, without exception!
And by all means, come right over ;)

1. Boxers or briefs?
2. Have you ever had sex someplace public; elevator, restaurant,airplane?
3. If I cum all over my fingers, will you fly over here and lick it all up for me?

1) I wear both - sometimes briefs, sometimes lycra boxers - the latter are my preference (if you're buying me some lol)

2) I have on occassion, yes - have a look in the archives at the 'outdoor sex' posts, which relate some of my adventures in that area ;)

3) mmm, sounds a delicious idea ;)

1. how do you feel about younger 18ish?
2. where is your favorite place to have sex?
3. Are you married?

ooo! New questions! ;)
1. I think 18 year olds can be just delicious. I'm guessing you're 18? I'm more than twice your age so WAY too old for you, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't still look at you lustfully if I found you attractive, maybe smile at you flirtatiously ;)

2. My favourite place to have sex, and it's boring I know, but it would be here in my lovely big bed. Or your lovely big bed. Or in the shower. Or up aganst the wall. Or on a deserted beach. Actually, anywhere lol.

3. Nope, I'm single.


Ah, I did say I'd ask you some questions didn't I... Let's see.

1) Blue eyes or green eyes on a girl?
2) Do you use sex toys at all? If so, what ones?
3) Generally would you want it hard and fast or gentle and loving?

katie - mmm some new questions...

1. hmmm... there are definite merits to both - blue can be sensual and passionate, green is quirky and mysterious - couldn't I have a blue eyed girl and a green eyed girl at the same time? ;)
2. I've been known to use a vibe on occassion, either in my ass or against my cock - though I dont use them much as it desensitises me - I prefer using a toy on a girl...
3. Again, I'm greedy and want both - I'd want to start out gentle and loving, then move to a little hard and fast, then some more loving... I love variety...

Someone posted about wanting to know what you look like but honestly even though I have tried to picture so many times I think that it makes the experience of reading your blog so much more rich and pleasureable in so many ways not knowing what you look like exactly. I have always imagined you tall, with dark hair. Someone who would take control and call me a dirty little whore when I needed it. But someone who would have the sensitivity enough to know when I need him to be soft and gentle. And you wouldn't feel jilted in either situation as long as you know that I am taken care of and satisfied. That is how I imagine keep the real description to yourself and leave the rest to me.

I am indeed tall with dark hair, and yes, I prefer to let your own imaginations do the rest - though what you describe definitely sounds just like me ;) x

Three questions . . . hmmm.If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do? Who would you rather be with (in a relationship, not just sex)a woman who is strikingly beautiful, or an ordinary--pretty, of course--woman with a great sense of humour? When are you gonna be awake at 2 a.m., so I can talk to you?

1)Okay, so you're not married... Do you have a girlfriend?

2) If not, where do you "get some" (sexually) from? ;D

3) What do we have to do to talk to you on AIM or MSN?

Hi curious girlie x

1)I am most definitely not married. And the question along with it... ahh, I get asked that one so often... ;)

2)I get some sexually on a delightfully regular basis. More than that, I cannot tell, I'm afraid my lips are sealed ;)

3)My Messenger alias is on my profile, though I rarely have time to chat these days, as much as I enjoy it. If you want to talk to me, your best bet is to email me - I always answer emails, and I'd love to chat with you like that x

Hmmm three questions.

1)Do you like to blind folded during sweet sex (art of surprise and sensation)?
2)Would you let a girl fuck you with a strap on? (Sweetly of course)
3) What is your favorite sex aide. (You seem to like using oil)?

mmm at last, more questions!
1)I love to be blindfolded, yes, particularly if I'm tied up, so that not only do I not know what will happen next, but I'm also helpless to do anything about it - so yes, blindfolds can be just delicious...
2) Yes, I definitely would - I've dabbled a little with anal play, and one of my so far unfulfilled fantasies is to be taken by a girl wearing a strap-on, fucking me from behind, up my ass. When I finally get around to doing it, I'll write a story about it ;)
3) Oil, definitely, yes - but I'm pretty much open to anything - oil, vibes, straps, floggers, dildos - it all depends upon my mood, but I don't rule anything like that out, if it's fun, then I like to try it ;)
and thankyou - some fun questions there ;) xx

Strap-ons are delightful. Particularly double ended as then the girls get some tingles as well.

Such a change in power hhhmmm just the thought is making me wet.


Yes, it's that change in power that I love too - being taken, penetrated, used - delightful notions ;)

1. What was the sexiest thing someone ever said to you? (What was the situation?)

2. What kind of music do you like during sex or do prefer your own sounds?

2,5. Have you ever stripped to music for a girl?

3. Do you prefer a girl's pubic hair to be trimmed (a certain pattern maybe), entirely smooth (more men than I thought seem to be disturbed by that) or left wild? Have you ever shaved your partner?


Hi Leah - questions - hurrah! I love doing this though my replies are always rubbish...
1. This one is very difficult, as I have an atrocious memory - so I'm going to go for a recent one - in the recent audio interview (the one I split into three parts), one of the questions at the end (which was, in fact, edited out due to what we were up to at the time) was one of her own questions: "If you were to fuck me right now... would you want to fuck me in my mouth... in my cunt... or in my ass...?"
Quite the most intensely erotic direct question I've ever been asked. I'm sure you can imagine what it led to...
2. I've never needed music during sex, I must admit I prefer the direct stimulation of the sounds we make as we fuck... I love the sounds of sex...
2.5 LOL - what a great question! Sadly I never have, but I think it's a brilliant idea!
3. For preference, neatly trimmed, but I don't mind if it's growing wild - either is fine by me. Completely shaven is a definite no-no, I like a little hair there myself... and no, I've never shaved anyone but myself...

1. lol, men are so easy. And I can imagine what your answer was.

Thanks for answering.

I discovered your blog today and spend some time reading. I hope you don't mind me being nosey and asking a few questions, too.

1. How often a day do you think about sex? How long after meeting someone do you wonder what they are like in bed?
2. What was the most sensual experience you have had that did not include sex?
3. Do you like to use endearments? What do you like/hate being called by a woman?

eva - I'd be happy to - and I hope you're enjoying exploring ;)

1. I think about sex all the time lol - though more in a sort of passing way - early mornings and late evenings (especially) are the time I spend on my blog, writing posts, answering comments, replying to emails - so then especially - and if I have attractive female company, then it's fairly constant then too lol. On the second question, I consider myself a gentleman and rarely think about this until the actual moment I'm in bed with them - I think about touching them sometimes, but rarely anything specific, more of a general "mmm... she's nice..." kinda thing.

2. I think for this one I'd have to go for the experience related in the 'photographing katie' posts - specifically the earlier chapters.

3. Endearments are fine by me, though I do tend to cringe if called 'babe' or 'baby'...

Do you only write erotic stories? Is there a difference between women and men when it comes to writing about sex? Would you be up for a challenge where your readers name things you have to work into one story, like certain sentences, settings, activities, etc.?

1. I write lots of other stuff, though I can't really tell you about it in here as (a) it would be dull and (b) that's my secret other life lol ;) I think I talk a little about it in the first of my audio interviews though...
2. It's hard for me to say - there are a lot of delightfully filthy female blogs out there, just as explicit as mine, so i'd say that for the most part the only real difference is in the outlook. I think this is a question you could answer better than me...
And 3. Yep I'm definitely up for that challenge lol - in fact, I'd happily open it up to all the readers, to really make it challenging! Sounds a fun idea!

1. Which toys do you like to use on girls?

2. Recommend some of your favourite dirty books and films.

3. What's your take on strip clubs, whore houses, paying for sex...?

Let's pretend I can't count

4. Is jealousy something you do at all?

5. If you could fuck a language which would it be and in which position?

6. What was the biggest age difference between you and the girl you were with? How did it all play out (if you don’t mind me asking)?

7. What’s your take on monogamy?

8. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Some fun questions here:
1. I'm open to pretty much anything, though nothing beats the pleasure of bringing a girl to orgasm using her favourite vibe...
A paddle can be very useful for spanking too ;)
2. With the generous helpings or erotica available on the net, I rarely indulge in dirty books or movies these days - for an online equivalent though, I can heartily recommend:
3. I have no issue with paying for sex, though it's not something I've ever felt the need to do myself - each to his or her own.
4. Yep, I get jealous too, though it's a terrible emotion, one I really dislike.
5. I would take French roughly from behind ;)
6. I'm not going to reply to this one as I studiously avoid any questions about my personal life, but I don't think age differences are a big deal, so long as both of you are old enough to legally indulge - I've had girlfriends older and younger than myself, and enjoyed both!
7. In my 'real' life I'm very monogamous, one girlfriend at a time is enough for me - though I do actively indulge in threesomes, and so long as you take the feelings of your partner into account and stay within agreed boundaries, I think you can have a lot of fun that way - well, I do anyway!
8. Sadly no lol. Though I do adore going down on girls...

4. Hm. I'll probably never understand why people think non-jealousy is a progress.

what do you look like?
have you ever met someone because of your blog?
what was the experience like?

I’m sorry if some of them were asked already, I just skimmed the comments...

1. Are you very picky with your choice of words when you're writing sex?
2. Which criteria does a story have to meet to be to your liking?
3. What do you think about fan fiction? (you don't have to be diplomatic here, I'm not writing any lol)

ooo more questions! I'll start with the ones from anonymous:

1. I can't be very detailed about the way I look, as Roger is my real name and I have to be careful with my anonymity - though I'm fairly tall, slim, messy brown hair, hazel eyes, and I think I look reasonably attractive - I'm told often that I look 'very English' whatever that means lol
2. I've made a lot of online friends, yes. I also met my current girlfriend through the blog, which isn't something I'd planned, but which has worked out delightfully so far.
3. Such an inquisitive person! Many of the posts I write in my blog are based on real things we've done, which is the best answer you'll get to that one lol.

and now the questions from a...

1. Yes, I'm probably over-picky. I tend to write my posts whilst masturbating, just to get the rhythm right, but then I'll go back over them and tinker with them loads until I feel they're just right. A different word here or there can really make all the difference.
2. I wouldn't say I have a criteria, though I do throw a lot away when I'm writing. It has to be something that I find arousing that day, and that changes from day to day - most importantly, I try to make sure my stories are arousing for my readers, which is never easy to predict, you just write it and hope for the best, really.
3. I think fan fiction can be fun - fantasy is always a wonderful thing, and I've had my own fantasies about famous people from time to time - I'm all in favour of it!

1. Are you indeed attracted to any female that doesn't run fast enough or are there things you're not keen on?

2. What scents do you find arousing?

3. Do you smoke after a romp?

1. I'm not attracted to just anyone, no - there are certain things that I like more than others, and some things I'm not so keen on too. Given that this blog is for everyone though, no matter whether you're blonde or brunette, tall or short etc, I usually avoid answering these questions - I love all my readers unhesitatingly!

2. I honestly have no idea - though I'm not very fond of strong perfume, as it gives me a headache.

3. I most certainly do ;)

What does it take to make you really angry?

These made me laugh, so I copied them for you...

1.What's your font, and why is it sexy?

2.Does writing about sex make you want to have sex?

3.Does having sex make you want to write about sex?

4.Does writing about sex make you want to write about sex?

5.Does having sex make you want to have lunch?

6.Do you ever run your fingers along the pages of an open book as a substitute for self-gratification?

7.If you could take to bed any author, who would that author be?

8.If you could take to bed any fictional character, which character would that be?

9.If you could write yourself into a book, which book, and how would your appearance sexually charge the text?

10.What do you like to read aloud to the person lying post-coitally beside you?

11.If you could sexually satisfy yourself with a book, which book would that be?

12.Do you refuse to see the movie until you've read the book?

13.Do you wait for your partner to get up to use the bathroom before you write down the things she said to you while having sex or do you whip out the notebook while she is still panting in the bed beside you?

And smoking, tsk tsk, do you at least look good when you smoke? ;)

1. at what age did you lose your virginity?
2. when was the last time you got the mitten?
3. what's the longest you've gone without sex?

yikes! I've missed some of these...

em - I never get angry, I'm generally very laid back and chilled out.

anonymous - it's supposed to be three questions lol! One by one...

1.What's your font, and why is it sexy?
Just plain ol' Helvetica and Arial - it looks sexy because you have a very dirty mind ;)

2.Does writing about sex make you want to have sex?

3.Does having sex make you want to write about sex?
Yes lol

4.Does writing about sex make you want to write about sex?
Curiously, yes lol

5.Does having sex make you want to have lunch?
Absolutely, I get hungry!

6.Do you ever run your fingers along the pages of an open book as a substitute for self-gratification?
No lol

7.If you could take to bed any author, who would that author be?
hmmm... DLG ;)

8.If you could take to bed any fictional character, which character would that be?
hmmmm (again) - maybe Betty Boop, I think she'd be fun in bed ;)

9.If you could write yourself into a book, which book, and how would your appearance sexually charge the text?
I think that would go way beyond my generally placid ego lol

10.What do you like to read aloud to the person lying post-coitally beside you?
I prefer to read her my own posts prior to sex, actually ;)

11.If you could sexually satisfy yourself with a book, which book would that be?
One with soft edges and a nice furry cover ;)

12.Do you refuse to see the movie until you've read the book?

13.Do you wait for your partner to get up to use the bathroom before you write down the things she said to you while having sex or do you whip out the notebook while she is still panting in the bed beside you?
This is clearly designed for one of those confession blogs lol

And smoking, tsk tsk, do you at least look good when you smoke? ;)
I always look good ;) - and I know, it's terrible for me!

alex - 1. when I was 18 - I was a late starter (made up for it since)

2. I'm not sure what that means lol - if you mean when did I last have sex, it was on Sunday, and it was very nice thankyou ;)

3. I gave up relationships for over three years a while back - though obviously I've fallen off the wagon again since then (repeatedly).

*coughs* actually it means quite the opposite as in ‘when was the last time you got turned down’ (and i didn't even mean sex, go figure). ;)
anyway, reading all those comments here I think you'd make for an interesting character study.

how hideously embarassing lol.
I'd make a hopeless character study, I'm way too contradictory - largely because I can never make up my mind lol

1. How do you deal with having a sex blog? I mean, aren't you afraid to be discovered by friends and family one day, or do they know about it?

2.What other passions do you have?

3.What is the sexiest article of clothing you own? How often do you wear it?

hi curious x
1) Well, I'm single, and my girlfriend knows about the blog (and loves reading it) so I'm fine on that score. I wouldn't mind especially if friends found it, but I suspect most people I know would just go 'oh, whatever'. Also, I'd just deny it was me lol.
2) I have all kinds of interests, but the main reason I don't mention them is precisely because of answer number one lol - the less information about me on here, the better really.
3) I think I wear shirts pretty well. I bought some in the States this summer, and I like to think I look pretty hot in all of them (but then I'm terribly vain lol)

What do you think is the biggest turn-off during sex?

How many women did you have in your bed?

Do you want to have kids eventually?

ooo, some new questions!

1. I'm spoilt for choice here, so many things could go horribly wrong lol. Finding out she's a man? (sorry lol)

2. Do you mean altogether, or do you mean at one time? If the former, I'd just be polite and just say 'enough' - if the latter, one is usually fine for me, though I've had a few threesomes that I've very much enjoyed.

3. It's not in my current plans, though I've had girlfriends with kids, so I'm not particularly against it. Though if I did have a family and kids, I'd almost certainly knock this on the head, so probably better for you if I don't! ;)

1 Do you have a secret blog?
2 If you could personally undress anyone who you've never seen naked, who would you choose?
3 What's the last movie you jerked off to?

beth - thankyou, and here we go...

1. This IS my secret blog! Don't tell! ;)
2. If I could personolly undress her, I'd pick Keira Knightley every time!
3. I think it must be years since I've done that - I get all my video porn from the internet these days ;)

how many inches?
how thick is it?
how long can you last?

you know what i'm talking about...

Ha! I always think questions like this are funny (sorry lol). I have to be honest and say that I've never measured myself, but I've always been happy with the size of my cock, and I haven't had any complaints - quite the reverse, in fact ;)
As to how long I can last - I can be very insatiable, and like sex to last for hours...

You're single having a girlfriend? Explain.
Name 5 sexual fantasies you'd like to fulfill before you get arthritis?
Aren't women scared to get it in the eye when you come on their faces?

1. I was single when I started the blog, though I do currently have a girlfriend, which might help explain any inconsistencies here - some of the answers to these questions date back nearly three years...

2. hmm... haven't thought about this for a while, let me think...
a) Sharing a bed with three girls (I've had two on a number of occasions, but I think three would be lovely)
b) If I ever do end up single again (and you never can tell), then a week of group sex with as many of my readers as possible ;)
c) I'd like to watch some friends fuck deliciously - voyeurism fascinates me, and I've never done that unless I was participating

That's three, which'll do for me to be getting on with ;)

3. I think it's the height of bad manners to get your cum in a girl's eye, it's all about aim lol

1. a) Does a 19-year-old girl have a chance with her 50-year-old professor? He's so attractive and interesting and intelligent!
b) How would I go about seducing him?

2. What are some of your fetishes?

3. Ever been caught in the act (sex, masturbation, anything) by a friend or parent or sibling? Stories?

So many questions the past couple of days - is it the same girl asking them, I wonder? ;)

1. I always think this is a delightful fantasy, but the brutal truth is that you'd probably end up getting him fired lol - maybe when you've graduated ;)

2. My fetishes are all over this blog - if I like doing it, then it's here somewhere, nothing is hidden...

3. I've been very lucky and never been caught, though i did have a very close call when I was 17 and had a girlfriend over to stay - my parents were strict and she slept in a separate room, but I sneaked in in the morning and we were fooling around rather heatedly, and had to get ourselves decent very quickly when I heard my mother's footsteps coming up the staircase. I'm sure we didn't succeed in disguising what we'd been up to, but she let it pass.

Maybe, you just have good promotion.

So, can you cook?

What's your favorite kama sutra position?

Have you had sex with a virgin after you lost your viginity?

ah, I don't mind, it's fun answering them lol

1. I can cook a little, yes - I don't cook as often as I'd like to, mainly because of lack of time, but I'm good with my hands ;)

2. I have never read the kama sutra. Though I like the pictures ;)

3. Funnily enough, no, I don't believe I've ever been responsible for taking anyone's virginity, though I know of a number of women who have admitted to being virgins who read my blog - that's probably the closest I'll ever come lol.

- Condoms?
- Sex between siblings?
- Ever tried something you did not like?

1) do you like large breasts .... like 38DD ;) ?

2) if i were to be tied up and you just so happened to walk by and see me lying in bed, would you be a good boy and untie me... or a bad boy and what would you do for punishment?

3) Hmm. I can't think of anything else. Is another audio contest coming soon? ... and we need another interview, si'l vous plait?

anonymous -
condoms: of course
sex between siblings: it doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid lol
and I don't think I have tried anything sexual that I didn't like, no - I'm pretty easy to please ;)

anonymous #2
1) I'm sure I'd love your breasts, yes ;)
2) I'd be a bad boy, it'd be too good to pass up - I think I'd start with a little spanking until you admitted what a dirty little slut you are, and then move on from there ;)
3) Technically the audio contest is still running, as I haven't announced the results yet, though I'm always delighted to receive audios anyway - if you were thinking of treating me to one, I'd love to listen to you x
And I'll try to arrange another interview, as it has been a while - leave that one with me ;)

1. Did you ever meet up with some of your readers to fuck?
2. What turns you off?
3. What makes you feel embarrassed?

1. It's not something I make a habit out of, but you never know ;)
2. hmmm... stinky feet lol
3. I embarrass very easily - I'm English, remember, embarrassment is an art form here lol.

why do you never have virgins in your stories?
what did you look like when you were young?
do you have a wishlist on amazon? what do you read?

1. I talk about this very question in one of the audio interviews - go have a listen ;)

2. At the time I thought I looked thin and uninteresting, though looking back at old photos, I think I was rather pretty (if I say so myself lol). I'm much more confident about my looks these days, something that's actually been helped by having this blog, curiously.

3. I've often thought of doing one, but it just seems sort of greedy expecting readers to buy me things - I'd rather have a filthy email, I think - though I do love presents - ahh the quandary!

- What is the difference between a good lover and a great lover?
- What non-pornographic movie do you find sexiest?
- What is your favorite part of a woman's body?

1. I'm not sure I really know - I suspect this might be a question only a woman could answer. I don't personally claim to be a great lover, I just have broad tastes ;)

2. There's an interesting question... there are lots, and my movie favourites change all the time, but off the top of my head, I think 'To Have and Have Not' has a lot going for it, and specifically the chemistry between Humphrey Bogart and an extraordinarily attractive and sexual Lauren Bacall, just 19 years old when they shot the movie. Go watch it and treat yourself.

3. This varies depending on the woman, but I am rather partial to the soft curve of a woman's tummy - a recent taste that I've probably developed due so many girls wearing hipster jeans and t-shirts or vests that don't reach the belt - I like that little bit of tummy that gets revealed ;)

1. What kind of toys have you used on a girl so far, which would you want to try?
2. Are you never curious to see the girls you write for/ tempted to let them have a look at you?
3. If a girl was to treat you what would you really like to see her doing?

1. Funnily enough, if toys are involved, for the most part I prefer to be the voyeur, as girls generally know how to use them and make it feel good, though I've helped along with vibes from time to time...

2. I'm always curious to see the girls I write for, and I'm sent photographs from time to time - not always dirty ones, I get 'ordinary' photos just as much. I do love seeing my readers, and I'm always really pleased when they trust me in that way. As for photographs of me, I can't put any on my blog as I have a job and friends, none of whom know about the blog - it'd be lovely if I could be open and honest about it, but that's just not the world we live in, sadly. A number of long-time readers know what I look like, but obviously I have to be careful.

3. For me, the biggest treat a girl can give me is to bring home another girl for us both to play with. In those scenarios, I always like to watch for a little while first, and then join in when I'm required - always a delight for me... ;)

I admit now I'm kinda nosey to know what world you live in. Are you a priest or something? Cause since you're not American you're world can't be all that prudish. I hope.


LOL - no, I'm not a priest. I do, however, write very explicit erotica, frequently describe my own masturbation in vivid detail, and have posts which include spanking, submission, group sex etc etc, all of which I've talked about as elements of my current sexual life. Britain just isn't the kind of place you can 'come out' in that kind of way, without the veil of a certain amount of anonymity. There are a very small number of sex blogs out there with writers who don't mind being seen and recognised, but that's not something I especially want to do.
On a more practical basis, sex isn't the only stuff I write, and I don't want to compromise my other writing interests by being seen as 'that guy who has the filthy sex blog'. Sex continues to be a controversial area in which to attempt to be creative, even in this day and age, as I'm sure most people would appreciate. I've often talked about this blog being a safe place where women can say whatever they want to, and be as wild as they want to be, without fear of any criticism, and obviously I need that freedom myself too. For that to remain in place, anonymity is (currently, at least) a necessity.

This is such a fun post. I've loved reading your answers. It's interesting to see the change in your answers as time goes by.

So here are a few I've been dying to know.

1. I'll admit jealousy when I ask this one but I can't help it, I've been curious for so long now. Is DLG your girlfriend? (yes, I've been told I'm too nosey)

2. If so, she's in the US and you're in the UK, how can you possibly make that work? How do you stay faithful or do you have an open relationship?

3. I really realy love your Paris and London stories. They're so different than the other sex stories out there. What was your inspiration for writing them?

ps- the latest installment was wonderful!

I'm still constantly surprised that I keep getting questions in here, even though it so far down in the archives - but it's always fun to answer them, even when I also see some of my replies changing over time - inevitable, I suppose, when I first began answering these questions three years ago. I do like the directness (and cheekiness of yours, though, so lets give you some replies...

1. Yes, DLG is my girlfriend - I tend to keep it as a kind of open 'secret' throughout the blog, as most of my readers prefer, I'm sure, to see me as free and available ;) It's surprising how often long time readers say to me in emails 'oh god, I've just realised!' when they spot it, but I think the clues are all there. There's also a specific post dedicated to her as 'my lover', which kinda gives it away lol. Normally I'd be evasive on a question such as this, but we are in the more obscure, generally uncharted regions of my blog out here, so I think it's okay to be honest, since only the most inquisitive find their way here. Hopefully that won't dim the pleasure for you - you can always jump into bed with us if you fancy ;)

2. We do stay faithful, and we both have good jobs, so I get to make trips across there on a fairly regular basis. Skype (with it's full screen video capabilities) is also an obvious boon.
To answer the underlying question, long distance relationships are never ideal. I'd actually made the decision five or six years ago never to have another relationship, as they just weren't working out for me - which is one of the reasons why I began the blog, as after two or three years I was obviously getting horny lol. However, as much as I still think I'm rubbish at relationships, I do seem to need a woman in my life (and not just for sex!), and DLG has been very good for me. And she's hot (oh my god she's hot lol) ;) We've been together over a year and a half now, but we take care not to make a big deal out of it in our respective blogs. The last thing I'd want is for this site to get all mushy and romantic, though - I've never enjoyed blogs where they drone on about their personal lives, it just holds no interest for me - so I can promise that it'll continue to remain filthy, flirtatious and fun around here ;)

3. I talk a little bit about this in one of the audio interviews (I think in the Cyber Erotic one), but I began writing them as I felt I'd done pretty much everything I wanted to do in the individual posts, and felt I was repeating myself. Writing a serialised novel, with real characters and a well researched background was a real challenge, and got me interested in erotica again in a big way, and I find Sophie constantly fun to write about - she's very sexual, but complicated at the same time, and it's always a pleasure to test her and see what she'll do. As long as people enjoy reading her adventures, I'm happy to continue writing them. Writing those stories also got me more into writing the individual posts again, as they've become an opportunity to sometimes just be dirty and lustful for the sheer pleasure of it, whether I've done similar posts before or not. Best not to get me on the subject of the Sophie stories, though, as I'm quite passionate about them and can ramble on for ages like this about them lol.

1. you seem to be very open and generous when it comes to playing with several females. what about other males?

2. how do you seperate feelings and sex?

3. if the photographs around here are taken by you - are you doing it for a living (in other words, can we book you)?

1. I don't actually have any personal experience of playing with other males, so it's difficult for me to say, I don't know how I'd react to it. I consider myself 'very heterosexual' and for the most part I don't find other guys attractive, though I have been known to flirt a little with androgynous-looking guys, and I do fantasise about sex with other guys on occassion (there are a few instances here in my blog). I'm not against trying it out (I'm naturally curious), though I'm pretty certain I wouldn't want to be penetrated by another guy. I would like to try both giving and receiving oral sex with a guy though, and the idea of licking, sucking and stroking a guy until he cums over my face very much appeals to me. I'm also very much in favour of getting together with another couple (a guy and a girl), and I think that's quite likely somewhere down the line, though how far that would go, I can't say. Sorry to be so vague lol - I can be more decisive once I have a little experience of this...

2. Personally I find it very difficult to do that. Having a sex blog probably makes me look like the kind of guy who screws around all the time, but in actual fact I tend to have long term girlfriends. It's true that I spent a lot of time for a while in chat, with multiple partners in there (sometimes at the same time, as you'll know if you've read 'The Orgy', one of a number of group chats I enjoyed at the time), but there's a world of difference between cybersex and real sex. When it comes to bringing other girls into my current relationship, we agree strict boundaries before it happens, and we don't cross them. The last thing I would want to do is anything that would make my lover jealous, so we're very careful about keeping it as strictly fun.

3. I'm always happy to take photographs of naked girls - or indeed couples ;) Though I do have a girlfriend, so I'd be strictly the voyeur (sorry, that's probably not the answer you wanted lol).

- What is your most sensitive body part (apart from the obvious)?

- Do you write more with your cock or with your brain?

- Do you sometimes feel like a one man boy band in here?

1. hmmm... my neck, definitely.

2. Sort of both really - the Sophie stories take more brain power, and I tend to chisel at the words until they sound right to me, but I've never claimed to be an especially good writer, there's definitely more intelligent erotica out there than mine - though I do think I'm a good pornographer. I tend to start with my brain and finish with my cock, if that makes sense ;) Often I'll write a story entirely with my cock, masturbating all the way through it, and then after I've come, I'll go back to it and tinker with it a bit until the rhythm feels right - this is something i do a lot with the Sophie stories, where I'll write the sex scenes whilst masturbating, and then once I've cum I'll work at them, adding and subtracting phrases, trying to time them right, trying to make them as intense as possible, without leaving the reader high and dry. So it's a sort of balance really.

3. lol - not really sure what you mean, but I definitely don't at all mind being pretty much the only guy in a room full of women ;)

That's a lot of questions. lol Here's hoping I'm not too late and you're still reading the comments.

1. What would I have to do to get you to say some filthy things in a different language?

2. Whom of your readers would you want to ask three questions?

3. What would they be?

It's never too late to comment on any post you like, R, please feel free - I get to see all comments pretty much straight away, wherever they're posted, as copies of the comments are emailed to me automatically by Blogger - a really good system, which saves me having to check through a couple of hundred posts!

1. I'm really hopeless at foreign languages, with really only a very rudimentary knowledge of French, so you'd have to teach me first!

2 & 3. These are both impossible to answer lol - for the most part I like lurkers and new readers to ask me questions, as I think it helps them to realise that this blog can be as interactive as they please. There are places in the blog where you can leave your own fantasies, where you can ask me questions, where you can take active part in an orgy, and even where you can simply beg to be spanked ;) Hopefully asking questions here is a way to show that I am here, I do listen, and I love talking to my readers. So the answer to your question? New readers and lurkers lol.
As for what question I want them to ask - I'm up for anything really!

I like how evasive you are. lol
It's only fair I get to ask another question: What happened to that audio contest?

I always try to give definitive answers, but sometimes the questions are so tricky! lol
I have chosen a winner for the last audio contest, and notified her (and indeed sent her the prize of a personal reading), but I haven't gotten around to announcing it yet as such. The turnout for the last contest was much lower than usual (only four or five entrants), though two of those submitted multiple entries, so given that the results aren't really a big issue for anyone (except the other three or four who entered, for whom I intend to record a brief thankyou), I've half decided (in a vague kind of way) to leave announcing the results until I hold the next contest, probably in May (as I like to do them every six months or so). Announcing the results should be a good way of encouraging a larger turnout next time, as readers thinking about entering will be able to see that others have entered before them, and that they recieved something nice for their trouble.
So yes, I'll probably announce the results next month, at which time I'll also send out the thankyou audios to the ones who didn't win. It'll also tie in with a new audio I'm plannin g to record for the site myself, similar to the one I posted last year, where I invited the readers to ask me questions, which were put to me by a friend and answered 'live', off the top of my head. I really enjoyed doing that, and it got a little frisky too lol, so I'm eager to do it again this year. If you haven't heard it, it's in the 'audio' section of the archives - absolutely not safe for work, as my friend got caught up in the friskiness too, and we were touching each other throughout the interview - if you haven't listyened to it before, you might enjoy it ;)
I think that basically if you're asking for audios, it's only fair to offer one of your own in return, and hopefully that'll result in a much bigger turnout next time, as usually I get loads! I am greedy, of course ;)

Ah, I see and I can finally stop being nosey about whether people actually contribute to such a contest. lol Every six month, you're a hopeful guy.

Haven't listened to any audios of you yet, but I might go find that interview now.

Yep, people really do contribute to my contests - and I sometimes get audios of readers cumming for me, sent just for the fun of it, because it excites them to arouse me, and because they know I'm very discreet with things I'm sent - it's good to be me ;)

1.How has this place (have you) changed in the years of sex-blogging? Did it influence your sex life?

2.Do you wonder whether the women in your everyday life or new people you meet are reading you already?

3.Do you perceive yourself as overly sexed? What do you think about asexuality?

Hi Su - thanks for the questions x
1. Hopefully the biggest change is that my writing has improved over time - in a perfect world, I'd go back and rewrite some of my older material. From the point of view of the readers, I hope my blog has managed to establish itself as a very girl-friendly environment, where you're free to say and do as you please without predatory men lurking in the background. My male readership is tiny - a handful of male sex bloggers who know how to behave and respect the girls in here, and my female readership has the real feel now of a big gang of girls having fun without censorship or consequences, in a safe environment - I think that's the biggest achievement, and I'm very proud that it's worked. And yes, it has indeed improved my sex life - I met my girlfriend through the blog, and I've had some lovely online experiences (not quite the same, I know, but still fun) with a fair old number of my readers in the past three or four years, all of whom approached me, so I really can't complain ;)
2. Well, my girlfriend (DLG) both reads and occassionally contributes to the blog - as far as other people I meet, I think I'd rather not contemplate it lol. I do like to keep real life and the blog very separate.
3. No, I don't feel that I'm over-sexed - I probably don't indulge any more often than anyone else (well, maybe just a little bit more lol), it's just that I write about it too, so I probably just seem more sexual than most. To be honest, I know very little about asexuals, though it's probably fair to say that they don't hang out in here too much...

How can I pass up this opportunity

- What do you think about pity fucks or taking one for the team?
- Your last sexy purchase was ____?
- Do you have any embarrassing kinks or fetishes?

These questions never get easier! ;)

1. To be honest, I don't really have any experience of this, as I've never been the kind of guy who sleeps around casually - I'm very picky about who I sleep with lol. I'm not against it in principle though - seems a nice thing to do... if it makes someone happy, why not?

2. hmmm... at the weekend I bought some baby oil. Purely for sexual purposes. I didn't feel especially guilty about it lol ;)

3. I get asked variations of this question a lot - I think all of my various kinks and fetishes are out here in my blog for all to see lol. Nothing embarassing, I don't think - off the top of my head, I do like girls with a slight curve to their tummy - hipster jeans on pretty girls, with their belly showing, are always a hit with me ;)

You send me to such an ancient post with hundreds of comments! A pic would be much easier, you know. *grin* We could make a little exchange.

I have to confess that I'm ultra-careful about sending out photos, until I get to know someone via email really well, as I have to be careful with a blog like this. But by all means send me a photograph, I'd very much love to see you x

Which song...
1] makes you want to dance:
2] makes you happy:
3] reminds you of an ex-lover:
4] reminds you of an ex-friend:
5] describes your relationship with your parents:
6] makes you cry:
7] makes you laugh:
8] makes you ponder life:
9] says a lot about you:
10] reminds you of the one you love:
11] you wish you wrote:
12] you never want to hear again:
13] you want to get married to:
14] makes friends think of you:
15] you once loved but got sick of:
16] you love by a band/artist you hate:
17] you sheepishly admit to liking:
18] you’d do anything to see played live:
19] reminds you of your childhood:
20] sums up your teenage years:
21] most people like but you hate:
22] you love the lyrics of:
23] you used to hate but now love:
24] is best played in the car:
25] you like to fall asleep to:
26] you like to wake up to:
27] you like out of your parents’ record collection:
28] you love that you wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for a friend:
29] makes you think of someone who died:
30] you love the video more than the tune:
31] reminds you of your first crush:
32] is good to listen to whilst holding hands:
33] you love which is from your favourite movie:
34] makes you think of the moon:
35] makes you think of stars:
36] makes you think of the sun:
37] makes you think of the night:
38] makes you think of sex:
39] makes you think of being alone:
40] makes you smile:
41] you love to hear at clubs:
42] is not your “typical type” of style but you love anyway:
43] reminds you of your best mate:
44] reminds you of your siblings:
45] reminds you of the one you want but can’t have:
46] you can sing really well:
47] you barely know but you love already:

No, it's THREE questions lol ;)

okay, okay :(

1] Which songs do you love (hate)?
2] What are your favorite books?
3] Do your readers get a 100 things about you post?

It's gonna seem like I'm being really mean, but I always avoid questions like this - Roger is my real name, there are audios of me on here, so i have to be extra careful - if I start listing favourite books and records too, it just increases the chance that someone I know will work out who I am, and I have to remain anonymous because of the nature of the blog. Hope you understand - I hate being so evasive, but I only tend to answer personal questions about my tastes etc via email to correspondents that I've known for a while. Happy to answer something a bit less specific though lol (I really am crap at this 'ask me three questions' thing, I know!).

I officially give up. That must be a telltale taste in music you have. I’m sorry for being crap at asking questions and glad I can blush anonymously now.

You're not crap at asking questions, I'm just overly evasive with this kind of thing - come and have a lovely hug to make up for it
*snuggly hugs*

I How old are you?
II What age span do you like your lovers to be?
III Would you participate as a nude model for painting classes, photographers or Spencer Tunick mass events?

i don't even know if you check this post anymore! you do say that any new comments get emailed to you, so i'm hoping that you can answer my questions...

i'm a lurker. i've read your blog for years though - i still remember your old black and white one! this is my first comment though. first time for everything :)

i have 2 sets of 3 questions. which i know is breaking the rules... are you going to punish me?

1 - how vocal are you during sex?
2 - what's the sexiest word in the English language?
3 - what's the absolute worst thing a girl can do during sex? (not you know... bring out a knife and stab you or something. but something that girls seem to do that is just a big no in your book)

1 - voyeur or exhibitionist?
2 - seducer or the seduced?
3 - what's the deal with kathyrn and the narrator of the sophie stories not fucking yet? i was re-reading them recently (it took a while, mind you... and not just because they're so long *wink*) but i noticed that and thought it was odd.

Hi ami - lovely to meet you after all this time! And I'll only punish you if you decide you want to be punished ;)
1 - I'm actually very vocal, I've always enjoyed loud, expressive sex. The way I write my orgasms in here is as close as I can get to how I sound when I come ;)
2 - hmmmm, difficult one. There are all kinds of lovely words that we can connect to sex, but I think I'd go for 'orgasm', since it only has the one use and I've always liked the word...
3 - There's nothing that girls normally do during sex that I don't like, so I'll have to pick something that (thankfully) hasn't happened to me yet - scream someone else's name when they come? ;)
1 - A little of both really, as just having a blog like this suggests I have something of the exhibitionist in me, but I'm very much a voyeur, it's a big part of my sexuality, and is probably the main reason why this blog exists.
2 - Again a little of both, but I'd guess I waver over into being the seducer for the most part.
3 - The artist actually hasn't fucked anyone else at all since he hooked up with Sophie, my own feeling being that he doesn't feel the need to, as he's very voyeuristic. Given the intensity of the current fivesome that's taking place, however, I think it's likely he will fuck Kathryn this time - he's already fucking her with his fingers (which I believe is a new development), and since I plan to have Sophie enjoy the attentions of Henri and the young man at the same time, I think at that point the artist will fuck Kathryn as he watches them. Well spotted, though ;) xx

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